By Dave Cockrum

People have been asking how I’m feeling. Well, I haven’t been out of bed much since December. You might know that already. But last night, I dreamed that I was in a truck convoy with Lois Lane. God only knows why it was Lois Lane. Well, I guess I know why.

Anyway, it was raining and it was nighttime, and there was thunder and lightening. Suddenly I realized that I had to go to the bathroom.

“Me, too,” said Lois.

So we tried to pull the truck over to the side, but I ended up wrecking the truck.

We got out and there was debris everywhere?trees and rocks and pieces of truck. I didn’t know what to do!

So I was running through all of this stuff and suddenly I wound up in the actual bathroom here at the nursing home. I mean, I woke up. And that’s where I was.

I looked out from the can and it dawned on me that I had basically run through a gauntlet of wheelchairs and guest chairs and beds and stuff to get to the bathroom, which was all the way on the other side of the room. But I didn’t hit anything, or at least I didn’t fall down.

For someone who is not supposed to be able to walk unassisted, that was a pretty nice bit of athletics.

I have no idea whether Lois made it.

[As told to Clifford Meth.]

© 2004 Dave Cockrum/Clifford Meth

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