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Tremble in fear…

Note to creators: Markisan takes no responsibility for what you are about to read. This ATR was researched and written under the supervision of three ancient and mangy Yorkshire Terriers, so any relation to factual truth is purely coincidental and has the smell of week old kibble.

Out For Blood!

Ever since the details of his upcoming Firestorm series have been released (see Punching Bags), Dan Jolley has been targeted by rabid fanboy message boarders. (Do people really want the puffy shirt that badly?)

Despite the furor, Jolley has already picked up another gig. He’s currently writing Bloodhunt, a new DC Universe title to be launched later this year.

The art chores will be handled by Leonard Kirk, in his first monthly series since being unceremoniously dumped from JSA last year. Speculation is circulating that Kirk will be teaming up with Robin Riggs for the inks on the series.

This Has A “Bad Blood Rising” Factor Of Eight Of Ten

Aesop’s Murder Mystery

One prominent former-ATR scribe has been seen down the pub bragging he knows the identity of the mysterious Adversary, the behind the scenes antagonist in Vertigo’s sleeper-hit Fables. While not spilling Speckled Hen on himself the former doyen of rumors slurred out that Adversary had originally been planned to be Peter Pan. However Bill Willingham, the series’ writer, changed his mind.

But wait! There’s more… as previously reported by Comics2Film, Fables has spawned a film bible, which has been accepted by DC. The publisher is now going about the things they do on comics-to-film projects… And in the bible is the one true identity of the Adversary. Written in stone (well, as close to stone as you can manage with some wood pulp and ink). We’re lead to believe that all will be revealed to the comic book readers in the next six to twelve months. Not much to go on, but we know the Adversary is Peter Pan – a great relief to all of us out there with arrested development who know we’re not destined to become bad guys.

This Has A “Georgy Porgy” Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten

“He Does A Lot Of Work For Charidy, But Doesn’t Like To Talk About It”

In the things that make you go “Awww…” category, we have a snippet from Clifford Meth, the main man behind the drive to get Dave Cockrum, co-creator of Nightcrawler, Thunderbird, and many other X-Men characters, out of his bed in the VA hospital and into some decent health care. Meth is putting together a tribute book for Cockrum, containing contributions from comic book luminaries far and wide. You can order it here after feasting your eyes on this spectacular piece by Rafael Kayanan:

Here?s where it gets better, though. Not only are the pros pitching in to help the Cockrums, grassroots fans are working their asses off! As from right this second, you can visit http://www.davecockrum.net – a site built by Jason Sacks, a Coc-fan (that doesn?t sound right, does it?) from way back. And to announce it, Clifford Meth has issued this release:

Official Dave Cockrum Website Is Launched

The Official Dave Cockrum website is now up and running. Fans can visit http://www.davecockrum.net for a gallery of Cockrum art, a thorough bibliography of Cockrum’s work, message board access, and regular updates on Cockrum’s health. Information on The Uncanny Dave Cockrum Tribute book that’s being planned, as well as details regarding the forthcoming benefit auction, will also be updated regularly.

Designed by Jason Sacks as a gift to Dave Cockrum, http://www.davecockrum.net will eventually be given over to the artist as his official home on the Internet, once Cockrum returns home from the V.A. hospital (where he has remained since January 2). For the foreseeable future, Sacks will continue to run the site as a tribute to Cockrum, and as an information center for fans.

“Jason Sacks has been an enormous help to the Cockrums,” says author Clifford Meth, editor of The Uncanny Dave Cockrum Tribute. “He was one of the first people I contacted when Dave was hospitalized because I knew he was a generous soul. The Cockrums were very touched by Jason’s bighearted gift and tribute.”

DaveCockrum.Net will be hosted by Silver Bullet Hosting. “Silver Bullet Hosting is extremely proud to offer its services free of charge to Dave Cockrum and his supporters in this time of need,” said Jason Brice, proprietor of Silver Bullet Hosting. “Mr. Cockrum has made a terrific contribution to the world of comics, and since many of our existing clients are drawn from the comics industry, it is only fitting that we give back to the community that has helped us build a thriving business. Remembering the obvious love and passion that Mr. Cockrum put into his creations, it occurred to me that the very least I could do was assist Jason Sacks in putting together this website. Dave gave us his characters, wit, humor, and craftsmanship; Jason Sacks is giving us his time, energy, and love; all we’re doing is giving them a shop front to put it in.”

This Has A ?Charity Begins At Home? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Found recently on the Spawn.Com forums:

While McFarlane never published an issue of Miracleman, perhaps it’s for the best… on the other hand, we hear the statue makes a fine scarecrow. And if you’re quick, you can pick up one of these limited edition beauties on ebay!

This Has A “Hideous Beyond All Belief” Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten


Not throttling down the Todd factor one iota, we now pause to raise our beers, and salute Neil Gaiman, who recently laid the smackdown on Todd McFarlane’s final appeal in the Angela / Cog / Medieval Spawn case.

Gaiman has been an outspoken creator’s rights activist for years, and his victory has been widely celebrated by fans and pros alike. While most are happy to see Neil get his due, there has also been heavy interest in this case, regarding ownership of Miracleman, which has been in dispute for years. On his website, Gaiman hints that another legal fight may be necessary:

      “There may well need to be a final court case to tie up some of the last loose ends on Miracleman, which may wind up going to some very fun places indeed. At least with


    , there’s the money there to fight it. And there are a lot of places that want to republish the work that’s been done on Miracleman, and the new work that Mark and I hope to do.”

Over at the Spawn.Com forums, some of the responses were predictable. One forum poster wrote: “I still don’t understand why Todd wanted to hold on to Miracle Man. The comic was lame, as was the character. Hell, that damn statue is lame. Miracle Man is just lame.”

Sigh. This has been your ATR callout of the week.

This Has A ?Miracles (And Lawyer Bills) Will Never Cease? Factor of Eight Out Of Ten

Strangehaven, Good Tidings?

Fans of the criminally underrated series Strangehaven have less than twelve weeks to wait until the new issue of the brilliant series is released. While most comic fans would tear their hair out waiting for a series that has only produced three issues in the last three years, Strangehaven-ites have had to become a patient bunch as creator Gary Spencer Millidge has had his energies focused in other areas.

The last official update for Strangehaven #16, dated December 2003 at Millidge.Com, was that it was slated for release in May this year due to Millidge?s involvement in the Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman project and Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror #9. But relief is on the horizon? in an upcoming interview with SBC Millidge made the following comment, ?It?s embarrassing to do conventions with only one issue out in a year. But writing, researching, illustrating and publishing Strangehaven is more than a full-time exercise, it?s a way of life. If I could change something to allow me to bring out three or four or more issues a year out, I would change it. And hopefully I?ll be able to find a way of doing that soon.?

This Has A ?People Are Strange When You?re A Stranger?? Factor Of Six Out Of Ten


Here?s something if you missed Markisan?s news item for Silver Bulletins on Friday?

In news destined to go down with the Ang Lee on Hulk travesty, Robert Rodriguez has signed on to direct the film version of Frank Miller’s Sin City. When asked about the project, Rodriguez replied:

“I’d been a fan of Sin City since it was published in 1991, and I always felt that when you walk into a comic book store, it jumps off the shelf at you,” Rodriguez said. “After doing the Spy Kids movies, I was looking to do something that would offer lighting and special effects challenges. I decided I didn’t want to adapt Frank’s book but rather translate it to the screen with the same visual flourishes that Frank used so well.”

His first casting choices? Josh “Pretty Boy” Hartnett and Marley “Who the Hell am I?!” Shelton. These two casting selections almost speak for themselves? if either could act.

Sorry, but we irregulars just don’t trust the director of Spy Kids with a project like Sin City. His action movies From Dusk Till Dawn and Once upon a Time in Mexico have a cartoonish sensibility that might very well ruin the noir quality of Sin City. Like Lee on Hulk, Rodriguez on Sin City may well see a great director flailing for bearing given the difficulties of translating a comic book property to the big screen.

This Has A “What? Was Mark Steven Johnson Not Available?!?” Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

Reload Recapitulated And Revised

Looks like X-Men Reload is far from complete, with creative teams yet to be scheduled, and art changes for Excalibur. The latest lineup of unconfirmed or to be scheduled projects include:

  • The X2: X-Men United writing team of Bryan Singer (story), Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty (screenplay) with artist(s) yet to be announced for 12 issues of Ultimate X-Men. Brian K. Vaughan and Brandon Peterson?s 4-issue stint should be up by July or August.
  • Rumors have been persisting that Rob Liefeld is working on a new X-Force series, with special X-Force related projects set to coincide with the launch. One would naturally assume Liefeld will plot the book and serve in some form of art capacity (pencils, covers or both). Marvel and Liefeld have yet to confirm or deny these rumblings.
  • A Starjammers series written by Kevin J. Anderson (Star Wars comics / novels, Dune prequel novels). Marvel has not yet officially confirmed the project and the artist is still unknown.
  • An ongoing Nightcrawler series has been rumored, with speculation of Chuck Austen being approached to write. More recently, though, the character has been revealed as a cast member for the new Uncanny X-Men, with the creative team (Chris Claremont and Alan Davis), so this puts the current status of the monthly spin-off in doubt.
  • Finally, there is Claremont and Sean Chen?s upcoming 18 issue epic last X-Men story, The End, broken into 3 chapters of 6 issue arcs each.

These Random X-Events Have A Combined ?Good God, That?s A Lotta X-Books? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

Doomed Again?

DC fans have formulated a theory that posits the project spinning off from John Byrne and Chris Claremont?s JLA run will be The Doom Patrol. The parallels between the Doom Patrol and the X-Men have been oft discussed; as the titles and their respective characters share similar attributes, influences and started around the same time.

With DC looking to further the popular re-teaming of the X-Men?s most famous creative duo, The Doom Patrol seems like a perfect fit. Interestingly, when one of those longtime fans posted their theory to the John Byrne Message Board, it was immediately deleted? while the John Stewart theory thread was allowed to continue in all it?s probably misleading glory. Let the speculation begin!

This Has A ?Why Didn?t We Think Of That? Factor Of Five Out Of Ten

Avengers Smash Speculation

After confirmation that Chuck Austen?s Avengers run would be coming to a close soon, Avengers #500 (July) might provide some surprises in terms of creative team. No heirs have been named yet, but Peter David has hinted at several new projects in the pipeline for late summer.

As Avengers editor Tom Brevoort is his constant co-conspirator, maybe we?ll finally see what PAD can do after the critically acclaimed The Last Avengers Story. It would also be nice if Captain Marvel finally got around to his long-foretold date with Earth?s Mightiest Heroes.

This Has A ?Shot In The Dark? Value Of Two Out Of Ten

That wraps it up for this chaotic installment of All The Rage. As the Chinese proverb says, ?Many hands make light work,? and we?ve had the strength of the Collective Man on our side!

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