Oof! Kids who go to day-care really do bring home every nasty ailment known in several star-systems, don?t they? Being sick blows. Does it slow me down? Not really. Just makes me hallucinate more. Yeah, it?s pretty cool.

I?d like to take a moment to dedicate this ATR to the lovely creature who I somehow, someway tricked into marrying me. Seriously, she?s beautiful and is a much better person than I, that?s for darned sure. Sharon, I love you and I hope we have many more wonderful years together.

Alright, enough of that lovey-love stuff. On with the delirium induced show, I say.

ASM-JMS-EB-BR? Headache Yet?

A ninja gave his/her life so that you could know that Ed Brubaker may very well be next in line after J. Michael Straczynski on Amazing Spider-Man. Then again, there are murmurs that Brian Reed is next in line?

This Has ?But Will Either Of Them Bring Iron Spidey Back?? Factor Of Six Out Of Ten

Eye on Ion?s Marz Bar

According to Ron Marz, DC?s Green Lantern / Ion character Kyle Rayner ?is slated to appear in an upcoming project. After that, a few options have been discussed, but I can’t say more than that at this point?. Could this be a monthly with Kyle? I had some minions do some poking around and all I can say with any certainty is a definite ?maybe?.

This Has A ?Can I See Rayner Fight Some Xenomorphs Again, Too?? Factor Of Six Out Of Ten

Mark Millar?s ?Ghostie??

No, but I do like the idea of Mark Millar doing Ghost Rider. Over in Millarworld he said: ?I think Ghostie could translate well if done very dark and serious. I had a really good idea for an Ultimate Ghostie comic (I wanted to written Johnny Blaze), but it never got beyond notes because they had two Ghostie books planned. This was a movie pitch I literally wrote on a plane to LA, but MSJ had signed by the time I got there. It’s really eerie and action-packed at the same time. Near Dark would be the closest stylistic companion. If the movie’s big Marvel will hopefully greenlight it for when GR2 comes out. I’d love to have a hardcover with this and my Blade story collected together.?

You can read the whole thread HERE if you so desire (it?s mainly a discussion about the upcoming Ghost Rider movie / other movies).

This Has A ??And Keep Crain On The Art, Please? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

B-uffy K-ills V-ampires

As you may or may not know, Joss Whedon has a Buffy comic coming out. Other writers on board so far are Jane Espenson, Steven S. DeKnight, Doug Petrie, Drew Goddard, Drew Greenberg, Jeph Loeb, Brad Meltzer and Brian K. Vaughn, who will be handling second Buffy arc (I expect good things? there better be good things!)

Brian K. Vaughn also had this picture of the Lost writers, directors and producers as his MySpace profile pic for a bit this last week?

Good stuff, yeah? It?s by Grant Gould, a very talented young fellow. Check his site out here: http://www.grantgould.com/.

A few people said that Vaughn putting that image up there held some sort of ?secret meaning?. You decide, I guess. I?m just throwing stuff out there. Did I mention I?ve been seeing things?

This Has A ?Dharma? Where?s Greg? And Will Buffy Kick His Ass?? Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten

Write Your Funny Pun With The Boys Here

Huzzah! The Boys found a good home. Looks like they?ll be with Dynamite Entertainment. Excellent news, and drinks all around! I hope everything works out nicely for Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson and everyone else involved.

Here?s what Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamite, has officially said: ?The easy thing to say here is the ?Boys are Back? so I?ll get that out of the way at the start. Now, I?ve known both Garth and Darick for well over a decade, so not only was I honored that Dynamite was even in the running to provide a new home for The Boys, but when both Garth and Darick decided to actually work with Dynamite to not only continue, but collect the existing material, I became beyond ecstatic. In addition to Garth and Darick, I would like to thank DC Comics and the guys at Wildstorm who helped to make the transition a smooth one for Garth, Darick and ourselves. I also want to thank the fans who so vocally made their support known over the last few weeks and I ask them to stay tuned for news on the continuation. I promise it will be worth the wait, as Garth and Darick continue to deliver their vision of The Boys.?

I also understand that there won?t be a price-hike on the issues.

It?s good to see The Boys find a new spot where it can continue to hand out ass like tasty treats made from teeth and marrow.

Although I did call The Boys going to Image or Dark Horse, I hoped they would land on Dynamite. I think I even found out the good news before everyone else? but this column runs on Sundays (yeah, yeah, pipe down back there).

I would also like to mention that Robertson?s relations with DC are probably just fine since he pointed out recently ?I am indeed doing 2 upcoming weeks on 52, issues #42 and #48, full issues, pencils and inks. Both pretty poignant chapters it turns out!?

This Has A ?Hell. Yes. Make It Hurt.? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Warrior Princess + Chainsaw and Boomsticks = HAWT

Like that? It may not just be some fanboy wish, either. Keep your Necronomicons warmed up because Dynamite may unleash a Xena / Army of Darkness crossover upon you in the future. Maybe. In the meantime shop smart for Gabrielle, shop X-Mart.

This Has A ?Good Ash, Bad Ash, Just Put Him In More Comics? With Number 3!? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

?Star? In Starlin A Coincidence? I Think Not!

Jim Starlin is one of those names that conjures up some of the best memories in comics; not only for me, but for many, many other Earth folk. Whether it was his work in Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Batman, Infinity Gauntlet, Captain Marvel, Dreadstar? Wow, you know, the list goes on and on. Then there?s his creation, Thanos, who?s one of the best villains ever in comics (I?ll axe fight anyone who says otherwise). Now Mr. Starlin is offering up a sequel to The Cosmic Guard comics he did called Kid Kosmos ? Kidnapped, published by Dynamite Entertainment. This busy creator was kind enough to answer a few questions All the Rage had for him?

ATR: For those out there that are completely in the dark on this, what, in your own words, is Kid Kosmos (both the comic and the character)? And do readers need to be familiar with your work on Cosmic Guard?

JS: To start off with I?d like to thank anyone, who has already picked up a copy of Kid Kosmos ? Kidnapped, for purchasing a comic that?s neither a DC nor Marvel book.

As for the book itself: Ray Torres (Kid Kosmos) is a twelve-year-old orphan who has been chosen to defend our universe from an alien race, which folks call the Genociders, the ultimate galactic conspicuous consumers. When Ray changes over to his power aspect he becomes a 16 year-old-teenager. So the poor guy is constantly crashing back and forth through puberty, which makes him fairly unfit for the duty he?s had laid on him.

Ray now lives with a group of alien refugees, in a secret underground city called Sanctuary. They?ve become his family and aid him in his battle against the Genociders. As heavy as all that sounds I try to write the book with tongue firmly implanted in cheek.

The second installment of the series (Kid Kosmos Kidnapped) pretty well recaps what happened in the first book (The Cosmic Guard: which will be released in graphic novel form later this year). So new readers will have no trouble figuring out what?s going on.

ATR: What kind of audience is this book directed at? I notice that just about anyone of any age could enjoy Kid Kosmos. Was this your intention?

JS: I wanted to try something different with Kid Kosmos while staying within the cosmic bounties my readership has come to expect. Age group I was directing it at? Myself, I guess; kind of ageless. It?s got the action and adventure a younger reader will enjoy but at the same time I tried to layer it with whatever off-the-wall stuff that struck my fancy. So I think more mature a readers (like myself) will also enjoy it for these extras.

ATR: What are your primary sources of inspiration and influence with a story like this? I notice many things are touched on, from alienation, growing up, self-discovery, dealing with new things to political issues and learning lessons about life in general.

JSAs I said, I threw in whatever I thought would make an interesting story. Kid Kosmos ? Kidnapped begins with the Kid in the Oval Office, face to face with Bush and surrounded by shocked and angry secret service agents. From there we meet Hyperion Mors (the Kid?s Thanos), learn new things about the Genociders and the Cosmic Guard, deal with terrorists and watch Ray go painfully and comically from the frying pan to deep within the fire. I sometimes think of Kid Kosmos as my fanciful exercise in child abuse.

Inspiration? Everything that?s ever happened in my life.

ATR: I?ve always wondered as a long time reader and admirer of your work: Just where does your fascination with space come from, anyway?

JS: My stock answer to this question is to say I write space-oriented stories to avoid having to draw horses and cars. But the truth is that placing a tale in a science-fiction or fantasy setting allows for more freedom as to where the story can go. Frees me from the restrictions reality places upon you.

ATR: Can we expect more excellent cosmic based offerings in the form of Kid Kosmos (or something related) from you in the near future? Has your relationship with Dynamite been to your liking and can we look forward to more of your work published by them in the future?

JS: I?ve already started on the third installment of Kid Kosmos but have had to set it aside for a bit, while I work on this space-oriented mini-series for DC. Aside from the Kid Kosmos books, Dynamite will continue to compile Dreadstar Collections. The Metamorphosis Odyssey is supposed to be coming out shortly.

ATR: Anything else you have brewing that you would like to mention?

JS: Just that this space-oriented mini-series will be coming out in October and should be a big deal in the DC universe. But I?m not allowed to give any details on it just yet. DC should be announcing it some time this summer.

I would like to thank Jim Starlin for spending some time with ATR here! Keep an eye out for Mystery in Space, where he mixes up the cosmic DC pot, more Dreadstar from Dynamite, and whatever that Secret Project is? I want to know, don?t you?

This Has A ?More Infinity Gems For The Mad Titan!? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Comicarchy in the UK: Your Own Personal Judge Jesus

Here are some UK goodies for you this week?

I received the following teaser image for Tales from the Plex Volume 2 from the fine folks at Futurius (link: http://www.futurius.com/):

And here?s a page:

Looks to be pretty damn cool! Investigate their site for more details.

Judge Dredd has a MySpace page!

Oh, dear, that?s not exactly what you expected? was it?? I hear that impersonating a Judge carries a hefty penalty, citizens!

The Daily Record has an article about Doctor Who and the Daleks appearing in BeanoMAX. Read all about it HERE.

And to close out the UK section this week we have Shane, who provides ATR excellent UK Small Press reports from time to time, telling us about some of his own fine endeavours:

    All the Rage has allowed me a small indulgence this month? You see as well as being someone who likes to help out other small press publishers, I also dabble in a little comic publishing myself.

Along with Andy Richmond I make up one half of Scar Comics. We publish horror and sci-fi comics and have also been known to produce slice of life material.

Just out now, is the latest issue of our flagship anthology: Dead By Dawn Quarterly. Now in it?s third issue, it features the artwork of Simon Gane, Terry Wiley, David Morris and 2000ad artist PJ Holden who has illustrated a fine four pager written by Phonogram artist Kieron Gillen which delves into the very nature of horror itself.

One of our aims with Scar Comics is to highlight the work of up and coming new talent by allowing their work to appear alongside industry professionals. We also aim to produce some exciting creator owned graphic novels this year.

The first of these is Falling Sky by Bristol based creator Ben Dickson. This apocalyptic tale centres around two characters caught up in a government plot to keep the impending impact of an approaching asteroid secret from the public, allowing them time to hide away in secret underground bunkers.

Also due out around May is Dave Neal?s new second issue of Guts, the futuristic thriller of psychic murder and political intrigue.

Dave has told me he?s nearly finished inking the final pages and has promised a shocker of an issue living up to the title?s name.

Also due out around May is Marraquai; another book from Ben Dickson who, on this occasion, is teaming up with artist James McKay. This lavishly produced full colour comic features adventure in a lost civilisation with dinosaurs fighting big robots. Now what more can you ask for?

Ok, folks, that?s enough shameless plugging for now. I promise next time I?ll get back to plugging other peoples fine publications. In the meantime, if you?d like to find out more about Scar Comics check out our main website at: http://www.scarcomics.com.

You can also find out more on Ben Dickson?s work via his main website at: http://www.bendickson.co.uk.


This Has A ?How About Some Dalek Reggae Music, Creep?? Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten

Indie Front: Crossing the Dork Streams

Who you gonna call? 88MPH! That?s right, they?re baaaack. The guy/s that brought you the Ghostbusters Legion mini-series and Genesis: The Art of Transformers Volume One has indeed returned. I?m told that it has been a long and lonely road of healing from past mistakes, but 88MPG is slowly returning; first by offering a lithograph this next week. The plan is to have new Ghostbusters comics this year! We should also expect an cool creator owned project to come out? This all sounds pretty sweet, yeah? Expect some more information on 88MPH again real soon. In the meantime, please visit their site: http://www.88mph.net

John Kovalic isn?t just hard at work on the nerdgasm Dork Tower, he also heads up Dork Storm Press! A spiffy new full-colour Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink trade paperback just came out and the Dork Tower full-colour ten-year anniversary collection is just going to press. I also hear it?s all made form pure awesomium. Another thing that is quite awesome and will soon be gone, sadly, is Nodwick. At least as a full title, anyway. Nodwick creator Aaron Williams is giving it up to focus on P.S. 238, and Nodwick will become a back-up feature in that book. Go ahead and read about it in this excellent short review piece by Blake M. Petit HERE.

Find more neat things out on Dork Storm at the website: http://www.dorkstorm.com. More on Nodwick (co-published by Henchmen Publishing with DS) and Williams? other stuff here: http://nodwick.humor.gamespy.com/index.htm.

Billy Tucci is hard at work, as I?m sure you can tell by this stunning cover (pre-colour) for the upcoming Shi / Fallen Angel crossover!

Tucci has some other cool stuff in the works and many a great idea. I wonder how his meeting with Peter David went…

Bad news? Tyrone?s Inferno, a project of Evan Dorkin?s for Adult Swim / Cartoon Network was canned apparently due to budgeting (source: http://evandorkin.livejournal.com/102399.html). This sucks! I was rather looking forward to it. Oh, well, shit happens. At least there?s plenty of material, both old and new, of Evan?s for everyone to enjoy (like Dork! and Milk and Cheese).

I mentioned SLG Publishing last week, I know, and I?m going to mention them again. I found a couple pages from the upcoming Gargoyles #3 coming in March and I just thought I would share.

Good news? Issue #4 of Gargoyles will make its release date in May. For more info, please go here: http://www.slgcomic.com.

That?s it for the Indie Front this week?

This HAS AN ?I?m WEARING MY ?Reduce ? Reuse ? Reanimate? Shirt Right Now? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Blogonaut: Turtle Powered Blog

This week I bring you one blog?

Andres Ponce does some great art, some of what he?s working on making it to his blog. It?s not all that wordy, you could say, but it looks quite awesome. What? That?s supposed to be a joke? Put that tire-iron down, man!
Er, anyway, it?s very cool. Being a long time TMNT reader myself, I approve of what he does with the Turtles immensely. See for yourself: http://www.andresponce.blogspot.com/.

This Has A ?Triceratons Make A Mean Pizza? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Comic Web: A Cute Ticket to Minimating

I have a friend that does some very amusing comics with Minimates. It?s called Minimate Action Theater. Check it out: http://community.livejournal.com/minimatetheater/.

Want to read a fresh and interesting web comic? Try 1 Way Ticket by Chris Arrant and Daniel Warner. While you?re at it, just take a look at the rest of the cool shiny things The Chemistry Set (?collective of creators bonded together to bring free independent comics to the masses?) has to offer: http://www.chemsetcomics.com. I?m sure I?ll profile other comics from there in the future.

How about a near-lethal dose of cute? You up for it? Careful! Ryan Sias? Silent Kimbly (http://www.silentkimbly.com/) is enough to bring me out of even the most severe bouts of insulin shock within .003 seconds. That?s better than mainlining honey, man. But fatally adorable (or life-saving, in my case) as Kimbly comics can be, they really are quite good.

This Has A ?In His House At O?Rly, Cuddly Cutethulhu Lies Dreaming Of Cotton Candy? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

I was supposed to cover this in the forum, but I got side-tracked? See, in my off-the-cuff remark during my comics movie ramble last ATR about the Jack Black being Green Lantern thing (which I figured had to be bullshit anymore, but hey it?s still funny) I didn?t realise that a simple Google search would have netted me this article:

    Well yeah it was true that uh yes someone wrote a script for me, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Too many people were mad at the idea of me being Green Lantern.

Of course, that?s terrific news. Maybe I had heard about it at a bar somewhere, I can?t remember. Stupid booze. Anyway, big thanks to reader Mark Seddon for taking the time to point this out. You rule, man.

Mucho thank-yous to everyone who writes in to me with comments, tips, and threats of squirrelly doom. Keep it up.

If you have a need to contact me, please email me at steves@silverbulletcomicbooks.com

Don?t forget that I use the forums (Steve?s Rage Cage? oooo, wrestley!) as an ad-hoc letters section. Let me know if you want something addressed there.

If ATR is late, it might be because of this game:
http://novelconcepts.co.uk/FlashElementTD/. Hey, I?m warning you now. Don?t email me with your sob stories because you burned your eyes out playing the damned thing.

Ugh, I hate being sick. Let?s see? That?s about it. If you just can?t get enough of me and my babblings, check out my Indiephile column in the Silver Soapbox, Manga Hunter S over at Manga Life (link), and my other writings and audiocasts over at MediaGauntlet (http://www.mediagauntlet.com).

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I?ll leave you with a link to a great article that made me smile despite being ill: Shaz-Awww!

Until next time, dear readers.

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