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As always we have the competition to win fabulous prizes. This week our competition is sponsored by the fabulous and dead sexy people at Dark Horse and you can win a trade paperback from our prize pool of DH manga titles. Last week?s prize was Uncle Sam, Signed by Alex Ross and Steve Darnell from our pals at Dynamic Forces, which was won by hiptones, who correctly identified TV’s Third Watch as the source of the codenames. “What?s the competition all about?” I hear you cry:

I said What?s the competition all about? I hear you cry …oh forget it, no point trying to get into the pantomime spirit with an international audience. The competition is simple, most of my sources are anonymous so I have replaced their names with codenames. Identify where the codenames come from (film/TV/comic/etc.) and mail us at to be entered into the draw to win the lovely prize. Simple, just like me.

Anyway I?m not getting any younger so I suppose I ought to stop procrastinating and just plain get on with it.

Com.x Finally Speak

It was a long time coming and it took a speculative article from myself to kick start ?em but we finally know the score from Com.x. The excellent British publisher that got the Americans sitting up and paying attention (despite disappearing from view a couple of times) has sent out an email to all comic book journalists (so how did I get one?), now I know that the boys invited everyone to edit the mail as they see fit but it’s interesting to see some ‘pure’ news sites pitching this as if it were an exclusive.

The boys were vandalised and robbed but they are up and running now having recovered or redone all that was damaged or stolen. Their international projects are proceeding fine but that?s not our main concern, what about those titles?

Cla$$war #4 to #6

      – Cary Nord (who was the replacement artist for original series artist Trevor Hairsine) has had to remove himself from the project. Due to delays in completing his current workload, both Nord and the publisher felt it best to pursue alternative talent to take over as the release date was gradually being pushed further and further back. ?We are currently in talks with a number of individuals, which means that there is a delay from when we originally planned to release #4,? Deighton said. ?More news as and when available.?


      – Currently printing and shipping to Diamond in approximately one week.


      – ?Due to the loss of all colour pages because of the burglary, all pages had to be re-coloured, hence the delay,? Deighton said. ?This issue has now shipped to Diamond and should be in store pre-Christmas. #6 and the collected edition have therefore been delayed somewhat in the production chain as all creative parties jump back on to the final issue in the first story-arc. Other news to follow soon regarding Puncture’s move into the ‘interactive’ market.?


      – by Guy Haley and Daniel Boultwood. Planned to be released as 2 x 8-page stories in an 24-page, #0 format, the colour pages to story two were also lost in the burglary. These are currently being re-coloured and we will solicit as soon as they are finished.


      – 999 limited edition copies of the Com.x comic adaptation of the upcoming Sony PlayStation 2 game are available from retail now. Illustrated by Ben Oliver, Joshua Middleton and written by Russell Uttley.

Sky Between Branches

      – ?Contrary to a number of rumours bouncing around the internet, Josh and Com.x are is still very much involved in bringing this project to market together,? Deighton said. ?Due to the high demand for #0, Josh has created a variant cover version which has been limited to 1000 copies which will only be available from a number of exclusive outlets. See our website next week for further details. See variant cover artwork attached and check out

      where Josh has posted a number of pages and panels from #1.?

Bazooka Jules

      – ?As most people will be aware, Neil has had some illness problems recently which have hindered his work on BJ,? Deighton said. ?He has also had some prior commitments for a certain major publisher starting with the letter ‘M’ which he is just in the process of completing and you should see the fruits of his labour very soon. We have also just signed an exclusive deal with ICMI (International Creative Management Interactive) who will be representing

Bazooka Jules

      within the film/tv/computer game fields over this coming year.?

Silent Hill

    – ?We are currently discussing formats and release dates with Konami of Europe. Estimated release – Spring/Summer 2003,? Deighton said. ?For all you comic historians out there – this was the first project Com.x ever created as a company and it should finally be seeing the light of day after 3 years.?

I?m glad to hear that about Sky Between Branches. I loved the preview work but I am extremely disappointed to learn all we can expect is a variant cover for the moment. No word on when #1 will finally come out? Well I suppose it has a long way to go before it beats Silent Hill, I did wonder if that had been just hot air to generate interest I?m glad to hear it is coming out soon.

All in all it?s sad to hear that the boys have been in trouble, they are a great bunch but it?s good to hear they?re getting it all together now.

This Has A ?Getting It Together? Value Of Six Out Of Ten

Com.X Revealed

Look above. Oh, ok I’ll reprint it:

Silent Hill

    – ?We are currently discussing formats and release dates with Konami of Europe. Estimated release – Spring/Summer 2003,? Deighton said. ?For all you comic historians out there – this was the first project Com.x ever created as a company and it should finally be seeing the light of day after 3 years.?

Wanna hear something cool? More to the point, wanna see something cool? Instead of being told ?ah, here?s exclusive news?, wanna actually see a real exclusive?

Well, then, here?s the cover to the Silent Hill TPB ? not seen by anyone outside of Com.X or Konami, exclusive to you first:

Want more?

Howsabout a double-page spread a third of the way through the book?

Cool art, huh? Mail ATR if you want to see more, we?ll gather votes and pass them onto Com.X and Konami as a demand the book is released sooner rather than later. Tell your retailer to stop by, get them to pester Com.X for a release date.

And maybe, if you?re really good, we?ll run another couple of pages next week.

This Has A “You Saw It Here First” Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

Collectors Corner

Here?s an email I got from Frank:

      Interesting little addendum to the whole Ultimate cover stock deal… not sure if this happens to your comics over in the UK, but here in the US, I’ve noticed something about almost each and every Marvel comic that comes out. About 3-4 millimetres from the spine, on the back cover, there is a very faint crease that runs the entire length of the comic. It’s hardly noticeable, you really do have to look closely, but it’s on very nearly every single Marvel comic I’ve bought in the past few years. I’ve asked around, in my comic shop and on Usenet, and most people say they have the same thing.


      The only Marvel comics I’ve seen that don’t have it are things like Truth and the Ultimate titles, which have the cardstock covers that prevent the creasing.


    So what does this mean? Maybe nothing. But given Marvel’s desire to build up the collector’s market for comics, I can’t help wondering what that little crease would do to say the CGC rating of a comic. Just how rare are 10.0 Marvel comics? Just something to ponder…

I?ve emailed CGC to ask them how rare a Marvel 10.0 is, they haven?t replied yet. As far as the damage goes I?m sorry to hear you?ve got the same problem in the States as over here. I?m afraid that to the best of my knowledge the fault isn?t Marvel?s but, you?ve guessed it, Diamond?s. I have spoken to a number of retailers about this in the past and it has become kind of an ongoing joke. Over here it isn?t just Marvel, it virtually every comic book. The idea of getting a Near-Mint (or CGC 10.0) from Diamond is considered to be like finding Nessie or Big Foot.

This Has A ?Near Mint From Diamond, Don?t Make Me Laugh!? Value Of Five Out Of Ten

CrossGen – Part One

The new sized Edge and Forge will be out soon and I?ve been lucky enough to get a look-see at an advanced copy of each. I?m impressed. Apparently there has been a lot of talk on the web and within the industry that the quality of the art would suffer due to the reduction in size but this is seriously unfounded. The books are a nice size, the art is clear and sharp with the typical vibrant colours one would expect from CrossGen. I?m a fan, simple as that.

All this praise before I even mention the price! $7.95! I found 3 comic books worth of stories in each volume that I really wanted to read (Edge: Ruse, Way of the Rat, and Scion; Forge: The Path and 2 x Route 666). Now, I will go back and read the rest and I will probably find some good tales that I enjoy BUT it doesn?t matter 3x $2.95 = $8.85. So at $7.95 I?d be saving just for reading 3 stories out of 8!

Without going too ?Pulse? with the praise here, there?s also the overall design to consider. The small size is nice, it?s easy to carry and read (little hard to balance on your knee on the toilet ?cause it?s so compressed and a little small to read on the ground when you?re on the toilet so that?s one downside). This is a great little package and one that I hope really takes off. It makes the Marvel B&W essentials look like nasty expensive toilet paper by comparison. I was reading Forge in work and a female co-worker picked up Edge and started to flick through it. This is someone who has no comic book interest and who has never thrown a second glance at my ?normal? comics in the past. She thought the thing was brilliant – and surely that is what CrossGen are hoping for.

I contacted CrossGen with my thoughts on the new style and I got a nice reply back from Ian Feller (the Director of Corporate Communications). I asked him (as I loved the new format so much) would the earlier volumes of Forge and Edge be available in the new format, he said:

    As for reprinting the older compendia in the smaller version. It doesn’t look likely right now. If we do eventually sell through the large overprint we did on the early editions, we would likely go back to press for the smaller size. But if and when this may be I couldn’t say.

This Has A ?Great New Idea? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

CrossGen – Part Two

For every pro there is a con (no, that?s not a new Garth Ennis story). After my gushing praise of their new books I?m afraid I?ve got a somewhat negative CrossGen story to share with you. This came from Janet:

      Don’t know if this is of interest to you: many creators – not just wannabes, but semi-pros and pros – are a little annoyed at the lack of response to their submissions for CrossGen’s Code 6 line. They were initially promised an answer within a month, yet most who answered CrossGen’s initial call months ago (must be getting on for six months now) still haven’t heard anything. More annoying, it was only supposed to be an email reply, saying yea or nay – how hard can that be?


    General feeling now is that the submission call was a scam to get publication for the line, and that properties for the line had been decided before the call went out. A lot of pros are now *very* annoyed with CrossGen because they’ve not only wasted time, but had their ideas tied up for months…

Now, I?ve asked Ian Feller at CrossGen for any comments on this (see below) but I?d also like to throw this wide open. Is this true? If so it is a terrible mistake by CrossGen as they are reaching a point now where creators are really thinking of them as a real alternative to DC and Marvel (especially with their roster of great creators on board). Problems like this could seriously damage their credibility and it?s a real shame. As I said I?m throwing this wide open. I know a great many creators read the column so please drop me a line if you submitted to Code 6 and are still awaiting a reply (identities will be protected upon request).

Here’s the word from CrossGen?s Ian Feller:

    The truth of it is that my response rate has been a LOT slower than originally anticipated. The reason is not anything devious like a scam to draw attention to the line. The simple fact is that I am doing the initial submission reviews alone while still maintaining my responsibilities as Director of Corporate Communications. I am but one man and the amount of submissions has far surpassed all expectations. In order to give each one the attention it deserves, it takes time to read through them. I likely have 1000 to go through and have only gotten through about 100. But I have promised that eventually all submissions will receive a response. And that response is usually a mailed letter, not just an email. I am giving the same attention to all submitters, whether comic pro or newcomer. Everyone is being afforded the same chance. As well, submissions are not tied up. Anyone submitting to Code 6 is free to submit anywhere else and attempt to find themselves a publishing deal. Without naming them, there have been a few submissions to Code 6 that have already wound up at other publishers.

It’s good to know that all submissions are being given an equal chance, many of the big companies have made it known recently that they aren’t really accepting new submissions. All the same it is a real shame that creators are suffering this delay for CrossGen’s sake. Hopefully Mr. Feller will take on some help soon.

This Has A ?Sort It Out!? Value Of Six Out Of Ten

Wizard World – The Ongoing Saga

Message I got this week from Brad:

    Uh… Wizardworld is still up and running. I just had an offer to buy on a comic about 30 minutes ago, and I double checked the site when I read your article. Yep, still there.

OOOOOOOOKay. I checked myself, it?s back up again. Weird happenings at the WW corral… Last week when I checked (a few times) after being passed the news that it had closed down all I got was a holding page from the ISP, now the site is up and running and up to date too.

Rocky sent me a few more details on this. Wizard had an agreement that 30 days after receivers come in they can sever all ties with Wizardworld, they are going to do so (the receivers went in on November 13th). There has been (allegedly) huge amounts of fraud perpetrated by 800America and to make matters worse many Wizard shareholders and the company itself are owners of now worthless 800America shares. Wizard isn?t planning on getting the codes back for the site, as they are busy building their own site.

Of that final point I have to say it is a shame as many, many people have a great deal of time and effort invested into the Wizardworld site and I know quite a few people whose only record of their collections are on the site. It could be, of course, that as the return of the code wasn?t part of Wizard?s agreement that they have to play it upbeat, ignoring the shortfalls of them simply starting again.

One last point on this from Eddie:

      Unfortunately things have changed. is no longer on the web and apparently many (if not all) 800-America employees have been laid off.


      The only reason this stuck out to me is that I had just looked up something on their price guide before I read this… it would appear to still be working fine…


    Should they shut it down, who do I harass for my money back for the subscription I just recently paid for?

I would contact Wizard directly if I was you. Each individual circumstance will be different. If the order has been processed and passed to Wizard then there shouldn?t be a problem but if it hasn?t you would have to contact the Receivers and wait in line, cap in hand, until all the major bills had been paid first and then see if there?s any money left. Either way contact Wizard to be sure (through, they may be generous and up hold your subscription even if the order hadn?t gotten through.

I would like to repeat my previous warnings. Be aware if you buy convention tickets, subscriptions or anything else directly from you are doing so at your own risk. Check out first to see if they offer the services you require, that way you will be dealing directly with Wizard.

This Has A ?Caveat Emptor? Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

More On That Beano

I mentioned it a while back, remember? Beano #1, stored under a sofa. It cost 2d (2 old pence) when it was originally purchased and it?s estimated price is now ?3,000. There are only 9 of them in the world, and the British press is making this out to be a great fortune.

Just shows how easily pleased people are over here. After all a certain American comic that came out in the same year will soon be worth $300,000 at the rate CGC mark ups are going.

This Has A ?Action Comics Or Beano? I Know Where My Money?s Going? Value Of Six Out Of Ten

More Gay Comics

Those of you who frequently surf the net will be yawning here…

Rawhide Kid, Marvel?s cowboy character is to be outed as gay in a new mini-series.

Let?s see what?s being said about it shall we?

Comic Book First: Gay Gunslinger – CBS News
Gay Gunslinger Comes Clean – CBS News
Marvel debuts gay comic book hero – PlanetOut
The Fastest Gun In The West Comes Out! – Gay Wired
Rawhide Kid Makes Comic Book History – Lycos
Rawhide Kid out of the closet – Chicago Sun-Times
Marvel debuts gay comic book hero –
Marvel Comics to unveil gay gunslinger – CNN
Oh and let?s not forget
Marvel Outs Rawhide Kid – Dynamic Forces

It?s hardly new. Part of the fuss is this is a character that?s been around since 1957 (after all nobody was gay then, were they?) and part of it is because allegedly he will be the first gay title character. There are a few gay characters around, Northstar from Alpha Flight (wait, is he an X-Man now?), Devlin Waugh from the 2000AD Megazine (more on him in a later article), Katchoo from Strangers in Paradise (wasn?t she the lead character, wasn?t that really the first comic with a gay lead? I suppose since she?s a lesbian it doesn?t matter as some people find that less offensive) and Terry Bing from Judd Winnick?s excellent Green Lantern amongst others.

The fuss is brewing all over the place on this one though and it?s worth taking a look around at it all. Some people (mainly straight but ?liberal? as far as I can tell) are concerned that this will be overly campy and rely on too many jokes based on stereotypes. A number of gay sites and gay posters are supporting this as they see it as beneficial to have any gay characters in any fiction.

Oh, and then there are the scumbags. As usual the so-called Christians are leading the charge quoting chapter and verse (the Devil can twist the Scriptures for his own means) ignoring the fact that Christ?s central message was forgiveness, love and tolerance.

It’s even spread to American TV with Joe Quesada on one show and Stan Lee on Crossfire. On CrossFire, Mr. Lee was up against Andrea Lafferty, the executive director of Traditional Values Coalition in a discussion of the comic, as well as its appropriateness. Am I the only person who finds the idea of a “Traditional Values Coalition” to be a bit scary? The way bigots can twist terms round is amazing. I’ve read the transcript of the show and it’s the usual rubbish. Despite this being a MAX comic there’s the fear that kids will read it (after all, all comics are for kids, aren’t they Mr. Castillo?) Following the show, the comic book board lit up with more discussion on this both good and bad. Some people seemed to believe that homosexuality and paedophilia are one in the same, sick puppies.

Have a look around and see what you come across. Either way it?s all publicity for Marvel so I guess Mr. Q. is happy.

This Has A ?Don?t Bother Sending Any Bigoted Mail To Me? Value Of Five Out Of Ten

More CrossGen

Magenta spotted the following on the Dynamic Forces site:

      DC Loses GL Penciller to CrossGen


      by Bob Gough

Green Lantern

      artist Dale Eaglesham reportedly will be the latest defection from the big comic publisher to join CrossGen comics.


      DC said Eaglesham will remain on the title with the arrival of new writer Ben Raab as of issue #165.


      No less than 15 creators have left DC for CrossGen, according to



It would seem that despite the Code 6 situation CrossGen are doing quite well in the old acquisition of talent stakes. Get your submissions into DC now to plug the gaps.

This Has A ?Will The Last One To Leave Dc Please Sign Off Aol, Thank You? Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

Making A SMASH!!! Online

The official Incredible Hulk movie website has opened. Visit it when you get a chance on – ok?

This Has A ?Shirt Ripping? Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Grayson Exclusive To DC

Eddie spotted the following:

      Acclaimed writer Devin K. Grayson has signed a one-year exclusive with DC Comics. Grayson has earned accolades for her current run on


      as well as her prior work on


      and the VERTIGO miniseries




      Devin has a unique voice in comics, and she’s been a major contributor to the success of the


      line over the past few years,” says Mike Carlin, VP -Executive Editor, DC Universe. “It’s only fitting that we cement the collaboration with this deal. I know I look forward to seeing where


      is taken by Devin!”


    “DC has always felt like family to me, both in terms of the characters in the books and the characters in the office,” says Grayson. “From day one, these were the people who believed in and trusted me. Between the ongoing series and increasing interest in developing new, creator-owned material, I feel confident that this exclusive will allow me to continue producing work that excites and challenges me.”

Now this is interesting in a couple of ways. Firstly, it shows that DC recognises just how good a writer they have in Ms. Grayson (I?m a huge fan of her work with the Bat family). Secondly one has to wonder if this is a response to the leak of talent from DC to other companies (particularly CrossGen but DC also lost out on what could have been a great series from Kevin Smith because he was signed up to Marvel). Devin Grayson certainly strikes me as the sort of creator that CrossGen would have in their sights, in fact I’m surprised they haven’t made a play for her already (perhaps they have and this is the response).

Will we be seen a great rush of ‘Exclusive’ contracts being signed? It’s certainly possible, but I hope not. Such contracts do mean that talented creators are assured an outlet but it also means that fans are denied the possibility of seeing their favourite creators working on a range of titles for different companies.

As always, time will tell what will happen. Perhaps this focus on the importance of the creators (something big companies like DC have hardly been particularly good at) may be good news for creators in general.

This Has A “Sign Of Things To Come?” Value Of Six Out Of Ten

Crank Up The Thrill Power!

Rebellion are giving readers an excellent chance to jump on board both of their titles in the coming month. Prog 2003 will be the now regular bumper issue where Tharg show-cases the years coming attractions and allows new fans to read some great complete stories too.

Along side this Rebellion is launching the first ever giant-sized Megazine. This is another great opportunity to hop onboard the Thrill-train.

Here?s what the Rebllion hype-machine says:

      Not only does

Meg 201

      contain 100 pages of all-out strip action from the world of Judge Dredd and beyond – including a 20-page comedy classic, Phartz!, from Dredd creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra – look out for three new Thrills, and a double helping of David Bishop’s highly acclaimed history of 2000 AD!


      But that’s not all …

Megazine 201

    comes complete with a 48-page supplement reprinting all of the 1980 vampires-at-war classic Fiends of the Eastern Front, plus a massive double-sided calendar poster featuring Judge Dredd and Durham Red!

Cool, but what else?



    DEVLIN WAUGH: RED TIDE by John Smith & Colin MacNeil. The camp crusader returns in the ultra-gory sequel to Swimming in Blood. It’s been ten years since the outbreak of vampirism which turned the underwater prison of Aquatraz into a charnel-house. The vampire threat has been made safe – and the creatures are now prey for wealthy tourists. Now, a unique specimen is being transported to the nearby Helsing Institute by Vatican agent Devlin Waugh – but what’s so special about the terrifying Lilith? And what do the vampires of Fangland want with her?

Stiff upper lip, camper than a row of pink tents and almost as tough as Dredd himself the Vatican?s special (vampire) agent Devlin Waugh is always a good read.

    FAMILY by Rob Williams & Simon Fraser. Think you know all about gangsters, wiseguy? You ain’t never met gangsters like The Family … Odysseus City, a few years into the future. The Family are a select cadre bonded by blood, whose powers extend way beyond the usual – and the Family control Odysseus, from penthouse to pavement. OCPD cop Kurt is about to discover that whatever you wanna do, you don’t wanna mess with the Family!

Ok. I?ll wait and see sounds good.

    THE KLEGGS! by Ian Edginton & Mike Collins. Mercenary aliens the Kleggs take payment in the only currency they trust … meat! Noted for their viciousness and cruelty, the Kleggs’ ambitions have always been thwarted by their lack of intelligence – until the emergence of a new generation led by Grand Warmaster Grusk. Kleggs with cunning? Let the universe tremble!

Indeed. Sick and vicious comedy starring flesh eating monsters… ah the good old 2000 AD formula.

And what next?

      Following a huge resurgence of interest in classic British war comics of the 1970s, the Judge Dredd Megazine has struck a deal with Egmont Magazines Ltd to republish the best of Battle Picture Weekly – beginning with the brutal and brilliant Darkie’s Mob.


    Written by Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner and illustrated by the legendary Mike Western, Darkie’s Mob tells the tale of the mysterious Captain Joe Darkie, who leads a rag-tag bunch of British soldiers behind Japanese lines in Burma in the Second World War, transforming them into a terrifying guerrilla force. First published in 1976-77, and unseen for over 20 years, Darkie’s Mob returns in Judge Dredd Megazine 202, on sale 15 January 2003.

Wasn?t that a bit…dodgy?

    Darkie’s Mob is one of the very best – intensely dramatic, beautifully illustrated and in places amazingly violent! We will be making a few minor cuts to the racial language, though. Some of what passed by without comment 27 years ago just isn’t acceptable these days!


This Has A ?I?ll Pimp Your Product But You?ve Gotta Ask Me First? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

Selling Adult Comics To Adults – An Update

The Narrator spotted the following release on the CBLDF site:

      A Word From The Director


      This week the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund sent a $10,000 retainer check to Jesus Castillo?s legal counsel to pay for the first stage of his Supreme Court appeal. We were able to do this thanks to the generous contributions raised in auctions initiated by Jim Lee,, and Mile High Comics.


      Since starting in mid-November, the auction has raised over $8,000 for the CBLDF, and it?s not over yet. Spearheaded by founders Rick Veitch and Steve Conley, artists from across the industry have donated work to this auction to benefit the Fund. There?s still a week to go, with original and rare work by David Lloyd, Gilbert Shelton, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Bill Sienkiewicz, Bryan Talbot, Paul Mounts, Marc Hempel, George Walker, Judd Winick, Brian Wood and others on the block. This auction aims to generate enough income for the Fund to pay off the rest of this year?s legal bills.


    Last week, the Fund also auctioned off the Perfect 10.0 Edition of Thor #156, donated by Mile High Comics founder Chuck Rozanski. The book sold on Sunday to a supporter for $5,000. Rozanski has been the Fund?s most ardent supporter this season. He won the Jim Lee Benefit Signing auction for $6,700 and followed that up by running the Fund?s Mid-Ohio Con auction, where he raised over $2,000. His donation of the rare, historic Thor comic from the Mile High 2 collection is a sacrifice that demonstrates his firm commitment to the Fund?s mission, and it?s a commitment for which we?re grateful.

There you go. Good news on the whole.

      Unfortunately, the bigger war is not won. The Fund still has to raise another $20,000 to pay off the rest of this year?s legal bills, which include fees for our retained counsel and bills from Stu Helm?s battle with Kraft. With your continued support during the last week of the Auction, we can come close to that. And if you?ve been meaning to join or renew your membership doing so now will help us get even closer.


    It?s not a secret that the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund depends on the support of the comics community so that we can defend our industry?s own. The community?s response to the immediate crisis of the Castillo Supreme Court appeal demonstrates that comics people care about their own. If you?ve been among the individuals who supported that motion, you should know that your dollars truly have made a difference.

Oh. So, not such good news after all. The CBLDF will be carrying out auctions throughout the year and no doubt many retailers, creators and perhaps even publishers will also be holding their own auctions with proceeds going to the CBLDF fund. I will do my best to keep you informed as to when and were such auctions are taking place. Ultimately they need any help you can give them. This isn?t a silly cause this is very serious indeed.

Help in any way you can.

This Has A ?What Do Expect With That President?? Value Of One Out Of Ten

Gaiman Drops Some Names

Amazing the circles these comic book folk travel in. Neil Gaiman has just finished his short film and by all accounts he?s picked up and quite enjoyed the process of directing (which bodes well for the much anticipated Death movie he may be directing soon).

On his website Gaiman says that he has shown a cut of the film to a few friends to ask their opinion. Now, this won?t mean much outside the UK (I could be wrong) but here we go:

    I showed a video (taken from the AVID editing machine, so not of the best quality) last night to a very small audience of friends – Jonathan Ross (who is interviewed in it), his wife, the writer Jane Goldman, and author-performer David Baddiel (who knows his stuff and wasn’t going to be polite if he didn’t like it), and they laughed in all the right places, had all the right reactions, and when it was done and I heard what they had to say I felt incredibly happy (which might have been because I?d nervously managed to dispose of two large glasses of red wine on an empty stomach while they watched it, but probably wasn?t).

Jonathan Ross, BBC TV film critic, BBC TV chat show host, BBC Radio 2?s (the UK?s most listened to station) Saturday morning DJ. Oh and patron in some way of the British comic book scene.

His sexy wife Jane, as Mr. Gaiman says, is a writer in her own right.

And David Baddiel. Kind of a cult figure now but in the 90?s when comedy was the new Rock ?n Roll he was Jimi Hendricks.

This Has A ?Gotta Get Gaiman In The Column? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

Well, there we go. That wasn?t too painful now, was it?

The column is now off to bed, and so am I.

If I?ve offended you then let me know, defend yourself. If you?re frustrated because I didn?t insult or mention you then it?s your fault, you didn?t email me.

If you?ve got new, rumours or an axe to grind then contact me right away. We will always protect your identity unless you specifically request otherwise.

Next week we?ll be a step closer to Christmas and the New Year.


Alan Donald – Signing off from an unbelievably cold island that has yet to discover insulation.

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