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Before we get started this week, I need to ask for your help. About two months ago, I mentioned that I was having some major computer problems. I?ve been on a barebones backup PC in the interim while I?ve been trying to get it fixed. And the problem is much more serious than I originally thought? I sent my hard drive to a data retrieval company for a diagnosis and they told me that the drive has been physically damaged. Apparently, one of the heads crashed into the hard disc. They also said that most of the data should still be there, the problem is that they are asking for? a hell of a lot more money than I actually have to complete the retrieval. I could care less about fixing the drive, but I need that data back. There are too many critical files on that drive that I don?t have backed up. Stupid, I know. But there it is.

So, here?s where you come in. I need someone out there to recommend a really good data retrieval company that won?t rob me blind. Preferably Los Angeles or California based, but really, I?m open to suggestions?

Alright then, let?s get on with the rage:

Meet The Press

So? hear any good Spider-Man stories this week?

Right. As if you could it miss it. The Spider-Man Unmasking was the biggest thing to hit comics since the ?lipstick lesbian? Batwoman. For mainstream media attention, the only way to top both of those would be to have a gay Spider-man. Now? that?s one way they could break up the Spidey-MJ marriage?

Seriously though, this could be fun for a while. However, I don?t see this as a lasting, permanent change. Not that there?s an easy way out short of Wanda casting a spell or a healthy dose of Superboy Punch! Good luck getting that genie back in the bottle?

But in the meantime, fun. I definitely want to see what?s coming next?

I?ve been told that most of the press conference will be shown in Civil War: Frontline #2. One of our ATR Agents came through big time with these pages. Check out the first page, second panel for an early indication of how JJJ is taking the news?

Incidentally, I believe those pages were drawn by Leandro Fernandez. Story, of course, by Paul Jenkins.

And one more bit of Spidey news, expect the immediate aftermath of the press conference to go down in Amazing Spider-Man #533.

This Has An ?As The Web Turns? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

War Profits

Remember last month, when I mentioned that Civil War #1 was rumored to have sold over 300,000 copies? Well, we now have confirmation from Mark Millar himself:

      The chart isn’t numbers sold. The chart is what was ordered. We were ordered a little over 240K, but we had a record 37K re-orders in the first week alone and have been re-ordered massively ever since. I KNEW some monkey was going to bring this up, but that’s the way it works. Our final sales on issue one of

Civil War

    aren’t complete yet because it’s still being re-ordered (especially after issue two), but we were well over the 300K a while back. Marvel were not kidding. And this is especially good because the book was almost twice usual price at 3.99. It’s the biggest-selling book in a very long time.

As for issue two, since someone asked, our sales stayed the same, which is pretty cool. But once word leaked out about Spidey re-orders came thick and fast and we’re already in the unusual situation where the second issue will outsell the first. So that’s it in a nutshell.

This Has A ?Follow The Money? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

The Devil You Know

Okay, one more quasi-related Civil War item before this becomes another Lost Girls type obsession. I heard an interesting Daredevil theory from an industry professional this week, which I stress, is only a theory. But it?s a spoiler if true, so consider this your SPOILER WARNING!!

Anyway, the theory came from a question I had, about why Captain America and the other resistance fighters would team up with the fake Daredevil, when they know that the real DD, Matt Murdock is in jail. And his answer was simple? because they already know who the fake Daredevil is.

Makes sense to me?

This Has A ?Red Letter Devil? Factor of Five Out of Ten

A Place Called Vertigo

Word of Bob Schreck?s move to Vertigo has drawn a lot of attention from comic pros, particularly those on the indie scene. There?s been a long-standing (and thus far, unsubstantiated) rumor among industry creators that Schreck?s ultimate destination at DC was going to be a creator owned line, separate from the Vertigo line. Now that he?s at Vertigo, it doesn?t seem likely at this point. And early reports are that Schreck is happy where he is now?

This Has A ?Lights Go Down And All I Know? Factor of Three Out of Ten

Your Gift Is Death

We?ve received word this week that the artist for the new Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic from Dark Horse will be? Georges Jeanty. Jeanty (who was the artist for the last Gambit series) will be joining Buffy creator, Joss Whedon on the long awaited ?Season 8? storyline. The initial miniseries is expected to be six issues, though a release date is unknown at the present time?

This Has A ?First Evil? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

A Pirate?s Life For Me

Boom! Studios has another ?Tales? anthology lined up for September. Following their successful Zombie Tales and Cthulhu Tales one-shots, their latest franchise is Pirate Tales, focusing on the scourge of the seven seas. Boom! regulars Keith Giffen, John Rogers, Johanna Stokes, Michael Alan Nelson are all back for this one, with Joe Casey and Henry Alonso Myers (CSI) joining them. Artists attached include Tim Seeley, Chee, Fabio Moon and several others. Dan Panosian is onboard for the cover, which you can see below:

This Has An ?I?m Captain Jack Sparrow!? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Marvel Boy Attacks

Now, for your viewing enjoyment, we?ve got a couple of pages from Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk?s Agents of Atlas miniseries, seen here for the first time in color:

And we?ve also got the first look at two pages from the second issue. Note that the Marvel Boy vs. the Fantastic Four battle is recounted here:

This Has A ?Curse of The Yellow Claw? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Sim Sings

Yes, it?s true! You can here Dave Sim singing Frank Sinatra?s My Way here. That?s from this year?s Joe Shuster Awards at the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon. Jamie Coville, the man behind the Scarlet Witch video we linked to a while back has dropped us a line to mention that several reports and audio recordings from the show have been posted at the Collector Times (http://www.CollectorTimes.com). Included are the audio files of the Ramona Fradon panel and the East Meets West Manga panel with Jill Thompson, J. Torres, Svetlana Chmakova and others.

This Has A ?Two Tickets To Paradise? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

There Goes The Planet

One more Boom! Studios item this week. The new Planetary Brigade Origins miniseries I mentioned a few weeks ago is set for a September debut. Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis are back, with Julia Bax on for art.

The mini is going to be three issues long and each issue will take place in three different eras of the team?s history, with the linking thread of a single villain, the Mister Master, who has nothing to do with Mr. Mister, the pop band that terrorized the world in the 80s?

Anyway, the color ?New School? cover is by Bax, while Giffen provides the black and white ?Old School? cover:

This Has A ?Bring Back The Third Eye!? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Another Detective

I hear that Joe Benitez may be doing an issue of Detective Comics with Paul Dini. No word yet as to whether Benitez will be staying on for more than one. Last I had heard, he was going to be working on Superman/Batman?

This Has A ?Riddle Me This? Factor of Four Out of Ten

Heroes Aren?t Hard To Find

The above illustration is by Mike Wieringo for this year?s Heroes Con Program Book. So, consider this your reminder that Heroes Con is less than two weeks away. It looks to be one of the biggest shows of the year and it will lead to one of the biggest ATRs of the year as well.

Yeah, I?m gonna be there. Are you?

Stick a fork in me, I?m done. See you next week.


PS If anyone has any rumors, stories or news to share, please email me at blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It?s greatly appreciated.

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