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Before you all run off to watch the Oscars, here?s the latest Rage from across the comic industry?

Shield Spin

Word out of Megacon is that Mike Perkins will be the artist on a four issue miniseries that spins out of Captain America later this year. Despite early speculation, I hear that it doesn?t star the Winter Solider. Instead it will feature a character who is making their return in the next story arc, which I mentioned here a few weeks ago?

This Has A ?Stars And Stripes? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Bats Aplenty

Rumor has it that Kevin Maguire is already lined up for his next project at DC following his fill-in issue of Superman / Batman. There?s no word yet on what that project may be, but two of our ATR agents at the New York Con noticed that Maguire had several sketches of Batgirl (wearing the classic Barbara Gordon costume) on display in his portfolio. Of course, this could be nothing? Maybe Maguire is just a fan of Batgirl.

Or maybe it could be something? Dan Didio has indicated that Barbara Gordon will not be returning to the cape and cowl, but that wouldn?t stop someone else from using a similar costume in the forthcoming Batwoman?

This Has A ?Drunk Knight? Factor of Five Out of Ten

Heading Off At The Pass

I?m told that the upcoming Marvel Western event has been changed. Instead of all of the books coming out in June, they will now be spread out into July and August as well. Additionally, I hear that future Marvel events like this may also shift to quarterly occurrences rather than have everything being released in a single month.

This Has A ?Get A Rope? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Our Worlds In Crisis

Contrary to an earlier rumor that George Perez will draw the entire issue of Infinite Crisis #6, I hear that his page count for that issue will be closer to 17, so that will still leave almost half the issue for the rest of the artistic team to handle.

(If true, there is a Minor Spoiler ahead. Don?t select the Inviso Text if you don?t want to know.)

I?m also told that the Multiverse will NOT be reestablished at the end of the miniseries. As before, there will be just one Earth.

This Has An ?Earth X? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Dead Aim

There?s a rumor going around that Phil Hester has made an interesting arrangement with Desperado. From what I?ve been told, the terms of the deal have Hester writing his next few creator owned projects exclusively through Desperado (one of which may be a reunion with his Coffin and Deep Sleeper collaborator, Mike Huddleston), while still allowing him to work for hire as a writer and/or artist for the big two (currently Marvel).

Though I hear he also has some books coming out from Markosia that predate this agreement?

This Has A ?Straight Shooter? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

The Brave And The Bolland

Speaking of Desperado, they?re also putting out The Art of Brian Bolland hardcover in May, through Image. And I?ve got an early look a few pieces, some of which haven?t been seen before?

This Has A ?Camelot 3000? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Magic Sword

Earlier this week on his message board, Chuck Dixon confirmed the news that he and Andy Smith will be the creative team for an ongoing Claw series from DC/Wildstorm. Dixon also briefly elaborated on what readers can expect from the new book:

    This will be an even mix of swords and sorcery. Nothing really historical except for the fact that Andy and I have agreed to set the series at a technological level to the height of the Viking Era (800-1000 AD roughly).

The main conceit of the original series remains the same, Valcan Scaramax (he has a last name now!) is cursed at birth by a demon and one of his hands is a hideous non-human claw. Almost everything else is changed as I abandon most of the sillier place names. His original 12 issue run was uneven at best and there’s not much continuity to retain.

The first arc concerns Claw making a deal with Satarina, an evil witch who wishes to see the world turned over to evil Lovecraftian beings from another dimension. Claw is the key to this.

Will there be violence, torture, decapitation and hot babes?

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

This one will have everything you want in a barbarian book with the addition of a sly sense of humor.

And there WILL be werewolves. But not in any way that you’d expect.

Between this news and the rumor that Brian K. Vaughan is writing fantasy book for Wildstorm, I have to wonder if there are more fantasy books planned for release. Dixon also mentioned that ?Wildstorm will be expanding into several different genres and licensed properties in the coming months.?

This Has A ?Demon Blade? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Hand of Fate

One of our ATR Agents Down Under sent us a few scans from Eddie Campbell?s upcoming book, The Fate of the Artist. Since our source was using his home scanner, the resolution isn?t quite as high as it could be. But the pages give us a taste of what we can expect to see when it comes out in May.

This Has An ?Immortality isn’t Forever? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Good Intentions

I hear that Martin Schenk and Todd Lincoln (the co-writers and director of the forthcoming Hack/Slash adaptation) have their own comic coming out from IDW in July called Road To Hell. From what I?ve been told, the story follows some unfortunate souls who are conned into stealing the Unholy Grail?

This Has A ?Route 666? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Answering The Call

I?ve received a few pages from Boom! Studios? upcoming Cthulhu Tales anthology, which will be coming out in May. These are from a story called Cthulhu Calls by Casey Grey with art and letters by Mark Badger.

This Has A ?Love That Lovecraft? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Grand Theft America

Rich DeDominicis, the art representative of Bryan Hitch, has put a notice on The Art of Comics regarding several pages from Ultimates 2:


    Issue #10

LOST ARTWORK! The package containing issue #10 arrived open and the following pages were missing:

Ultimates2 #10 pages 1-7, 10-23. If you see any of these pages being offered for sale consider them stolen and please report it to me. We’ll be happy to reward you for your help.

If anyone has any information regarding the missing artwork, DeDominicis can be reached at this link.

Art Attack

While we?re talking about original artwork, I thought you guys might like a glimpse at Greg Land?s Ultimate Fantastic Four #31 cover. Enjoy.

And we?re done. Special Thanks to Fred Pailliot for sending me Lee Bermejo?s color poster all the way from France!


PS If anyone has any rumors, stories or news to share, please email me at blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It?s greatly appreciated.

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