So, Mr. Rozakis, now that Bob Greenberger has been enticed back into comics, how long before you join him?
 Dave Bednar []

As reported over on the news side of SBC – you all DO check the news reports here, don’t you? — my longtime pal Bob, who left DC last spring for a position with, becomes Marvel’s Editorial Director next week. Bob spent much of his fifteen-plus year tenure at DC behind the scenes making the schedules work, a thankless task at best. The skill with which he did his job was largely taken for granted and many of his contributions went unrecognized, on both the personal and financial levels.

So it was great to hear that the new regime at Marvel, realizing that he can be an important part of their future, sought Bob out and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. While Bob’s efforts may not be readily evident to the general public, those of us who have worked with him will recognize his handiwork. Congrats, Bob.

As for my own return to comics, Dave, don’t hold your breath waiting for it. After I left DC in 1998, a number of publishers had the opportunity to hire me, but nothing came to fruition. Now that I’m happily ensconced in an “alternate reality” as an accountant for a company that designs and builds concrete water tanks, I’m not looking to return to the daily grind of comics publishing. My comics career for the foreseeable future will consist of the occasional story or special project and my online presence here at SBC and at World Famous Comics.


1. DANGER TRAIL was the home of what government agent?
2. Eventually, what Helix member was placed in the custody of Infinity Inc?
3. A former “Jimmy Olsen” cameoed in a Seinfeld AmEx commercial; who is he?
4. Name Hedy Wolfe’s friend and rival.
5. Squirrel and moose from Frostbite Falls, Minnesota– name ’em.
6. Original students at whose school included Bobby, Scott and Hank?
7. “Loved by Millions” proclaimed the covers of what humor title?
8. Deadman’s plight began because of whose handiwork?
9. Phantom Zone villains used what to enhance their mental powers?
10. Ashe was whose partner in an 80’s DC miniseries?
11. Libby Lawrence’s sonic pulses are the result of what object’s sonic vibrations?

1. After much debate, Pluto retained its status as a planet, albeit the smallest, with a diameter of only 1423 miles.
2. Though crime rates are down, almost 25% of those arrested are age 18 or younger.
3. Lewis and Clark covered more than 8000 miles during their expedition of 1804-06.


Last week’s column prompted a number of e-missives, so excuse me while I sit back and let readers have their say…

I don’t think it’s ever been stated for sure that Jean Grey earned a degree, but it’s certainly possible/likely that she has. Not counting her short stint at Metro College back in the original X-Men run, one can conclude that Xavier’s school is able to grant accredited college degrees.

How? Well, it’s been established multiple times that Hank McCoy has a doctorate. Frankly, it’s almost impossible to fit this into his timeline in any respect — comics writers have a tendency to not understand how non-professional grad schools work — but he’s got it. With very few exceptions, you need a Bachelor’s degree before entering grad school. There’s definitely no time in his history when Hank could’ve earned that Bachelor’s. (He left Xavier’s directly for a research position at Brand Industries, a position which properly should have required a doctorate.) Therefore we can assume it must be possible to get a B.A. at Xavier’s.
 Tom Galloway []

Thanks, Tom. In response to Tom’s comment last week about the Swamp Thing / Man-Thing “coincidence, Swampy co-creator Len Wein had this to say…

Can’t speak for the X-Men/Doom Patrol coincidence, Tom (though did anyone besides me think how interesting it was that the leader of the X-Men was completely bald while the leader of the Doom Patrol was hairy and bearded?), but as far as the Man-Thing/Swamp Thing simultaneous creation, it was just that, a coincidence, made even stranger by the fact that Gerry Conway (who co-created Man-Thing) and I were sharing an apartment at the time.

Neither of us ever thought to mention to the other what we happened to be working on at the time. Imagine our consternation when we found out. And to top that off, it should be noted that I’m the guy who wrote the SECOND Man-Thing story, essentially finishing off the origin and creating the legendary “Whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing’s touch” aspect of the character.

And that about does it for another exciting episode of “Secrets Behind the Comics.”
 Len Wein


On the topic of heroes or villains using their magnetic powers on people, the following arrived…

In at least one instance (and I believe there were others around the same time) Magneto did indeed use the “iron” in the bloodstream to magnetically move people around the room: SUPER-VILLAIN TEAM-UP #14, when he was enlisting the aid of the Beast against one of Doctor Doom’s “control the minds of the whole world” schemes (concluded in CHAMPIONS #16).

For those who are interested, Doom’s basic plan (release a gas or some such that gives him control of the minds of everyone in the world) was repeated in the Marvel graphic novel EMPEROR DOOM.
Just to give you something to do if you use this, Bob, have any other characters done something similar?
 R David Francis []

Gee, I thought I could just sit back here and relax. Controlling the minds of everyone on Earth has been used numerous times by numerous would-be conquerors, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial.

Frankly, I’ve never understood what one would gain from such an act. I mean, how many mind-slaves does it take to bring you your slippers? Such mind-control would shut down imagination, creativity, and advancement. Were I in pursuit of world domination, I’d rather have everyone working to make my domain better and better. But then, I’ve never been a super-villain.


On the topic of Julie Schwartz reviving Golden Age heroes….

I don’t think it’s stretching a point too thin to suggest that Schwartz also revived Batman, not once but twice — in 1964, and again in the post-TV show days when the likes of Robbins, Brown, Novick, O’Neil and Adams helped end once and for all the “camp” era.

True, Batman had never actually been cancelled, but Schwartz certainly “revived” him (or at the very least, revitalized him) nonetheless.
 Dave Blanchard []

Good point, Dave. Actually, Julie made a similar – albeit unsuccessful — attempt with Superman, turning Clark Kent into a TV newsman, eliminating kryptonite, etc.


Regarding the “Jurassic Park” question, Michael Crichton was the director and screenwriter for “Westworld” (1973), in which robots run amok in an adult amusement park. He likely stole from himself for his novel “Jurassic Park.” I don’t know the time table for BATMAN FAMILY #3, but it is possible that Mr. Maggin was inspired by “Westworld.”
— Dean Milburn []

BATMAN FAMILY #3 was published in late 1975 and it’s quite possible that Elliot got his inspiration for that story from “Westworld.”

Thanks to everybody who wrote in with comments and explanations this week. [While no one was looking, I sneaked off to Puerto Rico for four days of lying on the beach!] All of the folks above earn 10% off anything they order this week from Comics Unlimited through SBC. If YOU have a question or comment and want to save yourself some money, use the handy question box in the column on the left.

And on that note, I’m outta here till next week.

It’s a salute to the films of Jerry Lewis as this week’s trivia theme.
1. King Faraday [“The King of Comedy”]
2. Mr. Bones [“Funny Bones”]
3. Jack Larson [“Jumping Jacks”]
4. Patsy Walker [“The Patsy”]
5. Rocky and Bullwinkle [“Rock-a-bye baby”]
6. Professer Xavier [“The Nutty Professor”]
7. Sad Sack [“The Sad Sack”]
8. The Hook [“Hook, Line and Sinker”]
9. Jewel kryptonite [“Family Jewels”]
10. Cinder [“Cinderfella”]
11. The Liberty Bell [“The Bellboy”]

Even the Fun Facts refer to this week’s theme… “Visit to a Small Planet” and “The Delicate Delinquent” are two more films. And the third Fact’s reference should be obvious.

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