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The Marvel Shuffle

A new creative team will be taking over the Thunderbolts, post Civil War. I cannot reveal who the new writer will be, except to say that he is a high profile British creator, who has recently been doing a lot of work in the Marvel Universe.

Fans of Fabian Nicieza need not worry because Marvel has future plans for him as well.

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Ain?t No School Like The Old School

Allen Berrebbi is a good buddy and a member of the Big Bang Comics team. He describes Big Bang as ?the longest running retro comic series publishing comics done in the Golden and Silver age style? We do modern stories on occasion, but our heroes are heroes.?

Allen dropped in with some preview art and a blurb about the upcoming second issue of Big Bang Presents:

    What if Victor Frankenstein had not despised and rejected the giant humanoid he created? What if, instead of hatred, fear and loneliness, the tragic being known as Frankenstein’s Monster had been given a good home, a quality education and unconditional love?

Brilliant young scientist Victoria Frankenstein has to know… and by combining her infamous ancestor’s secrets with modern technology she creates the unlikeliest super-hero of them all!

In his comics debut, the mighty Frankenstein meets the devious Doctor Doomkopf’s most diabolical creation, Robot Frankenstein… faces crushing defeat in the cybernetic coils of the sinister snake-woman called Slither… and joins forces with those masked masters of mystery, Knight Watchman and Kid Galahad, to battle an insidious alien menace and the deadly Gorilla Suit Gang!

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The Golden Age

James Robinson is hard at work on a WW2 era JSA story (probably a hardcover graphic novel). I had heard rumors that Jerry Ordway was attached as the artist, but it turns out that Ordway is writing and penciling another different top-secret JSA project on his own.

As a fan of both the classic Jerry Ordway All Star-Squadron issues and Robinson?s Golden Age mini series, this is great news all around.

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I Always Liked the Coming Attractions

Shawn Richter and Dino Caruso have created an online trailer for their upcoming baseball / romance OGN Against the Wall. Check it out here.

I like this new trend of comic book trailers. Everyone has seen the one for the Ed Brubaker/Sean Philips Icon series CRIMINAL right? If not, check it out here. It is a clever way to get readers interested and engaged.

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The Old Dog

Fans of Garth Ennis? and John McCrea?s DC series HITMAN will be pleased to hear Ennis and Mccrea are producing a 4 part arc in JLA classified that will feature the JLA teaming up with the entire cast of HITMAN (set in the past obviously prior to said cast being blown to pieces).

Expect to see the storyline sometime in early 2007.

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Major Minor

Over on his website, Chris Weston gives us the story behind this image as well as a tease about its imminent publication:

    Occasionally, I won’t be able to resist coming up with my own ideas for series I want to draw. Here’s a design I came up with for my very own Golden age comic strip characters: the kid in the army outfit is Major Minor… a genius, juvenile military-strategist given the rank of Major during WW2, and equipped with his very own platoon of remote-controlled robot soldiers, The Machine Marines. His muscly sidekick is, of course, The Crimson Commando.

Now, I can’t reveal too many of the details, but I’m excited to report that at least one of these characters may soon see print in a way I hadn’t expected. That’s all I’m saying…

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Eat Me

Over on his blog, Sean Philips is posting some sneak peeks of his rough pencils for the Marvel Zombies prequel comic out early next year:

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The Marvel Shuffle Part Two

Rumor has it that in addition to Bill Rosemann, Marvel has been aggressively pursuing another former editor to rejoin their ranks and bring his talents and relationships back into the fold there.

Expect to see an announcement soon.

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The Alan Moore Variety Hour

A few weeks ago, ATR reported on the Alan Moore League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier OGN confusion. Read the original article here.

Just to bring everyone up to speed here is an excerpt:

      One of Alan Moore?s last projects for ABC/Wildstorm will be the

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier

    graphic novel which is scheduled to arrive in stores October 2007.

One item that was reported here and here when the project was first announced was that it would contain either a CD or an LP recorded by M. Moore himself as part of the overall story.

However, now that the DC solicits are out, there is no mention of the CD or LP.

So, is this a case of DC holding back on the CD for release later (say in an Absolute Edition), another misunderstanding that will probably further enrage M. Moore (his disputes with DC are well documented), or a simple creative change of plans?

We have an update; DC has decided to resolicit the book at a later date and it will now include a recording with Alan Moore involved in some capacity.

Why the book was solicited without the CD or LP and how this changed, we do not know. All I know is I would not want to piss of the Magus (or his fans) and I am glad that this is being rectified.

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Thanks to everyone who contributed this week! Please keep writing in with your news, rumors and opinions on matters of the day. See you next week!

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