Yeah, the column?s slightly late, and I don?t have to pee on a stick to prove it. We?ve got a cool new feature this week, courtesy of my wonderful bud Eric.

Eric is a very wicked Wiccan who knows how to read Tarot cards. He?ll be stopping by All The Rage every once in awhile to do a reading with a comic pro about the future of their career. So. if you?re a pro out there and you want to know what the cards have to say for you, drop us an e-mail. This week we are doing the very cool Micah Wright, who writes a little book called Stormwatch.

Stormwatch is a brilliant, fast-paced book, with an edge and humor to it that your not going to find anywhere else.

So why aren?t you buying it? Get to it boys!

While Eric is warming up the deck, I?m sure some of you jaded comic fans want to know what people have been talking about behind the scenes.

Here?s one for starters?

Four Artists Go Rock Climbing

Four top artists have joined the Cliffhanger imprint:

  • Arthur Adams, whose work has been seen most recently in Authority and Alan Moore?s America?s Best Comics.
  • Kaare Andrews, famous for his covers on the Incredible Hulk.
  • Ed McGuinness, Superman artist extraordinaire?
  • ANNNNDDDDD Jason Pearson.

This will be Jason?s first sequential project in years, having been a founding of the Atlanta based Gaijin studios. Pearson first came to prominence with his work on Legion of Super-Heroes, and made a big splash with the Gen 13 alternate cover pictured here.

I?m sure Eric would say it?s doubtful that the book, much like this column, will be seen in a timely manner.

This Has A Rumor Value Of 4 Out Of 10

Watch Out Jimmy, Ellis Is After Your Woman!

Warren Ellis, fan-favorite crotchety writer, will be doing a creator owned crime themed mini-series for Wildstorm?s Homage line. The book is yet to be named (or at least as far as we know!) but you can be certain that the incredibly hot Amanda Conner will illustrate it.

Amanda?s work garnered a lot of attention in the recent The Pro one-shot, written by Garth Ennis, and inked by hubby Jimmy Palmiotti.

Look for Ellis and Connor?s progeny in 2003.

This Has Rumor Value Of 6 Out Of 10

Make Mine Bongo

Marvel has been talking to Bill ?Roswell, The Little Green Man? Morrison and the team at Bongo comics. The Bongo crew recently did an Avengers piece for Marvel Universe Double Shot, and they are in talks about the possibility of putting together a project for the line of children?s comics that Marvel hopes to have operational in 2003.

A nice idea, but let?s hope they aren?t as boring as the gawdawful Simpson?s strips they run in the newspapers on the weekends.

This Has A Rumor Value Of 6 Out Of 10

Cut To The Chase

The rumor-mill has been working overtime when it comes to the activities of celebrated writer Dan Curtis Johnson, known as ?Crisper Than Thou? to friends and enemies alike, and Promethean penciller JH Williams. When asked about the possibility of he and Johnson relaunching their cult Chase series as a monthly for DC, JH issued the following reply:

    D.C Johnson is really not interested at the moment in an ongoing series. He wants to concentrate on telling solid good self-contained stories that will have longer shelf life in various formats rather than the monthly grind. Smart move, I think; material that can be collected and that has longevity.

He and I are currently co-writing 4 different projects that I can’t go into specifics with at the moment. Some of it is [with] well-known characters, and some of it not. I will be illustrating one of them for sure, and might be doing covers or something for some of the others. One of the projects we are writing together will be drawn by Seth Fisher and, if you haven’t seen his work before it is simply amazing.

The project with Seth Fisher is a multi-part Batman storyline that will be published in Legends of the Dark Knight next spring. And JH is right, if you haven?t seen Seth?s work before, it is simply amazing. Go buy Tokyo Pop now.
This Has A Rumor Value Of 7 Put Of 10

What Does The Future Hold For Micah Wright?

We now transport you to a dank cellar, cobwebbed and long forgotten. Here to meet us is Eric?

This is a very basic reading that I did for Micah Wright the other day. I pulled two cards that deal with his past, two cards that deal with his present, and two cards that deal with his near future. While one can obviously apply this all to his personal life, I told him to focus on his career. Apply it to his comics career any way you want!
Anyways, here’s the lowdown:

Recent Past:

      Card 1: The Moon (reversed)


    This card is saying that in the recent past, Micah recently began to see things as they really are, to “Step in to the Light” so to speak. Light was shed on things that were once hidden from him, and a period of confusion finally came to an end. He became aware of a secret threat to undermine his well being.

Card 2: The Three of Wands (upright)
This card tells me that in the recent past there was the birth of a new enterprise, and successful completion of stage one of a new project. This card often indicates a new job. Also indicated is a lot of moral support from family. Work related travel has also occurred in the recent past.

The Present:

      Card 3: The Three of Swords (reversed)


    This card usually deals with personal relationships, but can be applied to a work situation as well. Basically, the heartache is now finally over. The separation has occurred, but the hurt does linger on. But now that it’s over, recovery can begin.

Card 4: The Seven of Cups (reversed)
This card represents the fog lifting, so to speak. Micah?s persistence is just now finally being rewarded. It is also the card of seeing things not as one wants them to be, but as they really are. It is saying that success has come the second time around. A more realistic attitude is being taken now.

The Near Future:

      Card 5: The Two of Swords (reversed)


    This card symbolizes renewed action. Micah will be making a big decision, or circumstance will be making that decision for him. The consequences of a questionable choice will begin to take effect. However the stalemate will be over.

Card 6: The Two of Cups (reversed)
The Two of Cups symbolizes a painful rejection. The break up of a partnership that was once fruitful. A troubled relationship will commence soon. This is also the card that symbolizes a broken agreement.

And on that eerie note, we end this week?s edition of All the Rage.


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