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Newsarama is already touting Joe Casey as the most likely suspect to write X-Men (with Grant Morrison on Uncanny). A Marvel source from the X-office confirmed this rumour, telling me “Joe Casey is hard at work on the second script.”

This Has A Rumour Value Of 9 Out Of 10

Crossing The Boards

CrossGen has been all over the internet mopping up after the latest spillage. There’s been a lot of press releases and statements issued over artist Josh Middleton’s anonymous postings on the WizardWorld message board forum. A number have been deleted by WizardWorld, some at the request of CrossGen. I hope to get copies shortly.

You can read responses by CrossGen here at Silver Bulletins and here athe the Warren Ellis Delphi Forum. But what Josh actually said hasn’t been widely reported. So here’s a few snippets. Remember, he was posing as an anonymous poster with contacts at Cross Gen, as opposed to the penciller of Meridian he actually was.

10-07-2000 04:12 PM

“A whopping 5 issues of Sigil and they axed the new guys for “established pros”. That’s the way to do it.”

10-08-2000 04:23 AM On Marc Alessi,

“He is easily the most transparent, arrogant, egomaniac I have ever met. The guy talks to you like your 9 years old. I heard him bullying his own staff around like, well, a dumbass overcompensating football coach… Big salaries for big names buys big loyalty, at least for a while. It is an absolute fact that the Lai brothers were used, and they are NOT the only team leaving Crossgen.”

10-08-2000 03:53 PM

“Haven’t you noticed that Wizard announced the addition of Greg Land (Nightwing) to Crossgen? Haven’t you also noticed that he is NOT doing Sigil? There isn’t any new title planned, either. That’s right, he’s a replacement, just not for the Lais. Crossgen isn’t telling you something. What else is new?”

10-09-2000 09:43

“Why don’t you explain to all these wonderful fans why prior to the Sigil team’s exit, the Meridian team had already vacated the building? Come on, Crossgen hasn’t been sitting on something, have they?

10-11-2000 09:16 PM

On the Lai Brothers, “Man, Mr. Alessi made it sound like the brothers were his number one sons at Wizardworld. Oh how he praised their immense effort and sacrifice to improve from the abysmal Sigil #1… Apparently that “open door policy” means “my way or the highway”.

10-12-2000 04:56 PM

“Prior to the release of the Lai brothers from Crossgen, the penciler and inker team of Meridian had already been removed from the building. The addition of Greg Land was not to replace Ben Lai on Sigil, but rather to replace Middleton on Meridian. More details when the good folks at Crossgen figure out how to explain the lapse in honest communication with their many fans who pleaded for clarification on Crossgen’s own boards. Of course, had any of the good, not-at-all-insecure people at Crossgen actually read the posts on these very boards, they would have realized that many people already knew of this change weeks ago, but decided to give CG a chance to make an official announcement. Instead they chose to lower themselves to the juvenile level of bickering with fans, staunchly defending their noble position and ideology (which nobody questioned in the first place)all the while ignoring the truth, which in turn dissillusioned many, including myself, as the decision to replace or remove any of their staff is completely their own and likely very justifiable. Let’s all thank them for removing any shred of dignity from Crossgen.”

And then finally

10-27-2000 03:16 PM

“I would like to apologize to comic fans who read the comments I made under the screen name “bigdad” on the message boards about Cross Generation Comics. It was wrong of me to use an anonymous pseudonym to personally attack the staff, management, and business practices of Cross Generation Comics. The information conveyed was incorrect and misleading. I am sorry for any damage or hurt feelings I may have caused. Sincerely, Joshua Middleton”

It has widely been interpreted that this message was not written by Josh, but by Cross Gen as part of his firing, but he agreed to sign and post it accordingly.

A number of posts were deleted by Wizard World, some at the request of Cross Gen. However I believe Cross Gen only requested one post be removed that revealed Steve Epting was moving to Cross Gen. Regular Rage readers will know that this could have got him fired from his current comics work, and apparently it almost did. Certainly if it was purely over defamation of Cross Gen a number of the above posts would also have been deleted. Cross Gen had promised Epting that his hiring would not wind up in an announcement the next day. And then it did. Apparently Wizard then made the independent determination to remove the entire thread.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Sub-Intellectual Property

A number of short animated films have been brought to my attention that have been shown on Atom Films and created by Mongodilla Films. They’re called The X-Flies. I’d like to make it clear that these have nothing to do with Twist And Shout Comics’ X-Flies comic books written and drawn by yours truly and first published in the mid-nineties. You can read the most recent X-Flies comic free, online at Twist And Shout Comics under the name Flies In Black ? and see if you can spot the similarities in idea and execution…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 9 Out Of 10

Shoot Up

Some of the artwork to the banned-before-it-was-pulped Hellblazer issue written by Warren Ellis has been put on Ebay being sold by an Aidan Reid, a Star Wars fan who seems to be in a band called Prozak. Since it contains the last third of the book, I presume it’s the pages that were given to inker, Andy Lanning.

See the pages for auction here.

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