Well, after the last few specialised columns, it’s time for a mixed bag… and what a bag it is. Stuff about Marvel, DC, 2000 AD, Wizard and the start of a new appeal. But with a word count topping 5300, it has been decreed again that the column should be split… this time into three parts. So, Part One on Sunday; Part Two on Tuesday; Part Three on Thursday. And today it’s all about editorial changes!

Remember, these are rumours and gossip. If they were the word of God, your ears would be bleeding. And we don’t want a mess on the carpet. Don’t repeat these rumours as fact; do look to see what actual news columns are saying instead, but do sent comment to Kick Rich In The Bollocks, the message board section for this column.

Lex In Da Hood

A fair few years ago, DC produced a WB Studio Store version of SUPERMAN ADVENTURES #1 to be given away as a freebie as the book was being launched. Without Diamond’s distribution, DC had to ship the freebie a week or two before the store copies, to ensure it got to the WB stores in time.

So, the Warner Bros version was printed. Then Paul Levitz and Mike Carlin started kicking a stink up because… Lex Luthor was a black man.

Well, maybe. Marie Severin, the colourist had followed the Superman Adventures guidelines and had given Luthor a tanned flesh tone, as required and editorially approved.

However the Lex / Braniac… sorry, Levitz / Carlin team disagreed. The printer and separation house were contacted, the print run stopped and Lex Luthor was whitened up. The book shipped late with Lex of a pasty hue.

Patty Jeres, Xena Warrior Princess of DC Marketing told me “I can confirm that in this case we fixed a production error. We fix such errors whenever possible.”

Booyakasha, Patty!

This Has A Rage Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow

Rick Veitch has clarified some of the Alan Moore / Tomorrow Stories #8 incident that All the Rage broke on the ComiCon boards. He wrote “Alan told me the story wasn’t a satire or parody, but a retelling of an actual incident in the lives of L Ron Hubbard and another guy who’s name I can’t remember, but who worked at Cape Canaveral in the early days and dabbled in magic. Alan feels the story is on solid ground legally since the incident has been previously written about and published in the biographies of both guys.” He then confirmed “It was a Cobweb story”.

Nat Gertler, of About Comics, replied “It should be noted that DC previously published a tale of Mr. Hubbard, in the Del Close/John Ostrander anthology title Wasteland. I don’t know if that story got any sort of response which may have lead to this caution.”

But even better than that, a chap called ‘stroh’ wrote “to top it all off, DC has published this same exact story before in “The Big Book of Conspiracies”. Stroh continued, “The man you to whom you must be referring is John Whiteside Parsons. Parsons was a brilliant chemist and physicist who worked with NASA (there is a mountain on the moon named after him -“Parson’s Peak”). Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard together performed an infamous magick ritual known as “The Babylonian Working”.“

“Parsons was also an acolyte of Aleister Crowley’s. He joined Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientalis, and according to the account given in Adam Parfrey’s “Apocalypse Culture”, he was Crowley’s chosen successor. He died in an explosion while trying to reproduce Crowley’s recipe for creating an homonculus.”

“The story has become legendary among occultists and is recounted many times in alternative literature. Knowing of Alan Moore’s interest in magick and Fortean studies, this has to be the incident to which he was referring.”

I contacted Patty Jeres of DC, asking what has changed at DC since the Big Book was published so that Tomorrow Stories #8 has been delayed, if DC legal were persuaded by Alan Moore that the story was safe to run, as reported by Newsarama, why was that decision reversed? And finally what concerns DC with the story that they won’t publish it, despite the same story having been published in biographies about both the featured individuals without incident? But no response was forthcoming.

This has a Rage Value of Eight out of Ten.

Gene Bomb

Recently, a spate of similar stories has emerged. Currently they seem to revolve around in-jokes, or uses of characters outside of the DC Universe. However it’s not consistently applied, either.

Gene Ha posted to Usenet “On a similar subject, I’d like to talk about certain sight gags I’ve been throwing into Top Ten. I’ve been making swipes at DC lately in my art. One is an newspaper headline for a “Miracle Douche Recall”, which is both a swipe at Marvel (for forcing Moore’s version of Marvelman to become “Miracleman”) and DC (for the pulping of the LoEG issue with a Marvel Douche ad). In a second, I put an abstracted DC bullet on a slave owners shirt. The slave, ready to strangle his owner, is Alan Moore. The bullet logo was removed in the coloring stage without notifying me.”

“None of this was in the script. It was all my idea. I suspect Alan enjoyed the jokes, but he was not the one making fun of DC.”

”Oh, speaking of changes, the cowboy in front of Club Eternal originally had a face of exposed electronics, and Irma’s house had a TV modeled on the robot from Lost in Space. Sigh.”

This Has A Rage Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Cutting Words

Of course, it’s not all DC. Priest posted to Usenet about his own dialogue that’s been snipped of late in Deadpool #44.

“(1) Where Shulkie plows Wade into the AV’s lawn, he said, ‘I find myself oddly aroused.'”

“(2) Pondering the possible repercussions of the toxic milk, Titania briefly guesses, ‘Yeast infection.'”

This Has A Rage Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

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