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Let’s see what’s been making the rounds this week…

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Brian Pulido Sells His Soul

Apparently Chaos! Comics are in rough financial shape? to the point that the company may file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the near future.

It’s always sad to see the independent publishers struggle to find an audience. It seems that today’s shrinking market prefers to purchase shite like Battle Of The Planets and Transformers than helping out the little guys.

Brian Pulido was seen at last weekend’s WizardWorld talking to CrossGen’s Mark Alessi. Rumor had it that Brian was trying to sell the company to Alessi, to be published in a similar manner to Red Star, with Brian staying on with Chaos! as editorial director for the line.

Maybe this is the next step in Alessi’s plan to be the supreme ruler of comics.

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Hide Your Possessions, Mark Alessi Is On The Prowl

Alessi caused quite a stir with a number of comments he made at Wizardworld last weekend. One that hasn’t been reported yet, was a comment he alledgedly made to Image’s Jim Valentino.

He told Jim to watch out, as CrossGen plans to take a lot of Image’s current talent away from the company and publish them under CrossGen’s new imprints.

It looks like Alessi is planning on waging war with other companies besides Marvel.

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Ve Haf Vays Of Makink You Not Talk!

Any and all interviews conducted with CrossGen staff MUST be handled via their Director of Corporate Communications, Ian Feller. Interviews are conducted with Ian as a middle-man. Questions are vetoed and edited before being passed onto the creative staff, and presumably answers are edited before being returned.

A less charitable person might draw parallels with the Nazis censoring letters after 1936.

According to an ex-employee of CrossGen, there are contractual sanctions for any creator that criticizes CrossGen.

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The Authority That DC Didn’t Want You To See

A number of Authority projects were cancelled when DC cracked down on the title, which led to a number of images and bits of dialogue being censored during Millar’s final arc.

Some may suggest all the projects were cancelled due to homosexual content, given the the following synopses:

  • One book was an Apollo and Midnighter mini-series, to be written by Marc Andreyko and illustrated by Phil Jimmenez. It dealt with a heterosexual Midnighter and Apollo from an alternative earth, travelling through the bleed, murdering all homosexual and minority versions of Midnighter and Apollo. It is up to our Midnighter and Apollo to? well, kick the shit out these homphobic racist assholes.
  • Another book was a one-shot that Mark Millar pitched. It involed Midnighter and Apollo bringing on a boy sidekick for one of their adventures. The book would have been filled with jokes about how homosexuals like to molest children. Apparently not only are Superman and Batman in bed together, but they’ve invited Robin for a three-way.
  • The last Authority project that was canned was a mini-series by Grant Morrisson and Seth Fisher. The pitch dealt with a future version of the Authority; where everyone on the planet was homosexual and the future versions of Midnighter and Apollo were discriminated for being heterosexuals. An amusing concept, but we are assured that the project it quite dead.

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Mark Waid Likes To Beat Up Palestinians

Waid must have been having a bad day at WizardWorld. There was a Palestinian convention at Waid’s hotel. One of the fellows attending the convention accidently bumped into Waid who went on a rampage, uttering curse words and tackling the man to the ground.

Life’s not that bad Mark, so cheer up, or get off the drugs!

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Spread Your Legs – It’s A Pro Preview

Here’s a page for the controversial “terrorist” comic, Pro, by Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner, and Jimmy Palmiotti. Feast your eyes!

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Fabulous Fabry

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Glenn Fabry. Comic artist and apparently part time exhibitionist.

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