Teen Again?

I hear more rumours of a revival of Gen 13, without the current creative team. Apparantly there’s been a bit of a tiff between Adam Warren and Wildstorm – not telling him that Gen 13 had been cancelled when others knew didn’t help.

But who is to take over the creative lead on the relaunched book? None other than Chris Claremont. Hmmm, wasn’t Gen 13 originally going to be called Gen X?

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Talent Search

So, eighteen months after Bob Harras was fired as EIC for Marvel (funny how those projects Marvel said he’d still work on for them never seem to have appeared). At the time, an anonymous post on the Savage Dragon message board reprinted here and backed up by other comic pros gave one explanation for Harras’ dismissal. And then there’s the failure to turn X-Men movie money into comics money. I’ve been told another.

One event seems to stand out – when Bill Jemas asked Bob to suggest some cutting-edge comics talent for the Ultimates line, Bob suggested Scott Lobdell, Adam Pollina and Joe Harris.

I understand Quesada recommended Brian Bendis to Bill Jemas – then the likes of Mark Millar, Garth Ennis and Grant Morrison. Bob Harras countered with Fabian Nicieza, Terry Cavanagh, and Howard Mackie. The writing was on the wall really. And no wonder Quesada became Jemas’ favourite son.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

For The Love Of Lysa

Mike Deodato writes, about last week’s Marvel story, “Lysa Hawkins is the BEST editor I’ve ever worked with! She’s an excellent professional! She did NOT delayed Witches intentionally!!!”

We believe you Mike… but as to why Bill Jemas delayed things, that’s a story for another time…

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Top Hawk

Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins writes about last week’s Felon and Down stories and trouble at Minotaur. He says, “The Down situation is simply that Tony Harris is going to do a mini-series for DC before he does the Minotaur book. This will give us time to get more of the scripts in from Warren and make sure the project is on time. The Felon situation is very simply a misunderstanding between Greg Rucka and myself that we will be amicably resolving this week. In regard to Eidos, no truth there, we have been open about their equity involvement in Top Cow but they have a minority share and that share has not increased since the deal was made in 1998. In terms of Eidos the only thing that has changed is that the guy who used to do the approvals for the comic book isn’t there anymore and there’s a new licensing guy taking over. They have always been very particular about Lara Croft and her depiction so I don’t think there has really been an overall editorial shift in their policy. And they don’t have any power over any of our other titles at all.”

I do remember that originally get info about the Eidos buy-in was like getting blood out of a stone. But it’s good to hear that these situations are being resolved.

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Trifle Time

There’s an upcoming interview with Bill Jemas about to go live, which includes lines such as “Well, of course, the Alias/printer thing was a hoax.” Mind you, he also says, “Joe has an extensive Barbie collection.”

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Museum Display

A recent Wizard article on the appearance of Museum Editions of Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men. Declared as forgeries by the company Jay, which makes Museum Edition comics in the USA, of a number of Top Cow and other titles, Joe Quesada declared that he’d never even heard of them.

Museum Editions are issues of the comic book, printed on a parchment-style paper and heavily bound. They can fetch stacks of cash and are usually very limited in number.

However these disputed editions are published by Marvel France, with a certificate of authenticity. And the following eBay listings throw doubt on Joe Quesada’s statement in the article… as he appears to have willingly signed the books in question.


Curiouser and curiouser…

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Relief Belief

I’ve been told that DC are also putting together a Relief book. While the e-mails are flying back and forwards from freelancer to freelancer, DC’s schedule will not be quite as tight as Marvel’s. But look forward to hearing more information soon.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out Of 10

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