Quite Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give A Daredevil…

I’ve been tracking this rumour for a few days. First I get “Something’s up with Authority right now. Going to be big.”

So I trawl the net, talk to the usual suspects. They’re either denying knowledge or not saying anything. The latter bunch make me suspicious. But I can’t break them! Bastards!

It’s no secret now that the news was that Frank Quitely has moved from The Authority to Marvel sooner than planned. Millar announced it on the DC Message boards and Mike Doran has already splashed it in news bible Newsarama.

Already rumours are running around his project there… a favourite has been Grant Morrison’s X-Men as well as Millar’s next Ultimate Marvel title. Millar wasn’t up for more than he’d spoken on his message boards during his regular Millar Hour event, but the Glasgow comic shop/pub crawl contingent who have been very useful and reliable of late have nailed down something more definite.

The word is that Joe Quesada has personally headhunted Frank Quitely with a huge wodge of cash to take over the artistic duties on Daredevil. Something Quitely needs right now, and certainly spurring his move to the USA and Marvel. While Quitely’s speed isn’t the greatest, his stunning work has won him many fans in recent years, as well as fill-ins. But he’s bound to be quicker than Quesada…

Sadly this departure is eight pages into an issue of Authority. which is late as it is. The hunt is on for a replacement and Newsarama will probably have it soon.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Personal Opinions

Me? I’d cast Gary Erskine as Quitely’s replacement on Authority – though it’s doubtful he’s the ‘A-list’ talent Wildstorm have already in mind. From his work on Marvel titles such as Warheads or Punisher/Wolverine or deeper projects such as Lords Of Misrule, he has the same grasp of ugly power as does Quitely. Rather than using rounded flesh, he uses taut flesh against hard bone, giving an angular feel to his characters. And they explode with power and detail that Quitely’s fans have appreciated. While tight deadlines have hurt some of his work, when he’s motivated and given room to spread his wings he can pump out works of stunning genius – and was doing ‘widescreen’ comics a decade before Authority. And he’s Scottish.

Check here to see what I mean.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 0 Out Of 10. Pure speculation, folks!


Poaching Allegations Denied!

Contrary to other rumours and a previous rant of mine (now removed), I’m hearing that Frank Quitely wasn’t poached mid-run, but the Marvel offer was made to take place after his Authority run. However, due to personal circumstances, I heard that Quitely made the leap now rather than wait.

So my previous rant about “how could Joe Quesada do it, mid-Authority run?” look a tad foolish. Ah well, not like it’s the first time, right folks?

And Mark Millar back what I’m hearing, telling me “The bottom line is that Marvel didn’t poach him. I should have been clearer about this in my Internet chat, but I was intentionally vague because I didn’t want to elaborate on Vince’s personal details [Frank Quitely’s real first name is Vincent -? Rich J]. The offer from Marvel was for AFTER he’d finished The Authority, but Vince personally requested that this deal was brought forward because he had some personal matters which he needed to deal with. Obviously, I can’t go into the specifics here because it’s a pal’s private business, but Marvel didn’t break the publishing code here. No reputable publisher would and I wouldn’t have such a good relationship with them if they did.”

“Vince regretted leaving The Authority three issues early a great deal, but he had to put his wife and kids first. Obviously, I’m completely heart-broken to see him go, but the real world has to come first sometimes and I suppose we’ve all got to respect that.”

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Murdock Or Mutant?

As to the rumour that Quitely will be working on Daredevil at Marvel, on the Warren Ellis Delphi forum, Authority creator himself Warren Ellis poured water over the idea, saying “Unless plans have changed radically since the start of the week (which is always possible), it ain’t DAREDEVIL”. Then Wildstorm artist Cully Hamner added “Rich, you are so wrong. I can’t tell you anything more than that, but you’re a bit off base here.”

I don’t know. I’m sticking to the man in red here, folks. But yes, it would be awfully convenient for Quitely to start working on X-Men right now in time for Grant Morrison’s first issue…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 5 Out Of 10

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