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Superman Confidential

The long rumored Superman special edition DVDs have been confirmed by an unexpected source: Ilya Salkind. Superman Homepage broke the story late this week, with some particularly interesting tidbits:

      The biggest revelation of the interview concerns plans for

Superman II

      . Scenes shot by fired director Richard Donner (who directed

Superman: The Movie

      ), including all of Brando’s work for the second film, may finally see the light of day. “There will be a Donner cut [of

Superman II

    ] from what I hear,” Salkind said. “There will apparently be an original cut with the original music and more stuff.” Whether the extra footage will be presented as an alternative version of the film or included as a supplement has not yet been determined.

Actor Jack O’Halloran, who played mute super-villain Non in Superman and Superman II confirmed that Time Warner interviewed him about his work on both films. Like Salkind, O’Halloran believes there will be a Donner version of Superman II. “I understand they [Time Warner] are letting Donner do his cut of Superman II, O’Halloran said. “We spoke a lot about Donner, whom I like a lot.”

The theatrical version of Superman II that Richard Lester directed will also receive special attention on the new DVD. Though Lester – who also directed Superman III – has steadfastly refused to give interviews about his work on the Superman movies over the years, Salkind believes that “Lester might make an interview,” he said. “[Apparently] Pierre convinced him to [consider it],” Salkind explained.

As you may recall, Richard Donner was originally removed from Superman II after clashing with the Salkinds. For years, fans have gone to great lengths to see some of Donner?s footage restored to the film, most recently in last year?s unofficial Superman II Restored International Cut which was quickly shut down by Warner Brothers Home Video. But now it appears that fans will finally get the chance to see the film as it was meant to be. Additionally, the Superman films (including Supergirl) will all be revisited, with the possibility inclusion of deleted scenes from all five movies.

This Has A ?Fortress of Solitude? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Fall of The Watchtower

Earlier this week on his blog, Paul Dini shed some light on the fate of Justice League Unlimited:

      I did an on camera interview with Bruce, David (Jimmy Olsen) Kaufman, Glen Murakami and Alan Burnett last night for the next (and last)


      DVD set. Afterwards we went to dinner where Glen confirmed the end of


      , and Bruce said pretty much the same about


      . There has been some talk about the


    episodes airing earlier in the states, but that was still being debated at Cartoon Network. I forgot to ask Bruce how my Supergirl episode came out. Maybe I can get a preview if I’m at WB any time soon.

I had heard people were getting more territorial with certain DC characters (no more Joker in JLU, for instance) but I didn’t know the details. I knew two years ago when I left, that as heroes (and their villains) got snapped up in live movie options, it tended limited their appearances elsewhere.

This pretty much confirms what I?ve been hearing since last summer. But shortly after I read this, I received information from another source, that contrary to previous rumors, Bruce Timm is still developing programs for Warner Brothers Animation. If this is true, it marks a shocking turnaround. Almost everyone I had previously spoken to was certain that Timm was leaving. As for Timm?s latest project, it?s not clear if it?s DC related or something else entirely, but we may know more soon, when the revamped CW Network (along with Cartoon Network) unveils their latest programs at the network upfronts?

And there?s more? World?s Finest Online has posted the loglines for the final nine episodes of JLU. Spoiler text follows for those who want to be surprised:

Episode #31 – Flash and Substance
Original Airdate – February 11th, 2006
Batman and Orion see a different side of the Flash when a rogues? gallery of villains attacks the museum that is opening in his honor.

Episode #32 – Dead Reckoning
Original Airdate ?
The ghost of a circus performer convinces Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to help him retrieve the stolen souls of a mystic order of Monks.

Episode #33 – Patriot Act
Original Airdate –
When an out of control super soldier threatens Metropolis, Green Arrow leads seven non-powered Justice Leaguers, including Crimson Avenger and Shining Knight, in a battle they can?t hope to win.

Episode #34 – The Great Brain Robbery
Original Airdate –
A mystical accident leads to Lex Luthor and the Flash?s minds being swapped into each other?s bodies.

Episode #35 – Grudge Match
Original Airdate –
Roulette starts Metabrawl (?Cat and Canary?) again, this time with an all-female fight card made up of Justice Leaguers.

Episode #36 – Far From Home
Original Airdate –
Supergirl, Green Lantern and Green Arrow travel into the future where they meet the Legion of Super Heroes and their enemies The Fatal Five.

Episode #37 – Ancient History
Original Airdate –
The Shadow Thief returns and so does Hawkman as more mysteries from ?Shadow of the Hawk? are explored.

Episode #38 – Alive (Part 1)
Original Airdate –
In a knock-down drag out battle on Earth and in space, the power moving behind the scenes of the villains is revealed leading to the most unexpected team-up in Justice League history.

Episode #39 – Destroyer (Part 2)
Original Airdate – – Series Finale
In a knock-down drag out battle on Earth and in space, the power moving behind the scenes of the villains is revealed leading to the most unexpected team-up in Justice League history

Incidentally, I should mention that the final two episodes are rumored to deal with the ?Source Wall? from Kirby?s Fourth World books. Usually, that entails an appearance by Darkseid?

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How I Learned To Love The Hulk

Over at Toonzone, a couple of clear screenshots from the upcoming Ultimate Avengers direct-to-DVD animated have been released.

The film should be out next month, with a preview screening scheduled for Wonder Con. The second Ultimate Avengers movie is said to coming out in August of this year.

This Has A ?Grand Theft America? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Issues With Authority

From the preview art in the latest Wizard, it appears that Grant Morrison and Gene Ha?s Authority relaunch will build on the characters introduced in the Ed Brubaker/ Dustin Nguyen?s run. Additionally, there?s a rumor that the first storyline in Morrison?s Wildcats relaunch (with Jim Lee) will deal with The Authority and pave the way for the new series.

This Has An ?Earth Inferno? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Amazon Princess

Regarding the pending Wonder Woman relaunch, there?s an interesting rumor going around that Gail Simone might be the new writer teaming up with Terry Dodson for the new series. Honestly, I?m not really sure on this one, as I don?t have confirmation either way?

This Has A ?Mission of Peace? Factor of Four Out of Ten

Master Skeptic

I hear that Phil Hester?s The Atheist #3 is at the printer and should be out shortly. Additionally, I?m told that John McCrea will stay on through the fourth issue (and conclusion of the first story), but that a new artist will be handling the second story, Will Volley (Negative Burn). McCrea is still the co-creator/owner of the book, and will return to it when his schedule permits.

Also, I?m told that the name of the series will eventually be changed to Antoine Sharpe: The Atheist. The rumored reason behind the switch is that ?Hollywood types are interested in the series but afraid to put a TV series called The Atheist on the air.? Kind of like the switch between Hellblazer and Constantine. Incidentally, the next story arc is said to be called Antoine Sharpe: Effigy.

This Has A ?Rising Dead? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Crown of the Apocalypse

The blog for the Hellboy Animated movies has been pretty active as of late. First up, some character designs for Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien:

Followed by some intriguing storyboards?

This Has An ?Anung Un Rama? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

The French Connection

Word out of Angoul?me is that there will be an original Wolverine story by French comic creators Jean-David Morvan and Philippe Buchet called Wolverine: Saudade. Panini Comics will be publishing it in issue 145 of their Wolverine book (currently reprinting the Mark Millar/John Romita JR run).

I don?t know if this is going to make it stateside? but what really has my attention is the fact that Lee Bermejo did five Marvel covers for Panini, which I would really like to see? So, I?m gonna have to ask our overseas readers to help me out here. Bermejo is one of my favorite artists and I would really appreciate it if someone sent me some high quality scans of those covers.

Thanks in advance.

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The Wedding Is Still On

Remember the Uncanny X-Men Annual I mentioned last week? Marvel confirmed it in one of their press conferences this week, though they neglected to mention who the artist was. I hear that it?s Clayton Henry (Alpha Flight) who will be teaming with Chris Claremont on the aforementioned Black Panther/Storm story.

This Has A ?Something Borrowed? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

The New West

Also following up on an item from last week, Marvel revealed the creative lineup for their Western event in the latest installment of Joe Fridays. I won?t repeat it here, but I will show off this piece of artwork by Tomm Coker from his story with Jeff Parker:

This Has A ?Slapping Leather? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Vengeance Rides Again

In an interview posted here on SBC earlier this week, Mark Texeira revealed that he is working on NEW Ghost Rider project. According to the interview, Texeira will provide the covers and ?finish inks? over Javier Saltares? breakdowns. From the way he described the book, it sounds like it might be an ongoing series?

This Has A ?Penance Stare? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Wherever There?s Trouble?

Now, for your viewing enjoyment, here?s a few pages from the upcoming GI Joe: Special Missions: Manhattan by B. Clay Moore and Jeremy Haun. Enjoy.

This Has A ?Neurotoxin? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Where Are Your Gods Now?

And one more preview this week: pages from the new Small Gods miniseries by Jason Rand, Juan Ferreyra (pencils and colors) and Clayton Brown on inks.

This Has A ?Psychic Overload? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

He?s Your Buddy

< a href=>Rick Remender has provided the cover art for new NOFX CD, Never Trust A Hippy.

Between endorsements, fighting vampires and beating up Greek Gods, it?s been a busy year for JC. Let?s see Buddha top that?

This Has A ?God War? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

And that?s a wrap. See you in seven.


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