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If you surf the comic book and entertainment news sites, then you’ve no doubt seen all the squawking about Alan Moore and the V For Vendetta movie.

The movie studios love the fact that Alan Moore has spoken out about his displeasure or disinterest in the film. Why? Simple marketing. The more he and the media talks about it the better chance Hollywood has to put people in the seats. Even those that truly see Moore’s side and stand with him will go see it just so they can argue with others about it.

From my end, I wish Alan the best. My few times talking to him he has always been very nice and polite. I appreciate that. This has come even when the publishers I was working for didn’t see eye to eye with Alan and the other way around. That makes it even more appreciated.

Natalie Portman in V For Vendetta Before They Ugly Her Up

I also have to tell the truth. I tried to read V For Vendetta when it came out as a comic. Even though it is well written, it just isn’t anything that interested me. Just a matter of personal taste, that’s all. I’ve seen the trailer to the movie and it really doesn’t look like anything I would be interested in. To me it looks like a Vertigo book come to life. It strikes me as what women would think a good action film was.

Say no more.

Manly Recommendations

Now and then I recommend some comic books that I feel are worth the cover price and the time to read. Most of em’ fall under my manly recommendation list, and I post em’ up here at Busted Knuckles.

I get email from casual readers and regular Knuckleheads asking why I don’t recommend “This book” or “That book”. I only recommend books that I’ve bought, read or were sent to me. You’ve seen the prices of comics, they ain’t cheap. Since I am no longer on the Todd McFarlane or IDW payroll, money has become a little tighter, so what I buy is really thought over. So just because your favorite book hasn’t been mentioned, don’t take that as I don’t like it. I just haven’t read it.

The Human Fly–Of Course I Recommend It

Granted, I also don’t mention every book or movie that is sent to me because some of them are pretty bad and I figure that it’s best not to say anything if I have nothing good to say about it other than I admire the fact that they are trying. We’re all liars; I just try to limit mine.

She-Hulk–What’s Not To Like?

In the past few weeks I’ve recommended I HUNT MONSTERS and TEAM ZERO. One I bought the other was sent to me. That’s pretty much the way it works. ‘Sides, I’m a terrible reviewer. I’m not as eloquent and deep thinking as some of the guys that review stuff on this site. I’m pretty blue collar about my words and feelings. I just try to be honest. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, but most of the time it helps me sleep at night.

So if there is something YOU think I should recommend, send it here to the ranch. I’m not hard to find. No promises it’ll ever get mentioned, but life is full of chances and risks.

B’Wana Beast–A Very Manly Recommendation!!

One thing that’s never a chance or risk is the fact that I appreciate the time you spend reading this column. I know you don’t have to.

Cobb: Off The Leash #2 Script Preview

A few weeks ago I told y’all that issue #2 of Cobb: Off The Leash was full throttle, high octane, action from cover to cover. I mentioned that Eduardo Barreto and I have worked pretty hard to make this series action packed with the story told within the action so to avoid talking heads sitting at tables. I think there’s a bit too much of that in comics right now.

Comics are a visual medium, not like prose novels. I wanna take advantage of that. So this week I am gonna give you an advance look at a few pages from issue #2 of Cobb: Off The Leash.

Just as a quick set up, the Russian Mafia has come to the office of Cobb’s mentor, Jack Murphy to kill the former mistress of their boss. She knows way too much and she has come to Jack Murphy for help since Murphy works Russian ties for the government now. What they didn’t know was that they would run into Cobb who has just come to work for his old friend, Jack.

So there ya go. I hope these few pages will give you an idea what the Cobb series is all about. Please note that these pages have not been edited yet for typos, and other such beer induced mess-ups of mine as well as the changes cuttin’ and pasting do when you take from one program to another. Remember? the first issue hits the comic shops in May 2006 from IDW Publishing. Get your retailer to order yours now or order it from IDW. I appreciate it.

    Page Four
    Panel One-Cut to Ivan and a couple of his men as they come up the stairwell leading to Murphy’s floor. Guns ready as the climb up.

    1. Ivan
    (Low Voice)
    Do not fire until targets are in sight.

    Panel Two-Cut to Cobb. He is listening as he presses himself against the corner wall that will lead from the entry way right outside Murphy’s office to the main hallway. His twin .45 autos up and ready. He is trying to get an idea of how many are in the main hallway. Much like a herding dog would do if listening for intruders.

    Panel Three-Cut to the Russian thugs lined up down the main hallway. They are against the wall or in the doorways long the hall. Ivan, the main enforcer, is now at the beginning of the hall with one finger to his lips signing to be quiet as they all listen too.

    Panel Four-Cut to Cobb. He is looking back to Murphy’s office. He has an idea.

    Panel Five-Shot of Cobb in the office doorway. Murphy is there with the shotgun. Cobb has his finger to his lips indicating for silence. NOTE: Make sure you show Murphy’s desk in the background. On his desk is an old signed Ty Cobb Baseball on a little stand.

    Panel Six-Small shot of the baseball on the desk. Let the reader see the autograph of Ty Cobb on it.

    Panel Seven-Small shot of Cobb’s hand grabbing the baseball from the stand, along with a black magic marker.

    Page Five
    Panel One-Shot of Cobb’s hand rolling the baseball from around the corner down the floor of the main hallway to where all the thugs are. The baseball has been done up in black from the marker. Simple panel.
    (Baseball rolling)

    Panel Two-Show the baseball rolling down the main hallway towards the thugs. Remember, these guys are all hyped up and on the edge. It has been all silent until now. They see what they think is a grenade rolling towards them. Eyes wide as they see something coming.
    (Baseball Rolling)

    Panel Three-Show the thugs in a panic for a brief moment as they expose themselves from the side door entries and where they were pressed against the walls. All looking to avoid the “grenade”.
    1. THUG #1
    Grenade! It is grenade!
    (Baseball Rolling)

    Panel Four-It’s a cluster fuck in the hallway as the baseball rolls towards one of the thugs. Confusion. All are seeking to avoid the “grenade”.
    2. THUG #2
    It is going to explode!
    (Baseball Rolling)
    Panel Five-From the knees down of Thug #2. The baseball has stopped rolling as it stops against the shoe of Thug #2.
    (Baseball Stopping)

    Page Six
    Panel One-Full figure of Thug #2 looking down in almost child like surprise to see it is a simple baseball crudely marked in black. His gun in his hand at his side.
    1. THUG#2
    It is…baseball?

    Panel Two-From his chest up as he looks up with a relieved smile as he speaks to the others. His voice a little louder and relieved.
    2. THUG #2
    Look?It is…

    Panel Three-Same shot of Thug #2 only now we see a .45 Bullet going in one of his eyes and out the back of his head with massive impact.
    (Gun Blast)

    Panel Four-Show two other thugs getting .45 Shots. One square in the chest and the other getting his shoulder socket blown to shit. Please show these as destructive shots.
    (Gun Blasts)
    Blaaaaaaaaam! Blaaaaaaaaam!

    Panel Five-Show the three thugs that have been shot dead or dying on the floor of the hallway as the other thugs, including Ivan the main enforcer, try to get small really fast. There is blood splattered on the walls and the floor. They are firing back in a panic and seeking cover where they can get it.
    3. IVAN:

Busted Knuckles Manly Comic Book Cover Of The Week

The Black Terror #12

Okay, I gave the Japanese a break last week, but now it’s time to get them back in the Manly Cover parade of pain. This week The Black Terror returns in one of his most sadistic and youth warping covers. Check out The Black Terror as he mows down hordes of Japanese enemies with a Thompson machine gun in each hand. All the while this is played on the first big screen TV for little kids that cheer him on as he cuts down the enemy like grass on a fine summer day. All the kids are pretty much into it except for the little girl that is holding her ears. Where’s the “No Girls Allowed” sign when ya need it??

Remember that Chuck Dixon also makes a weekly attempt to out man me on his website at Check it out when you get the time.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Amy Jo Johnson
– actress, born 1970

This week I’m going with an All-American girl-next-door type. Amy Jo Johnson. I recently saw her in Hard Ground a made for TV western with Burt Reynolds and Bruce Dern. She was one of the bright spots in the movie. She showed she could ride a horse, shoot a gun and take no back talk from a bad guy. Some of you younger Knuckleheads may remember her as one of the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from around 1995. They say she was the Pink Ranger. I guess they come in colors.

She is also a pretty talented singer/songwriter and has done well in that field as well as acting. She is an accomplished athlete in gymnastics too.

I hope to see her do more westerns. Hell? I hope to see anyone do more westerns?

My buddy, Frank Cho will be let down by this week’s choice and I’m sure I’ll hear him whine like a little school girl about it. Frank ain’t happy unless the babe’s boobs are as big as a Thanksgiving Day Balloon.

See Ya Next Week

That’s about it for this week. I appreciate all of you that wrote in last week and told me of your favorite memories of the beach and your surfing tales. Sounds like there are a lot of us out there that have a great fondness for the sand and surf.

A special thanks goes out to Terry Cantor from Santa Cruz for the very cool surfboard stickers. I really appreciate them and will put em’ on the bumper of my truck. Thank you.

I hope the rest of you find something fun to do this week and as always if you have questions or comments just let me know. Always happy to hear from you Knuckleheads.

Your amigo,

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