Crossover Down To CrossGen?

It’s wonderful how rumours and stories can synchronise. Newsarama printed one of its “rare” rumour stories, about the JLA/Avengers project getting its act together. I’d heard the same, but with a little more background filled in. Still just a rumour, but enough to get that Rumour Value up from the ‘5’ it would have normally had.

The word is that Kurt Busiek is currently working on JLA/Avengers and plans to pass the plot to George Perez in March. And apparently it took the decision for Perez to move to CrossGen but allow a get-out clause for this very project for DC and Marvel to meet up about it. Look forward to the project completed before the end of the year.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 Out Of 10

More Sigil Tatoos Needed?

And then Newsarama went and printed a story about Laura DePuy and Bryan Hitch going on the record about their disappointment with DC’s printing of their JLA work, something Warren Ellis applauded on his Delphi forum. And I’d just heard the rumours that the both Laura and Bryan were moving to CrossGen – something I think Warren would be less likely to applaud.

Now listen you lot. Bryan denied this rumour straight to my face last week down the pub, saying instead he does have some special projects planned. And neither Laura or CrossGen were willing to comment either way on this story. Certainly CrossGen are very edgy about commenting on any new signing, whether true or not – DC have had a habit of responding very negatively to workers moving to CrossGen and its suggested this is down to their rejection of the editorial model of comics creation.

Certainly Bryan’s denial does a lot to knock this rumour… but as old-time Ramblings readers know, he did deny those Authority rumours a couple of years ago. Either way, I’ve received a variety of versions of this rumour that all contain the above information.

Also, whether the Hitch and Depuy rumours are true or not, it does appear that CrossGen are grabbing a number of prominent creators across the spectrum over the next year.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 2 Out Of 10

Pain In The Bum

Well, since Mark Millar seems to be leaving DC to for pastures new, I’d say it’s fair to bring out an interesting snippet I was asked to keep quiet at the time. Remember the Silver Age fifth week? I know, I know, you’ve been trying to repress it. Well, remember Millar’s JLA issue of that project? Go on, strain yourself. Okay, go grab a copy if you can, look it up. Check the name of the Green Lantern alien receiving an award at the beginning of the issue… Ares Bandet. Now say it to yourself a few times until you get it.

Bless him.

This Has A Rumour Value of 10 Out Of 10

The Joy Of Jemas

While some sites have been concentrating on Bill Jemas’s announcement of a new Secret Wars project at Sequential Tart, instantly rebutted by Joe Quesada, my attention was captured by another reply, where Jemas says “Bad Girls for fan boys, sometimes I call them date books. We have quite a few male readers who live in the basement of their parent’s house in Queens. For them, an evening with Elektra is as good as it gets.”

Despite a lot of online criticism, I’ve got to love Bill Jemas here. He’s fired up with enthusiasm, seems to love what he does, seems to be ‘on’ all the time and has no worries about the consequences of his actions, just shooting his mouth off at every available opportunity. Some people accuse me of making stories up – I tell you, I could never make anything as bizarre and mind-warped as what Bill Jemas comes out with.

Just imagine… what if Paul Levitz were like that?

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out of 10

Copycat Burglar

Inundated I have been [Editor’s Note: Yes, Rich has been taking “Yoda Pills” all week], with requests for the identity of the Marvel art thief. I’m still not comfortable about giving that name out without some serious corroboration, but for now let’s simply say that he’s been accused of stealing art before …but usually with a lightbox…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

French Fried

There are major rumours that the US branch of French comics publisher, Humanoids are having… slight financial difficulties and have been burning through their funds faster than expected. Rumours also say that this stems from Most Prized Writer Jodorowsky’s aim for Humanoids to build a library of material with an aim to sell it on to Hollywood faltering of late. A recent attempt to pitch Metabarons to an A-list director failed after they hired a professional pitcher who allegedly, um, failed to convey the excitement inherent in the work. Whether anyone was literally bored to tears, is debatable.

The Moebius problems are slightly more delicate. It seems that comics legend Moebius has signed over the rights of much of his Humanoids work to long-time collaborator, writer and senior Humanoid. I’ve been told that Moebius felt he owed Jodorowsky as a ‘spiritual father’ to his work, but some are not convinced he’ll follow through.

This is based on the rumour that Jodorowsky has been planning a shift away from Moebius’s style and vision. Specifically color work on Incal 2 has been criticised by some for poor airbrush work that drowns out the original pen and ink work in a deliberate attempt to distance it from Moebius’ input. I have heard there were internal battles to publish the work in black and white outside of Humanoids but that the rights issue has confused this.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 4 Out Of 10

Blast From The Past

Linking to the previous Millar story, I also found a list of Authority cuts from issue 14, imposed by DC/Wildstorm editorial on the completed and approved script/artwork for the issue sitting in my hard drive. No longer a bone of contention, I might as well print these too…

Local Authority Cuts

“Authority 14 has the snipmeisters at DC out with their scissors again. But now it’s not so much a matter of international politics, but a matter of taste. Page 7 and 8, both Shen and Grunge have had clothes added, Shen has this weird glowing slip, while Grunge has gained boxer shorts. Note the original poses already hide the groin, anal and nipple areas, but the word obviously came down that these fun loving folk must be dressed. Why for heaven’s sake? Page 10, ~$%holes and %?*~head indeed! Page 10, heavy blurring on what was originally an intricately detailed visual of the Wonder Man-type character getting his head smashed in by Midnighter. Dulls the impact considerably. Page 11, heavy blurring on what was originally an intricately detailed visual of Apollo flying through Titan’s head. Dulls the impact considerably. Page 16, flipping the bird has been changed to the more British ‘twos up’. Means exactly the same thing, just with poorer framing…”

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Next week: Marvel and S&M

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