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Old News?

Despite not so brilliant sales but sold-out status, the feeling around DC central is that the time might be right to relaunch (Formerly Known as) the Justice League as a new ongoing series. The feeling inside the editorial department is two or three good years will pay for the book, keep old hands happy and generally allow the angst to be slowly milked away from the JLA franchise.

Remember how the Justice League Europe was launched as a sort of foil to the loopiness of JLI? Well similar thoughts are being thunk. The creative team of Giffen, DeMatteis, Maguire, Rubinstein and Lappan will, obviously, be happy to start earning again and someone somewhere deep within DC thinks humour is going to be the next big thing in comics.

This Has A “Bwaaa-ha-ha-ha” Factor Of Four Out Of Ten

Cross My Palms With Silver

After almost as many years as a rumour, an ‘in-production’ and a ‘definitely being produced’ it appears that we might finally see a full-length Silver Surfer movie at last. And unlike all other rumours about the fabulous Soarer of the Spaceways this one doesn’t involve CGI (well almost).

There is no need to panic about a proper Fantastic Four film needing to be made any more because the approved script is set before the terrible twosome came to earth with the intention of eating the population before breakfast. Norrin Radd will be played by an actor, as will Shalla Bal and Galactus. The film will simultaneously tell the two’s respective stories and how they eventually became linked and how Radd became the Surfer and eventually Herald to Galactus.

The Surfer will apparently be produced in a similar fashion to how the T2 and T3 robots were created, but for the most part whatever actor is chosen will be playing it for real.

This Has A “Typical Hollywood Rumor Bandwagon Sticker” Factor Of Four Out Of Ten

Pay The Piper Or He Doesn’t Play

Rumors elsewhere that CrossGen are in financial difficulties can be confirmed by a good (but remaining nameless) friend of mine who recently was offered work for the company, but declined it when he asked the commissioning editor if there was any truth that previous writers and artists had still not been paid for the work they supplied.

My associate said the guy from CrossGen said, “Well there is some truth in that, but it was down to a contractual problem and nothing to do with financial problems.”
“Did I mention anything about CrossGen having financial problems?” asked my friend.
“No, but you’ll read about it pretty soon!” was the reply.

But, I don’t think so. If you check the extent of Marc Alessi’s fortune you will see that he has enough money and wealth to lose $5 million bucks a year on CrossGen and still bankroll it until he’s 102. However, the likely scenario is that Alessi is absolutely hacked off with subsidising something that has had less impact than Valiant Comics and fewer sales than any other new launching major company. Yeah, fair enough they launched at a bad time for the industry in general, but the USA is so set in its comic ways only something that tapped into the zeitgeist of Image Comics in the early 1990s will have any lasting impact and we’re not really due for another one of them for about another 19 years if you look at the dates in which DC, Marvel and the latter mentioned Image all became really well known.

This Has An “I Don’t Understand This Fiscal Business” Factor Of Six Out Of Ten

X-Men Crazy

So there’s a new X-Men storyline that is going to be so important and big that it rivals the death of Phoenix in its importance.

So what? This strapline has been wheeled out every few years since X-Men #1 (1990) and all that happens is either a minor character bites the big one or bugger all. Is this new Planet X storyline going to be any different?

Nothing is going to happen and if it does it will all be reversed in a few years at worst. This is Marvel Comics and you get nothing but the illusion of change. Wake up and smell the hyenas laughing at your in the red bank balances. Planet X will be pants. It won’t do anything it says on the tin and you will feel empty and hollow after it and probably a damned sight worse off financially.

What’s going to happen?

The three favourites in the SBC camp are:

  • The Death of Professor X (again)
  • The Death of one of the original team (again?)
  • Bugger all.

We’re lumping our life savings on the last option.

This Has A “We’re Milking The Muties As Hard As We Can Until X3 Comes Out” Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Oh, And Let’s Milk Something Else Some More

Alan Moore has signed a deal to write a concluding statement to his graphic novel From Hell. It will be published in the third issue of Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths from Avatar Press in November.

Really? I can’t wait. Perhaps soon we’ll see The Unpublished Sandman Doodles by Dave McKean. Or maybe The Girl I Used To Model Tulip On Sketches by Glenn Fabry. Or maybe even How I Managed To Write A Three-Part Comic And Spread It Over Eight Years by Warren Ellis?

Is it me or is this the sort of thing that makes non-comics fans just think comics fans are even more anal than they originally believed. And does Moore need the money? Does he heck. Avatar probably does, but I can’t help but think of this as something slightly unpleasant.

This Has A “Left A Sour Taste In My Mouth” Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Next week… the return of a not so long forgotten friend, and perhaps the truth about that installlment of All The Rage.

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