Well, it’s time to close the door on 2005. I know for some of you that may be a sad thing. For others like me, it’s a good thing. 2005 wasn’t one of my better years. Granted, things could always be worse, I realize that. Like a very bad blind date I’ll be happy to kiss this one goodbye.

I’m hoping that 2006 brings better health for my family and friends, more writing work for me and a more prosperous time for you and for comic books. I’m not wringing tears from the cryin’ towel, I’m just stating facts and being straight up. Much unlike those propaganda pumping pretty boys from the sissy side of the comic book tracks.

So here’s hoping that with a little hard work and persistence we all get to do the things we wanna do in 2006. For those of you out there that are the creative types I hope you find work and pleasure in the things that interest you most. There’s nothing more frustrating than being a creative person in a “regular job.” It’s hard for husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and family to understand this sometimes, but if you have a creative bone in your body then you know just what I’m talking about.

My true best wishes are with you this year. This goes for my friends and enemies. You may be puzzled why I would want that for my enemies. Well, that’s because I want them at 100% when I extract their teeth from their bloody mouths. No excuses.

Happy New Year, Knuckleheads!

So have a wonderful New Year and try and stay outta jail while doing it. I need all my Knuckleheads backin’ me as we find out what 2006 is gonna throw at us. Let’s get on with this week’s Busted Knuckles.

Tiger-Man By The Tail

Recently I had a couple of Knuckleheads write to me asking about a member of the supporting cast that I created, Buck Wargo & The Monster Hunters, for my time on Guy Gardner: Warrior. In particular they were asking about Desmond Farr also known as The Tiger-Man.

I had mentioned that The Tiger-Man was the only character in The Monster Hunters that I didn’t quite totally create on my own. I merely added to his already established background.

Ya see, back in 1965 I was in grade school and still roaming from one drug store and supermarket to another in search of comic books. One bright and sunny day I walked a few blocks to the supermarket that was kinda near my house, Evans Supermarket. I flipped through the spinner rack seeking out a book that I didn’t already have. Didn’t take long for me to come across Tales Of The Unexpected #90 from DC Comics.

Tiger-Man 1965 Tales Of The Unexpected #90

What a cover for a young kid to see. A friggin’ bad ass half man/half tiger getting a high powered bullet bounced off his noggin. That had my 12 cents!

The correct title for the story was “My Twin?The Tiger-Man.” The story was about two wealthy twins, Desmond and Dean Farr that had the “power” to feel each other’s pain. Not a power one would put on their Christmas list, but then again this was 1965. It seems that Dean was gonna head off to India to investigate “The Legend of The Valley Of The Tiger-Men”.

Of course Desmond followed Dean to Bombay and found out that the tribe there thousands of years ago that they were no match for the huge wild animals that also dwelled there. So these natives cooked up some strange herbs and made a potion that turned them into these powerful Weretigers or Tiger-Men.

Sure enough, as Tiger-Men they were able to drive off the attacking animals and save the natives. The natives also made an antidote that would allow the men to keep their human self within the Tiger-Man body. It seems Dean took off to find the cave where the potion was that could turn a man into a Tiger-Man. Dean took it, but in his haste, like many of us, he didn’t read the fine print on the directions and didn’t mix the antidote with the potion. So he was a full throttle Tiger-Man. Not a good thing. You know, tearing up the place and busting people up for no good reason.

So Desmond goes to the cave and finds all the stuff. Desmond takes the potion the right way and soon finds his brother Dean in a life and death struggle with a rogue elephant. Dean is getting the worse of the deal to boot. Desmond saves Dean and traps the elephant in a bog. (Gotta love those un-PC days.) Soon Desmond finds Dean and they get into a brawl. Since Desmond has his human brain he is able to out fight and knock out Dean.

Desmond gives him the antidote and everybody is alive and back to normal. The transformation also cures Dean and Desmond of their unusal power of feeling each other’s pain. When I brought Tiger-Man back in The Monster Hunters filled in a new backstory that Desmond was now the only Tiger-Man. Being old friends with Buck Wargo, Buck had worked it so that Desmond no longer had to take the potion to become Tiger-Man. He could change at will. In fact, when in a severe situation he could even take it to another level where he became even more powerful. When that happened he would get a little bigger and the color of his fur would change to black with white stripes from his usual orange with black stripes.

When Desmond gets like that bad guys find it best to clear the damn decks. It’s an ass whuppin’ of the highest level.

I also established that Dean had died during one of his legend hunting expeditions. That caused Desmond to join up with Buck as a part of his Monster Hunters. Of course, I meant to finish that story up at another time. Still might if DC gives me the chance.

Tiger-Man 1995 Guy Gardner: Warrior #23

I highly suggest that y’all hunt up a copy of Tales Of The Unexpected #90. I think you should be able to pick one up pretty cheap. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll be a great collector’s item and worth big bucks. Of course I’ll then ask ya to throw me a referral fee?

If ya can’t find that issue you can always check out my run of Guy Gardner: Warrior to see Desmond Farr as Tiger-Man bustin’ the heads of modern day, dino riding, Nazis and Grodd’s gorilla army. A good time promised for all.

Cat Fight!

The Return Of Parts Unknown

The big announcement for this week is that in your comic shops next week will be the brand new trade paperback of Parts Unknown: Book One by myself and artist/co-creator Brad Gorby.

This is the collection of the series that started it all back. This has been out of print for more than 10 years. It collects the original Eclipse Comics/Knight Press mini-series. Over 100 pages of lurid black and white action.

Parts Unknown Book One Afterburn Comics

Parts Unknown is a Grade B Action/Sci-Fi movie put to print. Unlike other stories of alien invasions, there is no time to “Watch the skies.” They’re already here!

Scalons. Ruthless reptile-like beings that are well versed in the way of rape, pillage and plunder. When the atmosphere of their home planet went bad and killed off the females of their race they knew the males had to branch out and do so quickly before the toxic air claimed them as well.

The planet Earth became their ideal new destination and home. But like any new home it had to be furnished to satisfy their own twisted needs. That meant spreading their evil seed with Earth women to produce a new hybrid race so they could officially claim Earth as their own.

To do this it mean that Earth women would be captured and taken against their will as prime breeders. Anyone that got in their way would die a death too brutal to imagine.

Spurr and Lucci Pick Out Luggage

Two members of an elite Chicago Violent Crime unit are gonna try and make sure this nasty Scalon plan doesn’t happen. Those two special Police Ops members are Pendelton Spurr and Maria Lucci. Two recovering alcoholic super cops that could fall off the wagon and under the wheel at any time. They are they only two things standing between Earth as we know it and a whole new world order.

It’s time to stand up for the good guys.

Parts Unknown: Book One is published by Afterburn Comics. They are a branch of Blue Line Pro, the number one seller of comic book art supplies in America as well as the publishers of Sketch Magazine where you can learn how to become a comic book creator. You can check out and buy Parts Unknown: Book One at this link to Afterburn Comics.

Parts Unknown: Book One sells for $12.95. It’s over 100 pages and has behind the scenes extras. PLUS if you order it through Afterburn Comics your trade paperback will come with an autographed tip in plate in full color signed by ME! For FREE! So if you’re looking for the most politically incorrect series ever , packed full of tough guys, sexy babes, big guns, sex crazed aliens and some really 90’s hairstyles, then Parts Unknown: Book One is for you!

Online Dating Alien Style

Get over there and order today. Get my year of 2006 off to a manly start. Tell em’ Beau sent ya.

Busted Knuckles Manly Comic Book Cover Of The Week

Rangers Comics #9, Fiction House 1943

You could always depend on Fiction House and Rangers Comics to give you the manliest , most politically incorrect (by today’s Nancy-Boy standards) covers and stories in comics. You were always given a shapely damsel-in-distress, a square-jawed manly hero that just relished giving a Nazi or hopped up Japanese soldier a fist to the face or a bayonet to the gut. In this week’s case it’s a manly knee to the chin and tossing another like a sack of wet mule snot. Notice the other Commando slappin’ a chokehold on the other bald headed Japanese bad guy. Check out those story titles. Wouldn’t get away with those today.

Let’s see Chuck Dixon beat this! Wander over to his website and see what puny human attempt he made this week with his less than manly covers. http://www.dixonverse.net.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Jessica Landon

This week we go with the very wholesome and beautiful actress Jessica Landon. They don’t get much more All-American girl pretty than Jessica. She first came to my manly attention when she was one of the hosts to K- 1 Boxing from Tokyo. You might have seen her in such films as Stage Fright or Hellaburger. I suspect we’ll see more of this blonde beauty in 2006 as well as your manly dreams.

Manly Beer Of The Week

Since everyone is celebrating New Year’s Eve I thought I’d throw in a Manly Beer Of The Week? to help you that are of age haul in the New Year.

This past week I sent Busted Knuckles Special Beer Agent-Ray Crabtree out into the fields and bars to find us a manly beer to drink and bust over the heads of those that try to oppose us. Crab came back with a real winner. Cave Creek Chili Beer. Cerveza Con Chili.

Chili Beer ? The Manly Beer

Not since the days of my beloved Grizzly Beer has there been a more manly beer to be on your breath as you whisper nasty somethings into the ear of someone else’s girlfriend. Chili Beer is not for those limp-wristed lime lovers. Nope. This beer is for those that like their ice cold beer as hot as the Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week.

Chili Beer comes with a seasoned seranno pepper in each bottle! No wimpy wedge of lime in this baby. No sir! Chili Beer promises to singe your manly thirst!

I’ve also gotta mention that the Chili Beer website is as manly as my own Flying Fist Ranch site. You will not believe the manly intro that ya get when you get there. I will not ruin the surprise. You must go and see to believe. You will thank me later. The hombre that started Chili Beer is “Crazy Ed” Chileen of Cave Creek, Arizona. When you get on the site you’ll find that “Crazy Ed” could pass for my twin brother. That’s gotta be a good thing? right?

“Crazy Ed” Chileen-Master of Chili Beer. Beau’s Twin??

Waste no more time. Click on over to the Chili Beer site and check it out for yourself. http://www.chilibeer.com

As I type this week’s Busted Knuckles column I an already on my third Chili Beer. Crab did a hell of a job finding a beer to replace the legendary Grizzly Beer. It was the beer that bit back. Chili Beer will toast your taste buds.

I’ll leave you with this quote from a Chili Beer T-Shirt:

Got Beer In The Front And Helping Ugly People Have Sex In The Back

Happy New Year From The Flying Fist Ranch

Here’s hoping all you Knuckleheads will have the best 2006. I hope that everything is manly for you and yours and that ya become richer for it.

Happy New Beer From The Flying Fist Ranch!!!

I’m looking forward to a new year of doing more Busted Knuckles for ya and leading the way to a more manly lifestyle. Remember that PC stands for the following:

    Pretty Crummy
    Puny Commie
    Punk Creep
    Pouting Crybaby

The next Chili Beer is on me, amigos.


Your amigo,

Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch
P.O, Box 706
Ceredo, WV. 25507

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