[Editor’s Note: The majority of this week’s raging, otherwise known as “Counter, Cross and Cully,” is available by following this link. The following item is an update to just one of the wonderful rumours Rich has dug up this week. Enjoy.]

The Great X-Culling Of 2001

Well, it looks like the below rumour is getting stronger by the minute. A culling of the spin-off X-books looks to be in place, after Warren Ellis’s run on the Counter-X-books finishes, to be replaced by a series of occasional limited series. Whether this will be before the planned Counter-X-Over crossover is yet to be seen. And it seems that the star of X-Man, Nathan Grey may be joining one of the main X-Men books.

However this weekend, Steven Grant replied to postings sourcing this column and other sources, saying “I’ve heard ’em, Jason’s heard ’em. (I like Jason, by the way. Good guy to work with.) So far the rumors aren’t true. I’ve had no indication any of the rumors flying around are true. They could be. Who knows? If they are, I’m not likely high up on the list of people to get advance warning. But my best guess on available info is that they’re not true.” And as to X-Man merging with another title, “If it’s true, nobody’s mentioned anything to me about it so far”.

But everything I’m getting from multiple sources across the industry seems to suggest that big changes are in mind, as the X-books reduce to the core titles, and a collection of mini-series. Look for confirmation from your usual news sources this week as it seems this column may have forced the issue with some.

Also as a sidebar, while investigating these rumours, I was told that it was Jason Liebig who made the quote oft-referred to by Kurt Busiek and Mark Waid when setting up Gorilla Comics, reported as “We see writer-driven comics as an experiment that’s failed” and has been a target of attacks within the industry as a result. Ironic then, that he’s the fellow responsible for giving Warren Ellis the Counter-X gig.

Update Xtra:
Mark Waid responded to our questions as to whether Jason Liebig was the individual alleged to have made the “experiment” comment. He replied “It’s his skin-crawling quote, yes, and it was spoken more than once to more than one writer.”

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 Out Of 10

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