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The column is slightly abbreviated this week, as I?ve had limited computer access the last couple of days. I?m also going to have to use a data retrieval service to save the info on my hard drive.

Fun, fun, fun?

Drawing Detectives

Earlier this week, word broke that J.H. Williams will be joining Paul Dini on Detective Comics as the new penciler, instead of the previously announced Rags Morales. In the accompanying interview, Williams said: ?From what I understand DC wants to rotate artists because of the single issue story method. So I think they will have me do the first couple.? Shortly thereafter, I received the following note from ATR Agent, John Voulieris:

Detective Comicswill

    have rotating art chores by J.H. Williams, Rags Morales, an issue by Tim Sale, Darwyn Cooke, and others (chosen by Mark Chiarello).

Since Williams is now working on Detective, a new Vertigo mini with Morrison, and 7 Soldiers, expect rotating artists on 6 issues arcs with Desolation Jones (which was the original plan before J.H. Williams signed on). Gary Erskine is scheduled to do 6 issues.

This Has A ?Face 2 Face? Factor of Five Out of Ten

The Spider-Man of Tomorrow

Over at his blog, Mike Wieringo has posted his redesign of Spider-Man 2211 for an upcoming appearance in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man:

In the post, Wieringo explains that this version of Spider-Man first appeared way back in the Spider-Man / Spider-Man 2099 prestige crossover (which like FNSM, was also written by Peter David). As for why this character is showing up again now? (Minor SPOILERS ahead for people who haven?t been reading the Marvel solicits)?

Apparently, the Hobgoblin from 2211 goes back in time to kill our Spidey, and the Spider-Man of 2211 is somehow able to follow him back, presumably to prevent it?

This Has A ?Gun For Ringo? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Spider, Spider Revolution

Sticking with Spider-Man for a moment, Joystiq spotted a video online that features a gamer (Bruce Leroy) performing an ?interpretive dance? of Peter Parker’s transformation into Spider-Man, using dual DDR machines. Check it out here.

Man? that?s awesome.

This Has A ?Spider Sense Tingling? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Still Talkin? To The Dead

Joshua Ortega and Francis Manapul?s The Necromancer will be wrapping up in June. At the Top Cow forum, Matt Hawkins concedes that sales were a factor in the decision, but he also mentions that Manapul?s departure as one of the reasons. (Early rumors still have Manapul possibly ending up at DC) However, there is good news for fans of the series, as Hawkins also posted this message:

    Plans right now for Necromancer’s future are firming up. We’re going to include Necromancer in one of the Marvel crossover books to come out sometime in 2007. The trade paperback will be released in early 2007. On the heels of both of those will come a new arc for Necromancer, too soon to say who the artist will be but Josh will definitely be back.

In an earlier post, Hawkins also indicates that Bandai has expressed interest in The Necromancer and that there may be a manga version by Japanese creators as well?

This Has A ?Black Magic Girl? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

No Giant Spiders Here? I Think?

Doug TenNapel (Tommysaurus Rex) has a new OGN coming out in July from Image called Iron West. I don?t know much about the story, but it does appear to be set in the old west and features? robots.


This Has An ?Earthboy Jacobus? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Rope, Throw And Brand Them

Staying with our mini Western motif, here are some pages from Marvel?s forthcoming Western event. First up a page from The Philadelphia Philly by Jim McCann and David Williams, which will be a part of the Kid Colt & The Arizona Girl one-shot in July.

And here are two pages from The Black Rider by industry legends, Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers.

I think this one is coming out in either August or September.

This Has A ?Hell-Bent For Leather? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Last of The Small Gods

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the Small Gods two issue miniseries was canceled due to low sales/preorders. Apparently, the first issue wasn?t finished before the decision to stop was made. And while the series doesn?t look to be coming back anytime soon, the pages that were completed have shown up online:

The script and story breakdowns for the two issues have also been posted here?

This Has A ?Psychic Eulogy? Factor of Six Out of Ten

Trade Bait

A minor Outsiders trade controversy was sparked over at Mike Sterling?s Progressive Rune. It seems that there was a change between the way a panel appeared in the comic and the way it appears in the trade. Here?s the way it originally looked:

And here?s how it appears in the trade:

The thought at first was that the line was removed due to the ?Gay Sex? reference. But it seems more likely that it was due to the incest joke, since the panel of two men kissing remains in the book.

This isn?t the first time The Outsiders has been edited for content?

For example, a page from the upcoming Outsiders #36 will be edited for obvious reasons?

And before that there were these two pages from Outsiders #28.

I had scans of the printed versions for comparison, but they happen to be in my other hard drive?

[HOMER]Lousy technology?[/HOMER]

This Has A ?Naked Time? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Son of Art Attack

Now for your viewing enjoyment, the cover to Sea of Red #13, coming out in August.

The Avengers, as drawn by Steve Gordon, the co-director of the Ultimate Avengers animated movie.

And finally, a page from Beyond, by Dwayne McDuffie and Scott Kolins.

Stick a fork in me? I?m done.


PS If anyone has any rumors, stories or news to share, please email me at blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It?s greatly appreciated.

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