Web Spinning On An Axel

Axel Alonso is the new Spider-Man editor. Stuart Moore is the new Marvel Knights editor.

Moore has a good history with a lot of great creators – the type that Quesada and Palmiotti aseemed interested in on Marvel Knights – Morrison, Millar, Ennis, Dillon, Ellis…

Axel seems a more… interesting choice. His work at DC/Vertigo saw him work on a vast number of different projects, including a recent rush on anthology projects such as Flinch or Weird War Tales. He’s also well in with the British crew.

I understand that there’s a major Spider-Man editorial meeting happening this week, to which Paul Jenkins has been invited. Things don’t look rosy for his continued run on Spider-Man but I hear Marvel value him so much that they want to use his talents where they are most needed.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

X-Rumours Abound

It was the August 24th column of All the Rage that first broke the rumour that Claremont was to be removed from at least one of the X-books – the week before the Harras firing rumours started. And there have been rumours, denied by some, that the Harras/Claremont bond contributed to Harras’ departure as firing Claremont would have been a lot easier without Harras. It’s strange, considering Claremont’s original firing off the X-books was due to conflict with Harras, but since his return to Marvel, their friendship has been stronger than ever. And because Claremont’s editorial position at Marvel was higher than even his own editor on the X-books, this caused some… untraditional power relationships. But when Bill Jemas described the X-Men writing as “wonderful and difficult” it was clear to many that Claremont’s position on the X-books would change. And fast.

I hear that Claremont was advised by Marvel higher-ups to make X-Men a more entry-level read for new customers, encouraged by the X-Movie. But Claremont’s editorial powers were such that he, with Bob Harras, did something else instead- an experiment that seems to have failed both commercially (after an initial sales-peak) and critically.

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Pure Speculation

So who is his successor? Names like Devin Grayson and Scott Lobdell have been bandied around far too carelessly. I wonder… just wonder… how about the Millar/Morrison team? Both X-geeks from way back, both full of ideas and passion, both in with Joe Quesada and Bill Jemas… Morrison has boasted that if DC had given him Superman, he’d have taken it to selling over a million copies of each issue. Reckon he could pull it off with the X?

I’d buy that… wouldn’t you?

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Party Like It’s 2000AD

The meet-the-new-owners 2000AD party was quite a fun affair – at least until the bar tab ran out. Cramming into a room in swanky Soho were the likes of Milligan, Ennis, Wagner, Fabry, McCrea, McManus, McMann, Sharp and plenty more. Propping up the media presence were myself, Joel meadows of Tripwire and Dez Skinn of Comics International. And as the beer and wine flowed, so did the gossip. Indeed hearing 2000AD editor Andy Diggle and Dez Skinn go back and forth on marketing techniques, desires and approaches was an education in itself. And the consensus was, after meeting the Rebellion crew, was that it was great for 2000AD to be owned by someone who want’s to own it, as opposed to someone who’s just mildy embarrassed that it’s still on their books.

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Liam Sharp was happy to talk about his upcoming Magik series for Marvel. “Amanda Sefton is the new Magik by the way. It’s quite an epic story, Nightcrawler is the narrator, and it’s not at all mainstream. Dan and Andy mentioned Philippe Druillet as visual inspiration for the epic splinter realm scenes, there’s also a lot of similarities with my Man Thing work, a favourite series with the editors of Magik. On a personal level, I’m having a ball doing it. There’s some crazy CGI/photoshop pages to help establish the super-reality of Magik’s realm, and some old classic villains thrown into the mix… if you like a good romp on a grand scale with a little European sensibility, you’ll love this.”

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Paul Levitz Love-In

Peter Milligan tells me that he’s been writing a new Human Target for Vertigo called ‘Director’s Cut.’ He’d previously written a four part mini-series that was critically acclaimed. However, when he turned in work for a new four-part series, Paul Levitz personally intervened to change it from a four part series into on original graphic novel, something Milligan was extremely pleased about.

Look for this next year. And give a shout of thanks to Paul when you do so.

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Pop Freak

Chris Weston remained very tight-lipped about his upcoming Warren Ellis book for Image, part of the yet-to-be-renamed Pop Comics line. However, he did talk about his World’s Freakiest project he drawing from Ty Templeton’s script for DC Comics. I also heard that Weston has taken Garth Ennis’ Enemy Ace: War in Heaven 96-page graphic novel and is pencilling and inking over Christian Alamy’s layouts.

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Hogan’s Run

Pete Hogan’s working away on his Captain America / Howling Commando’s project, a 64-page prestige format comic with Leonardo Manco on art.

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Spurred On

Glenn Fabry seems to be up to his eyes in cowboys, not only is there the previously announced cowboy story with Alan Moore for ABC, but he’s been doing cover and advert designs for a cowboy computer game.

I’d like to take a moment here – Glenn Fabry was a little perturbed about a comment I made about him in a recent column. It was meant to be light-hearted banter, but Glenn felt a little put out. I’d like to publically apologise to Glenn, restate what a fine chap he is and remind everyone to buy his Preacher cover anthology when it’s available. One change to the project – it won’t have the banned Preacher cover as previously announced. But at least one comic shop intends to use the art for that as a print, to give away with signed copies of the book.

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French Files

Stephen Petrucha and Charlie Adlard of X-Files fame seem to have found a home in France for some of their proposals they tried to get US publishers interested in, when their X-Files books were selling huge numbers. America’s loss seems to have been France’s gain.

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Brooklyn Bull

Garth Ennis was wearing a very striking Brooklyn Bizarro shirt, from Jimmy Palmiotti and Buddy Scalera’s… rather interesting website of the same name, at BrooklynBizarro.com. I only mention this, because it reminded me that Garth Ennis is to write a comic for Wizard’s Black Bull imprint next year.

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Stalin’s Cohorts

After a bunch of pro’s wandered off down Soho for a Chinese (reportedly calling it a night at about four in the morning), I took the half two nightbus back home and slept solidly – for I had an appointment the following day…

Warren Ellis was holding a signing at Forbidden Planet in London. And both prior to the event and for many hour after, Warren sat with a bunch of fans, mostly from his Delphi forum, smoking cigars and drinking a variety of spirits in the Angel pub, in projectile vomiting distance of the comic shop.

It was great to meet a few regulars as well as put faces to forum handles. Topics of conversation included the ability to buy bras of various sizes, the appeals of male kissing to straight women, shoes, the line-up for Ellis’ Pop Comics thing, tattoos on babies, a variety of sketches of Jack Hawksmoor’s knob, Acclaim creator contracts, the joys of Chorlton and the Wheelers…

You’re all a bunch of perverted freaks, you know you are.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 Out Of 10. My Brain Was Fairly Addled By Cider.

Extraordinary Lead Times

Scott Dunbier reported on rec.arts.comics.misc concerning League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He wrote “In case you’re curious, Kevin O’Neill turned in the first batch of pages for volume two last week.” When a schedule was mentioned for the new series, Dunbier responded “September of 2001 at the very earliest–no late issues in the next series.”

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Send In the Interns

I hear a report from Marvel interns that as Claremont left his editorial office at Marvel, the vultures descended. Interns, Bullpen workers, even the odd editor or two flocked to scavenge what they could – comics, posters, toys, statues… As Claremont returned briefly, there was one, lone, late intern left who simply asked him “What can I take?”. Claremont, seemingly blas?, responded “Anything on the walls is pretty much up for grabs, just don’t take the Excalibur stuff, that’s for archiving purposes.” But a few minutes later, a cry of annoyance and mild profanity was heard as Claremont realised that someone had taken a Bowen Bust of Cyclops. The intern responsible quickly returned it on Claremont’s request – after almost also taking off with a Wizard Fan award and successfully snagging a long box of X-Men comics. One intern was there for his first day – I hope he doesn’t think this is a regular occurrence!

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