The Curse Of The Authority

All the Rage was the first to report rumour’s of Monarchy‘s decline. With further rumours including an Eye Of The Storm reprieve and Doselle Young’s cryptic comments on the DC Message Boards, fans of the book had some hope to cling to.

But I’m hearing more and more that the original rumour ATR printed, that Monarchy is dead on issue 12, is right.

But what this means is even more intriguing.

I’m hearing that the Authority is now pretty much cancelled for good. The Garth Ennis issues have been buried, as has the new series – including the possibility of another writer taking over the book after Azzarello’s departure. While there may be occasional Authority projects from big names down the line, its days as an ongoing series are gone after Mark Millar’s arc is finished.

While for many, this leaves the Ellis and Millar (with intermittent Peyer, Casey and Young contributions) intact as a “whole”, leaving the revolutionary superhero series as something complete, akin to Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns (or even incomplete like Miracleman), it also says much about DC corporate’s views about the book.

It’s been no secret that, within DC, the anti-Authority brigade rule. An old friend of All The Rage, Paul Levitz is said to have a particular distaste for the book. Let’s face it, the star characters being a gay couple version of Superman and Batman has won few friends at the New York offices. And while it would have been hard to cancel a series that sold well and gained critical acclaim, the events of the 11th of September have given DC the perfect opportunity to can the book. Which they have done.

Indeed any Wildstorm title that was going the Authority way has been canned, save for the Establishment which has been clearly set in the traditional Wildstorm universe rather than the events established by Warren Ellis in Stormwatch, Authority, and Planetary. The latter, being a finite series will be allowed to run its course.

We hear of Authority related mini-series that had received the green light shot down… what this means for Wildstorm’s planned “maturing” of the line with the Eye Of The Storm banner is anyone’s guess. But the publication of a number of hardcover graphic novels might be a possible solution, and the move towards crime-based books is also solid.

And yes, I receive further confirmation that Gen 13 will be axed from issue 77, as previously rumoured, but will return without Adam Warren, probably still with Chris Claremont. Looks like those recent Authority guest stars haven’t gone down too well either…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Print Is Dead! And Liefeld Killed It!

So why is Rob Liefeld such a fan of publishing comics on the internet?

One rumour states that it might be out of necessity. I hear that the printer Quebecor is owed a very large sum of money indeed for publishing previous Liefeld titles and while Rob could go to other printers, his credit isn’t the best it could be. I also hear that Diamond have said they’ll never solicit another Liefeld title unless it’s published by one of their big exclusive publishers – a mixture of unpaid Diamond bills, a large amount of solicited-and-then-never-published titles and a history of lateness that made Marvel look good.

Neither Liefeld or sources close to Rob chose to respond to emails.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 Out Of 10

Super Words

I’m hearing rumours that Mike Wierengo has left Adventures Of Superman to go to the Fantastic Four, and will be replaced on the title by Pete Woods. And Steve Seagle has been seen doing lunch with Supes editor Eddie Berganza – could he be up to replace Mark Schultz? Only time will tell.

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Poster Byrning

While I was away, there was quite a storm kicked up over a charity FF print John Byrne was intending to print and sell to raise money for the Breast Cancer Society. His plan was to sell the prints for $5 each and donate all the profits to the cause.However, he also didn’t seem to be aware that even though this was a charity project, technically permission to use copyrighted characters is required. And certainly the fact that this was a high profile piece and from an individual who has slagged off the current Marvel regime repeatedly online might make that technicality become an actuality.

But Marvel didn’t seem to have contacted Byrne about this offically. Indeed Marvel’s official website linked to an article about the print. Even if the website people goofed here, it still gave the impression that Marvel approved of the piece – after all, they’d promoted it on their website.

However while this fuss was being played out, Marvel hadn’t actually contacted Byrne about the poster print. And it turns out that when they did so, allegedly giving permission but warning Byrne to ask next time, the previous day Byrne had decided to destroy the print and make an equivalent donation to the fund himself.

The moral of this story? It’s good to talk.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out of 10

Links To Make You Mad

Thank you Topps for this:

I’m hoping you can play Top Trumps with these. Who’d win? Card No 15. Britain’s Tony Blair, A Staunch Ally or Card No. 19. Osama Bin Laden: The Suspected Ringleader? Tony’s got a higher Smug Value but Osama has a higher Biological Warfare Value up his sleeve. Because that’s where he keeps his soiled handkerchief! Cue Music Hall gag alert!

This Has A They’re-Actually-Doing-This Value Of 6 Out Of 10

UK TV Video Request – The Last Fortnight


On the evening I went off to South Africa, there was a power cut in the house. And my perfectly-set-up video recorder decided that was cause to eject the video perfectly set up inside it. As a result, I’m looking for anyone with the following taped to borrow sometime in the next three weeks. Because my wife comes back in two…

I will be ever so grateful to anyone who can help, and offer loan exchanges of vids like Edge Of Darkness, GBH, Press Gang, Fiday/Saturday Night Armastice, Fist Of Fun/TMWRNJ, Brass Eye and more. Not to mention free admission to the All The Rage Sneak Peek list, currently made up of people who’ve donated to the All the Rage Fund.

I’m after any of these:

  • Randall And Hopkirk Deceased, BBC 1
  • West Wing, E4
  • Linda Green, BBC 1 Have I Got News For You, BBC1/2
  • Victoria Wood’s Sketch Show History, BBC 1

From the 27th October to today… thanks in advance!

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