I’m in Bristol this weekend for Comics 2001, so while I’m away, here’s a little treat. The internet is awash with comic book websites these days. It seems every time you blink there are ten more. Well, never fearing our competition, here’s a run down of some of the more recent additions to the internet comic website scene…

Accountants In Comic Books

An issue by issue spotlight on comic books that have featured accountants in prominent roles. Interviews with creators who have introduced accountant characters. And features on real life accountants ? who work for the comic book industry. Including tips on how to become an accountant in comics, who to approach with your portfolio, and dealing with rejection. Apparently Marvel get applications from 200 wannabe accountants every month. Plus the ongoing appeal for Marvel to recognise Bobby (Iceman) Drake’s skills in that area rather than concentrating on his mutant ice-generating powers.

Comics Laffs!

Each week a piece of mainstream pop culture is exposed to Greg Latheridge’s cruel wit as he puts comic book characters in their place to see what happens ? with hilarious consequences. This week: Fin Fang Foom McBeal, in which a quirky bunch of lawyers have to deal with an anorexic, whiny fifties monster. Next week, The Super-anos. Oh my aching sides.

Us Too Comics

A website that tries to mimic every other popular comics website going by offering exactly the same as everyone else ? but not quite as well. Never mind the quality, feel the bandwidth!

Us Too Us Too Comics

A website that tries to copy Us Too Comics in every way, but even less well. Bound to spawn hundreds of imitators.

Writer X Fan Forum

A fan forum devoted to the mysterious writer of the upcoming Brotherhood series from Marvel Comics. Writer X answers your questions in a variety of different writing styles, from Oscar Wilde to Eminem, desperately trying to draw attention from the fact that he’s Howard Mackie. Sadly he gives it away every time…

Being Neil Gaiman

A web camera has been fitted to Neil Gaiman’s sunglasses. You can watch Neil, life live, as it happens, from his sunglasses. Watch as he signs sheets for American Gods, makes calls to the great and the good and then secretly thumbs through an old copy of the Duran Duran Annual he wrote when he thinks no is looking. But they are Neil, they are!

Comic Book Pro-Fighting

This website takes an inflammatory comment on a message board from one creator, then gets reaction from the creators involved, encouraging them to fight it out. Not only does it fill space easily but it gets hits too! And it’s easy! Features the archive section, “Comic Pros in A Sack,” with the great fights of yesteryear preserved for all time. Even when they become Editor-In-Chief or something.

Save Power Pack From Cancellation Petition Site

Set up to fight the cancellation by Marvel of their kid superhero book, Power Pack, you’d expect this site to be dead by now. Far from it. Hundreds of fans are still putting in thousands of man hours every week, campaigning for the book to no longer be cancelled. After exhausting the patience of Marvel Comics, New York Government and even the White House, The Save Power Pack From Cancellation Petition Site is currently sending hundreds of e-mails to the Pope hoping he will intervene. The most recent updated article encourages readers to betray America to China in the hope that, grateful for their actions, China will conquer America, bring DC Comics into state ownership and force them to publish further exploits of Power Pack. It might just work.

Back soon…
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