This week at my 9 to 5 Safety Council job I’m writing an article on tornadoes, specifically about the F4 monster that bitch-slapped the GM auto plant and parts of the surrounding Oklahoma City area on May 8th.

Every time I write a safety piece on forklift dangers or how to climb ladders or whatever, I think about how I can possibly tie the topic to comics. Unfortunately this hardly ever works. But this time I thought, “Tornadoes. Severe storms. Things getting fucked up and tossed about by big ass winds.. oh, yeah, Thor!”

I proceeded to google up “Norse legends, weather, Thor” on the internet with a fat grin on my face, thinking I’d obtain all kinds of cool mythological knowledge to use for my intro. The first site I stumbled upon that had a remotely cool description turned out to be this…

Mighty Thor

I’ve spent the last two days purging my mind with repeat viewings of Glen Fabry’s Thor: Vikings preview on Newsarama.

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Electric Current

Last week I wrote that Milestone character, Static, may join the Teen Titans. TT writer Geoff Johns confirmed that the idea was on the table. I did a little digging and I found that Static’s co-creator, Dwayne McDuffie, has been discussing the possibility of putting Milestone characters in the DC Universe on his Delphi Forum.

In late June, Dwayne was asked about Geoff’s comments in Wizard magazine, which hinted that Static would become a Titan. He responded by saying Johns jumped the gun, “There’s no deal at present but we are talking.”

When asked why Geoff mentioned Static before a deal was solidified, Dwayne says that he had agreed that Static would be in the book if the deal to use Milestone characters in the DCU went through. He added, “I’m pleased that [Geoff’s] eager, I’m just upset that it got out. Now if I decide against, I’m a bad guy.”

In the last week posters again asked about the DC/Milestone negotiations. Dwayne says that he expects something to happen “over the next couple of weeks.”

The message boarders have also brought up the issue of Dwayne maintaining creative control of Static and other Milestone characters if they do make the jump to DC. Many seem to think that DC won’t allow that to happen. But Dwayne says that creative control is a must, “It doesn’t happen, there’s no deal.”

When asked about the possibility of taking Milestone characters to other publishers, specifically CrossGen, Dwayne said, “Crossgen? Are you fucking kidding? I got problems enough as it is…”

Sources tell me that McDuffie is angry with CrossGen because the company wouldn’t put him on the guest list at a convention. I don’t know how much truth there is to this. Later in the thread, after being asked what his problem is with CrossGen, Dwayne added, “Nothing’s wrong with CrossGen if you like their terms. I don’t.”

The thread also contains a lot of interesting discussion about black culture and the stereotypes perpetuated in the entertainment industry and in comics like Cage. At one point, Dwayne says, “I still have to explain to people several times a week that Static isn’t from ‘the hood’. They find the idea that he’s middle class bewildering.”

This Has A “Won’t you please? Please won’t you be my neighbor? ” Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Star Power

Jim Starlin posts a comic page of the day every Tuesday and Friday at his website,

I have no idea what has gone up in the past but this Friday there was an interior page from Jim’s upcoming Thanos ongoing series. The art looks pretty damn impressive to me (see below). Having just read The Life and Death of Captain Marvel, I’m pretty high on Starlin’s work.

On Friday, Marvel also released the solicitation text for the first of Thanos, along with the cover image:

Written, penciled & cover by Jim Starlin

The most powerful, enigmatic villain in the Marvel Universe takes center stage in a galaxy-spanning new ongoing series by his creator, Jim Starlin (MARVEL UNIVERSE: THE END).

He’s held ultimate power in his hands, only to see it all slip away time and again. His attempts at conquest and destruction have all been thwarted. So what inner demons drive the mad Titan known as Thanos towards his goals … and what hidden desires pull at his heart and mind now?

This Has A “Is it Me Or Does The Solicitation Sound Like It Would Work For That VH1 Show Driven?” Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Waiding In Deeper

I’m hearing a rumor that Mark Waid was fired from Fantastic Four because he didn’t meet sales levels stipulated in his contract. While the numbers on FF had risen since Waid came on the book, they simply didn’t elevate as high as Marvel expected. Thus the reason for giving Waid the boot and also for going with the radical makeover suggested by Marvel president Bill Jemas.

This Has A “Money Back Guarantee” Factor of Four Out of Ten

More Love For Dave

The list of writers want to work with Dave Cockrum, despite Joe Quesada saying he’s unsuitable for X-Men, has started to grow. At the X-Fan boards, New Mutants co-writer Nunzio DeFillipis has joined Gail Simone (Birds of Prey) in praising Dave’s work.

    Let me add my voice here to those who are saying what is, to me, obvious.

A talented artist is a talented artist and his work now does not have to have the same feel as his work then.

And Dave, you’re a damn talented artist. I really like the work on Soulsearchers and I loved your work back when Marvel had the sense to hire you.

If we had any say in our New Mutants artist, we’d love to work with you when our current team needed a break.

Add my name to Gail’s and (I suspect) countless others on the list of writers who would love to work with you.

This Has A “Let Dave Draw An X-Issue!” Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Black Wednesday

Fan-favorite writer Priest has been talking about end of Black Panther (issue #62), how the book may have continued if not for the direction change in issue #50, and a possible mini-series on X-FanWhen asked what kind of closure he’ll bring to BP in issue #62, Priest responds:

    Ross returns to team up with Kasper Panther in the final issue. Only, now, Ross is the seasoned pro and Kasper is the goob learning the ropes. Queen Divine Justice and Monica Lynne also take a bow, as Kasper makes peace with T’Challa and both the Black Panther and the White Tiger leap into history.

I believe issue #49 was, truthfully, the last issue of The Black Panther. I think we said it all there and did it right there. We dealt with some of the old supporting cast in some measure with #62, but our real farewell was in Sal Velluto and Bob Almond’s tour de force in #49. A better send-off I could not have asked for.

And hey, X-Fans, it had Magneto in it. 🙂

It’s too bad: I liked how Storm kind of inadvertently set Panther against Magneto (she accused Panther of becoming just like Magneto in PANTHER #27. You can read that sequence online on my website. Click “comics,” then “Black Panther,” then look for the Panther highlights page).

I would have liked to have pursued this, Panther’s growing resentment and disdain for Magnus — which Magnus would find puzzling, I mean, he barely *knows* T’Challa.

Hmm… maybe there’s a mini-series in that idea…

On another thread Priest was also asked how he would have continued Panther if there was no direction change in issue #50.

    As I mention in another thread, the logical progression for PANTHER would have been to turn him into a villain. To make Storm’s prophecy come true and make him an enormous threat to the world.

Only to be redeemed in the end, of course.

The Once & Future King story had implications of this, including a bit I ripped off of Jack “King” Kirby’s fabulous “Pact” from NEW GODS. King T’Challa has two kids, T’Charra and Faida (named after my friend, actress Oni Faida Lamphley: the woman shot in the head in the pilot episode of Homicide: Life On The Streets, and more recently seen as a spiteful police lieutenant on the CBS show Hack).

Faida was Malice’s daughter (implying Malice is either now pregnant or has already given birth to T’Challa’s daughter, something we were going to deal with in PANTHER), while T’Charra’s parentage was not revealed (but, c’mon, who else could it be).

Had I continued on PANTHER, I would have explored the whole villain thing, married T’Challa off to Storm (it would not have worked out long-term, but it would help redeem Panther), and evolved the business of Panther’s children (and the complex relationship between Ross and Monica).

But, now BP will be in the hands of new creative people with their own direction.

And finally, message boarders asked whether or not Priest had an interest in writing The Avengers after Geoff Johns leaves the title sometime next year. He says no.

      Priest has absolutely no interest in the


    . Editors should not even waste time considering him.

For me, it would be like sending me to hell.

The final issue of Black Panther goes on sale this Wednesday.

This Has A “The King Is Dead. Long Live the King” Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Perhaps So

Some of you may have heard about Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau’s new creator-owned comic book, The Perhapanauts over the last couple weeks. The duo decided not to pitch the light-hearted, sci-fi book to publishers because they wanted complete control over their work. So instead they took a trip to the local copy shop and put together 500 black & white ashcan copies of the first chapter, Perhapanauts: Dossier. The books are now selling fast at their website,

When I heard about The Perhapanauts I decided to send out my six bones for the thing and see what it was about. I got it in the mail earlier this week and I have to say, I found it quite enjoyable. Dossier is a little 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 book with a cardstock cover that features two short black and white stories, along with profiles of the book’s main characters and pin-ups.

The Perhapanauts is about a team of misfit heroes who work for this group called B.E.D.L.A.M., or Bureau of Extra-Dimensional Liabilities and Management. The group, made up of a bigfoot, a chupacabra, a ghost, a telepathic/telekinetic chick, a kid with unknown abilities and a guy who builds machines good, is charged with sealing up dimensional rifts and policing the boundaries of different realities.

The first story is all action and the second is a light comedy. Truth be told, there isn’t a whole lot that happens, but Perhapanauts has a lot of personality. And based on the profiles, the characters have potential. For instance, Choopie was a vicious goat-killing monster who got captured and shot with an evolvo-ray to make him more intelligent. But his personality only advanced as far as a six-year old. Now he goes on missions with the team, but is completely unpredictable.

The other characters seem interesting as well, so I’m looking forward to the next chapter, which will be printed in full color and should be out at the end of September.

This Has A “Goatsucking Sasquatch” Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Since I’m not attending the San Diego Comicon, I’d be grateful if any attendees would send me stories for next week. Rumors are great, but humorous tales of drunken fun are better. Pictures are also cool. See you next week.


PS If anyone has any rumors to share please send them to me at or IM me via AOL Instant Messenger. My screen name is Automatic San. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It’s appreciated.

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