Short Rage this week. Been working on some other projects for SBC, one of which is revealed at the end of the column.

Secret Weapon

Frank Tieri confirmed that Weapon X will be a part of RELOAD, Marvel?s X-title revamp in May. He also confirmed that the RELOAD creators have been given the gag order on their projects. At the comixfan message boards, the writer directly referred to the rumors in last week?s ATR. ?There is truth to the rumors, but unfortunately Marvel has us all very ?hush, hush? as far as RELOAD is concerned,? Tieri said. ?Just know there’ll be big things in store for Weapon X fans when RELOAD finally does hit in May– and believe me when I say they won’t be disappointed.?

“And by the way, some of the ?big things? I’m talking about? Just so you know, they’re sort of happening in the book RIGHT NOW.

“Make of that what you will.”

This Has A ?Pre-load? Factor of Seven out of Ten

Smoke and Mirrors

It?s been rumored that the ever-popular New X-Men will get a couple fill-in writers between Grant Morrison?s final issue and Buffy bigwig Joss Whedon?s debut. One of the names that?s popped up is Sandman scribe Neil Gaiman. But according to an email message (sent to a stalwart SBC veteran), Gaiman is definitely not up for the gig. ?No, the X-Men thing is bollocks,? he wrote.

This Has A ?Living In the Dream World? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Song In the Key of X

An NYU student tells me X2 Director Bryan Singer recently gave a lecture at the film school. Apparently Singer said he was writing some X-Men comics for Marvel. Unfortunately I wasn?t able to verify this with NYU. Given all the X-rumors these days I?m inclined to think this is bullshit, but you never know. After all, Kevin Smith found time to write a comic every two years or so..

This Has A ?I Want To Be A Part of It? Factor of Three Out of Ten

We?ll Always Have Paris

Sources close to Brian Jacks, the owner of SlushFactory, tell me that the site was deluged by “inquisitive” visitors who have been looking for the Paris Hilton sex video. At the end of November and early December, a thread originating in Matt Singer’s movie forum quickly became the top-rated link for folks who searched for the tape on Google.

This meant the forums were taxed to breaking point. There were lengthy delays for comic fans wanting to get legitimate access, with upwards of 1300 Paris Hilton seekers on the forums at any one time. Ever resourceful and cash strapped, Brian Jacks trimmed the thread down to the original post and edited to include links to porn sites, getting paid a commission per user that signs up for the linked sites.

Maybe porn will be the savior of the comics industry? Hmm.. when do those Vivid comics come out again?

This Has A “She Looks Like E.T.” Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

Light Cycled

I?m told Dreamwave Productions may be taking over the TRON license from upstart publishing house 88MPH Studios. I have to tell you I didn?t even know a TRON comic was being considered.

Fucking TRON??!! Come on..

This Has A ?New Digital Realm? Factor of Six Out of Ten

Gimme A ?D?

I hear that the Formerly Known as the Justice League team of Kieth Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, Kevin Maguire and Joe Rubenstein are going to do a new Defenders book for Marvel.

Sources say a gag order has been issued by the House of Ideas. No big surprise there.

This Has A ?Shields Up? Factor of Eight Out of Ten


I?m told Ultimates writer Mark Millar is working on a new Marvel comic series featuring Blade. The book should be released sometime in 2004.

This Has A ?Suckhead? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Before I go, just a few announcements..

I teamed up with SBC rocks Tim O?Shea and Jason Brice on what will be Mark Millar?s final online interview of 2004. He?s taking the rest of the year off to concentrate on his writing, but he didn?t want to go on vacation without a big send-off. Clocking in at around 8200 words I believe it?s the most in-depth Q&A the Scotsman has ever done. And like I said, it?s the last one until 2005. Look for it very soon at

My David Mack interview is finally up. We talked about his new series, Kabuki: The Alchemy, as well as his upcoming run on Ultimate X-Men. You can read it at

And finally, I?ll be making an appearance in this Tuesday?s edition of Dawn and Alan Donald?s The Panel. I answered a question about what three superheroes I?d chose to stop the earth from annihilation or some shit. Looking forward to seeing what characters the other panel members picked. Check out the column every week at


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