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Rick Veitch is in Spain, so it’s no wonder that Comicon’s Splash missed the following story…

The Guardian First Book Award is a UK prize given to a novelist’s first work, whatever the nationality, sponsired and run by The Guardian, recognised as Britain’s most literary newspaper. Last year’s winner, the British novel White Teeth by Zadie Smith is a favourite of mine, a rich story of three extraordinary families and how their lives interact, knowingly and unknowingly. The added exposure of the award pushed White Teeth to the top of the bestseller list and is a favourite read for public transport. If you’re intrigued, you can buy it here.

This year, the nominees are again of a high quality. They include biographies, poetry, documentaries, novels and more from around the world. Oh yes, and Jimmy Corrigan by Chris Ware.

Claire Armitstead, literary editor and chair for the judges is reported in The Guardian saying, “It’s an outstanding work and seems to broaden the scope of graphic novels, taking them outside that ghetto. It’s a beautiful book but also touches on something absolutely basic and profound; the need and yearning a child feels for parenting.”

Shortlisted for the ?10,000 prize, the competition is certainly stiff. But on hearing the news, last year’s winner Zadie Smith says, “He should win immediately – I don’t even care what else is on it. It’s a work of genius.” Nick Hornby, Brit-lit golden boy, author of Fever Pitch, High Fidelity, and About A Boy described Jimmy Corrigan as, “too beautiful to take anywhere”.

Hopefully the public transport reading public will disagree…

Jimmy Corrigan is published in the UK by Jonathan Cape. Also from Cape later this year is Raymond Briggs new graphic novel, Ug. Briggs is best known for his previous graphic novels, The Snowman, Where The Wind Blows, and Ethel And Ernest. [Ed: Who could forget Briggs’ absolutely hilarious Fungus The Bogeyman?] Could this be the start of a new graphic novel literary renaissance?

Probably not. Anyway, my bet is Them by Jon Ronson will snag the prize…

This Has A Raise The Roof Value Of 10 Out Of 10.

“Dry Humping”?

WizardWorld certainly had its fair share of rumours, with the Marvel Knights dinner being one very special occasion. While I’ve been asked by all concerned not to mention one specific incident (and I don’t mean Paul Jenkins’ girlfriend being rather annoyed when Nelson started raising a toast to sex with nine year old boys), suffice it to say there’s one individual who won’t be appearing on the Wizard Top Ten Artists lists for a while…

This Has A Buy-Me-A-Pint Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Emma, I’m Charles Now

That’s what I call a new twist to the classic sibling relationship…

This Has A Rambling Value Of 8 Out of 10

Hawkers Welcome

With rumour buzzing last week about Tom Breevort being headhunted by DC, and more reports of other DC editors being made offers by Joe Quesada, Lysa Hawkins made the move at the end of this week, from Marvel to DC, to work as editor on the Batbooks. This is the highest editorial position a woman has had in the DC Universe for quite sometime, apparently smashing through what some wags have dubbed the kryptonite ceiling.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out of 10


Joe Casey didn’t have the best of WizardWorlds I hear. While the reviews for WildCATS have been through the roof, fan and pro opinion for his recent Uncanny X-Men issues haven’t been as favourable. For a job that Jeph Loeb, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith and Mark Millar turned down, going opposite to Grant Morrison hasn’t helped. Look for changes soon.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 4 Out Of 10


So what is happening with Firestorm at DC? Depends who you believe.

I hear from once source that it’s a Geoff Johns project. But from another that it’s a Jay Faeber/Jamal Igle project. And from yet another that Dan Raspler will introduce the character into Joe Kelly’s JLA run.

Let’s find out who is right together!

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Acting Under Orders

I’ve been hearing from a number of retailers who, while not wanting to stick their heads above the parapet, are quite satisfied with Marvel’s no overprint mission. These are the ones who felt burnt when excess stock was deep-discounted. They just wanted to let people know that not every retailer, and especially not the big ones, are unhappy with the current situation.

Especially not those retailers who do seem to be able to judge the market right – and who then receive complaints from retailers who didn’t.

There was no reason to drastically underorder the likes of Ultimate Spider-Man, X-Force #116 or New X-Men. Let alone Green Arrow, Fray, or Midnight Nation. But some retailers might just need to learn the hard way…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

DeFalco De Facto

I hear that ex-EIC of Marvel, Tom deFalco may be having trouble with his new Image comics. The word is that Randy O’Donnell Is the M@N will not go past #4 and that the first issue of Mr. Right may not be printed at all…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 4 Out Of 10

Contains Language

Despite some scallywags putting it down to the inter-racial sex scene, the reason a certain printer is not printing Marvel’s Alias comic, is due to the language within.

Just like the good old days this, isn’t it? After Vertigo seems to have decided that the word “cunt” is now okay, it’s a real nostalgic kick to see a printer refuse business over the matter of a four lettered word or two. And of course, the extra publicity, especially if the story gets picked up by the AP wire or Reuters, will do the book no harm at all.

This Has A Sales Gimmick Value Of 8 Out of 10

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