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Time for me to bloody well get on with it, then, I suppose?

Message Board

It has been brought to my attention both on via my message board and by e-mail, that ATR is getting mentioned all over the web, fare and wide. This is good? all press is good press, after all. However, I would ask that a link back to the column is included too, please ? and also, it would be nice if you didn?t actually misquote me. Further, as a number of them are apparently derogatory, I have a request:

Use my message board too. There?s a link at the bottom of every column and I always check it a few times a week. If there?s anything you?d like clarifying or any points you?d like to air then please do it so that I can respond.

To get you all started we?ve constructed a poll called Performace Appraisal with the question ?How do you think Alan is doing so far?? The answers range from Donkey Poo up to Dog?s Danglies. After you?ve voted stop to comment on your reasons, I?ll keep my responses polite.

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Follow Up

The following comes from Davidson:

    It’s HENRY Scagnoli at New England Comics. Some sort of H confusion going on here? I think Henry was just about the only retailer at the RRP to go upstairs and see the Potter exhibit, and was also the only retailer to get any scuttlebutt out of any Warner people. Henry’s a very together guy…

That was a weird museum visit- retailers seemed to say “oh, the Actual “Born to” helmet from Full Metal Jacket. Wow! The REAL Maltese Falcon! “Check this memo from Jack Warner, and by the way, how are you guys doing on Yugi-Oh…”, and the museum disappeared under discussions about the comic biz. I was chatting with one fella, and only upon heading outside for a smoke did I realise we had been leaning on the case holding Warner’s six best-picture Oscars. Hadn’t noticed them…

Diamond returns: If it’s defective merchandise, Diamond pays for the return freight, if they ask for it to be returned. Sometimes they just ask that it be destroyed. We ship it prepaid, then claim a freight credit. After a month or two of incessant hounding, they’ll issue a freight credit. If you don’t keep reminding them, somehow it’s always “forgotten”. Has nothing to do with the CSR, it’s always been that way, no matter who’s been handling the account.

Why, thank you. I have e-mailed Diamond to ask for their comments on this laziness on their part but they haven?t bothered to reply, which probably sums up what any reply would have been. They?ve got a monopoly, what do they care?

This Has A ?Forgotten Credit? Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

Disney?s Diamond

Many thanks to Garrety for sending me a couple of links to get me started on this story.

The below is taken from:

    Diamond President and CEO Steve Geppi and Disney Licensed Publishing (an imprint of Disney’s Children’s Book Group) have announced plans for Diamond sister company Gemstone Publishing to revive a variety of comic books featuring many of the beloved Disney characters. This should come as exciting news to retailers looking for comics material with a proven ability to attract readers of all ages and demographics.

Interesting. I doubt the funds from any comic book venture would be of any great help to Disney (reportedly in dire financial straits) but it certainly won?t hurt.

    Under the agreement with Disney, Gemstone will be allowed to develop new comics based on the entire stable of standard Disney characters, and will also have the rights to create collections of previously published material, including the recognized work of gifted Disney artists Daniel Branca, Daan Jippes, Don Rosa, Noel Van Horn, William Van Horn, and the great Carl Barks, as well as others. This also entitles Gemstone to continue reprinting the classic Barks Library editions, which contain Barks’s world-renowned work with Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, and the other beloved citizens of Duckburg.

Hold up! Gemstone, part of Diamond will be developing their own comic books! The monopoly holding comic book distributor will be publishing comics based on some of the most recognised characters in the world! That can?t be right, that surely can?t be legal. Oh, and nice to see Diamond intend to screw over Don Rosa in the same way Disney?s international partners have been (see further down the article).

      To ensure the highest quality in its Disney comics, Gemstone is currently assembling a team of respected creators, including John Clark, Gary Leach, and Susan Daigle-Leach. These were the very people who comprised the editorial staff responsible for the high quality, Gladstone Comics’ acclaimed Disney titles that were so well received by collectors and fans. Gemstone’s new Disney offerings are expected to be available to the comics and book market in English-language editions throughout the United States, Canada, and the U.S. Territories and Possessions by early 2003. Furthermore, customer orders received by Gemstone through the publication, Previews, or the Previews (

    ), Gemstone (, or Disney ( websites, will be fulfilled and shipped.

Mmmmm? I?m sure there will be no bias in Previews for these comic books.

I guess Diamond should really be answering these questions:

Do you feel that as the only supplier for virtually every major and minor comic book company you are overstepping the mark in allowing your sister company to publish comic books based on some of the most recognised characters in the world (namely Gemstone publishing new Disney comic books)?

Do you believe that the major comic book publishers will be upset by this breach of trust on your part?

Will you be negotiating with Don Rosa so that he will get a percentage of profits made from all reprints of his material by Gemstone and thus end his strike?

Do you feel that Diamond?s monopoly hold on the distribution of comic books is detrimental to retailers?

Although we all know the answers given would be ?no?, ?no?, ?no/maybe/it?s a complicated situation? and ?no?!

Well one thing is for sure, there?ll be no new work from Don Rosa for the moment so they better not be counting on him.

Taken from:

    Don Rosa is on strike. The popular writer and artist of Walt Disney?s Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck comic books has finally put his foot down, after years of watching big-time European publishers use his name. ?I stopped work as of last June. I was getting too frustrated and bitter about being one of the most well-known cartoonists in Europe and not making a dime off it.?

Rosa said his beef is not with the Walt Disney Corporation; it?s with European publishers who regularly release hardbound books, album collections, and annual calendars of his work without compensating him. The final straw was an ad which appeared in a recent edition of Onkle Dagobert for an upcoming 450-page reprint collection titled, simply, Don Rosa.

I?m sure if you ask Gemstone nicely they?ll give you a cut of the money they?ll make on reprints of your work. Well by ?I?m sure? I sort of mean ?you?ve got a snowballs chance in Hell? but there you go, yet another creator screwed over.

    They hadn?t even bothered to ask if that title was OK with me,? Rosa said. ?They have gotten used to not dealing with me when they reprint my work. Aside from the lack of royalties, the results embarrass me. My stories are often reprinted with incorrect pages of art, the coloring is improper or incorrect, the lettering is poor or missing altogether, the computer reproduction is pixilated. And I don?t even know what?s going on in the translations of my scripts. But the readers, aside from naturally assuming I get compensated for the books, also assume I have some control and naturally blame me for the errors!

Perfectly true, I suspect they do and it?s a real shitter. All I can do is raise public awareness of your predicament, which I am doing here.

    The Donald Duck & Co. weekly is not simply the best-selling comic book in most of Europe; in many countries it?s the best-selling anything. One example: The Norwegian weekly sells 250,000 copies each week. No other publication outsells it. Per capita, that would be like a North American comic book selling about 80,000,000 copies every issue. And sales in Finland are even better, at 350,000 copies per week. One out of every four people reads the Donald Duck comic every week in these entire nations. Sales are also brisk in Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, and Germany and eastward across Europe through Russia, China, India, Indonesia, etc., and into Japan. I have no complaint with the use of my work in the weekly anthologies.

Bloody hell. That?s a lot of comics.

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Hasbro News

Talking about Monopoly, Hasbro (the games manufacturer) has just been fined several million ??s for price fixing in the UK!

How this?ll affect the price of their products isn?t clear but since they produce such things as STAR WARS toys it could be good news for collectors.

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More Generosity From Mile High Boss

Thanks to Barkovitch for spotting this.

Not content with buying Jim Lee (well a signing from him anyway) Chuck Rozanski has decided to do more to help the CBLDF. The Comic Book Legal Defence Fund helps such people as poor old Jesus Castillo (who was arrested for selling an adult comic book to an adult, the bloody comic was hidden away as he felt it shouldn?t have been displayed where children could buy it, the cop had to ask for it…he?s asking for it all right). The fund is always in desperate need of money and good old Chuck has decided to help further.

On Thanksgiving Day an Ebay auction started for the oldest CGC 10 grade comic book in the world, a donation from Mr. Rozanski. This issue of Thor (#156) is the only Silver Age 10.0 grade comic known to be around and it predates the next oldest 10 by 14 years.

In addition to this Mr. Rozanski has also donated loads of stuff to the CBLDF auction at the MidOhioCon and there?ll be a chance to bid on Ebay for a seat at the after signing dinner with Jim Lee (also for CBLDF funds).

Everyone at SBC would like to thank Mr. Rozanski for his enormous generosity that will ultimately help us all.

Please, if you can afford it, bid for any of the aforementioned items or simply donate cash now to the CBLDF.

The Thor auction ends on December 4th.

This Has ?Sod Altruism If That Don?t Appeal To You, This Is For Your Own Good? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

And Now? The Downside Of The Mile High Boss

If you are not currently signed up to received Bad Signal, Warren Ellis?s frequent ramblings and musings on whatever is currently pissing him off, you should do so immediately by dropping an email to:

Otherwise you?ll miss such classic moans as one entitled ?Hermitage?, wherein Ellis implies he?s going to reduce his time on the internet even further than just closing his Forum, and reveals some of his current disillusionment with the state of comics (his own notwithstanding, I?d assume).

However, the section relevant to Mile High Comics reads:

    There’s a retailer who takes the first printings of graphic novels, puts them in bags and sells them for higher than cover price.

OK, so it doesn?t come out and say that Mile High Comics is the culprit; however I?ve been sent two separate messages from Davidson and Percy, at least one of whom is a customer of MHC, indicating that charging extra for first printing trade paperbacks is not uncommon practice at MHC?

Oh dear.

This Has A ?Just When You Thought Comics Wasn?t All About Business? Value Of Five Out Of Ten

CrossGen On The Road Again

At long bloody last!

CrossGen are cool. I?ve said stuff about them before that has been misinterpreted but trust me I love their stuff and I?ve a lot of respect for their company. CrossGen are innovators, they?re not afraid to try new things. Forge and Edge are good examples of graphic novel anthologies that come out monthly, brilliant! (Maybe they?d like to send us some copies to give away as prizes?)

But not everyone likes this. Not everyone can afford to add CrossGen to their reading list. Worry not Scramm has sent me some news that?ll please ya.

CrossGen have a new innovation, ?Travellers?. These will be reduced size graphic novels comparable in size (5 3/16″ x 8 1/8″) with most Manga collections. Thanks to some jiggery pokery at CG?s printers they?re claiming they can deliver full colour comic books in this format with no loss in quality whatsoever. So sure are they that they?re dropping the size of Forge and Edge to the size, too. These babies will only set you back $7.95, the price of a paperback novel.

The Travellers will be printed in addition to (lagging far behind) the standard graphic novels and they?ll start with Scion and Meridian (as they have the widest age and cross gender appeal, important in book and record shops where these?ll also be sold). Each book will contain an incredible EIGHT issues (a saving of $15.65!!!!! [$2.95 each, right?]) along with some new, specially produced art!

Why am I so pumped? GREAT value, the promise of FANTASTIC production values and a wide distribution…you have to ask why? This is a comic book company really trying to get people reading comics, they aren?t just trying to appeal to the same old fanboys who go in week after week to the comic book stores they?re trying to open up and help this damned industry, fair play to them I say!

Now I?ve just got to sit back and wait for Ruse, Route 666 and some of the other titles I fancied reading to get the Traveller treatment.

This Has A ?Just Testing My PULSE? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

The Truth Is? Gonna Be A Bit Longer Than Expected

McVries has just sent me some information that Marvel?s excellent Truth is going to be a seven issue series instead of the advertised six. Originally the series was to end on a double issue but a decision was taken to split the final issue.

This Has A ?Media Stir? Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

Wizardworld.Com?s Owners Arrested, Assets Frozen

Gribble has sent me a few articles from the web including a rather nasty 25+ page legal document filled with nonsensical jargon that made me extremely glad I studied Biology at university, and not Law.

The basics of it all are:

  • wasn?t doing so well
  • The website was bought out by 800America
  • 800America are also involved with CrossGen?s comics on the web amongst other comic book sites (as well as a bunch of very well known and respected companies)
  • 800America was run by a couple of nasty individuals with fraud and drug smuggling pasts (as well as vague hints of murder for life insurance)
  • The company was falsifying statements and other nasty things
  • The SEC has moved in, frozen their assets and arrested them


The repercussions? Well was originally the on-line division of Wizard. It?s a good site that lets you keep track of the value of your comic book collection, buy stuff, subscribe to Wizard products and get details on upcoming events, that sort of thing. When it started it all went pear shaped and the 800America thing seemed like a good idea. With the money injected in the site actually started to do quite well and stood on it?s own two feet. Wizard got money sent to them and all was well. Recently their cheques have been bouncing and with the above news the you-know-what has really hit the fans.

The site is still there, it?s still being maintained for the moment. All those involved are adamant it?ll keep on going but they could be in big trouble. 800America was using the companies it bought as shells for illegal activities and this could mean that the site will have to shut down for the duration of all investigations, perhaps even for good.

Wizard have reacted swiftly by producing This site is very basic at the moment but it has promise and it allows fans to subscribe and buy stuff safe in the knowledge that it?s Wizard they are dealing with. Perhaps in time Wizard may build in all the services from the old site and figure out a file transfer protocol for people to move their collection details across before Wizardworld is (if it will be) shut. Frankly at the moment nobody knows but it is good to see Gareb Shamus et. al. reacting swiftly like this.

This Has An ?All Up In The Air? Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Green Finned Thing To Marry

Stebbins has sent me details of why Savage Dragon #104 was solicited in Previews with a blank page.

Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen?s baby, finally returned home for his 100th issue. The issue was a tightly guarded secret, so tightly guarded that Larsen decided that any information on #104 would ruin #100 (which wasn?t out when #104 was being solicited).

From the Image website:

    At the conclusion of Savage Dragon #100, the Dragon was reunited with his long-lost love, Jennifer Murphy, and her daughter, Angel. This is the next logical step and one that will lead to a whole new realm of possible stories,” said Larsen. “Being part of a family is much different from being single and that changed dynamic alters everything. When Dragon was single, he didn’t have to concern himself as much with his actions — now that he’s married he’d think twice about tying the villainous Dung to a lamp post with his intestines. That’s just the sort of thing kids at school might make fun of.”

“While I don’t like the idea of giving retailers no information about an issue, the timing on this one made it necessary,” Larsen said. “When the solicitation information for Savage Dragon #104 was due, issue #100 hadn’t come out and I didn’t want to telegraph Jennifer’s return at the end of that story by talking about their upcoming wedding or showing off a cover with her on it. I knew it was a risk to solicit the book without any artwork or information, but I didn’t want to spoil the ending of my 100th issue. Now that Savage Dragon #100 has come out, it seemed like a good idea to spill the beans.”

So, get your invite to the latest comic book wedding. Savage Dragon #104 is out in January but Image are encouraging advanced reorders.

This Has A ?She?s Marrying That, At Least Superman Looks Human? Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Wolverine Gets A Bodycount

Baker has let me know that we?ll get to see Wolverine?s wild side in the next X-Men film (X2). Apparently the character loses it and releases a full berserker fury as bloody as any seen in the comic books.

This Has A ?Snikt-Ity Snikt? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

Keep On Trekkin?

It was to be expected, wasn?t it? Hands up who really thought Nemesis would really be the last Star Trek film? Thought as much.

Well the big news is Star Trek 11 is gonna be made, and Rick Berman is working on it right now. It could see the return of a wide mix of characters from any of the series including Enterprise.

As usual we?ll have to wait and see.

Thanks to Hough for this item.

This Has A ?Warp Factor? Value Of Five Out Of Ten

Oh Deary Me

Parker has sent in a nice e-mail about Marvel. It?s not so much not a rumour but, as s/he puts it, falls into the category of “we?ll whore our characters any which way for a buck.”

What am I on about? Visit:

To quote:

    Put Our Super-Powers to Work at Your Next Event

If you haven’t thought about using the Marvel characters to create excitement at your next special event, think again!

Let Spider-Man and his amazing friends spark sales at your store or draw crowds to your next big promotion. Infuse your school assembly with the dynamic, positive energy of the Marvel characters — and get your important message across in a way your audience will remember … forever!


The site feature wonderful pictures and video clips for you to, um, enjoy isn?t quite the right word, unless you?re one of those who like to watch car crashes.

    Choose from the following Marvel characters:

Captain America, Cyclops, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, Elektra, Green Goblin, Hulk, Invisible Woman, Iron Man, Jean Grey, Magneto, Mister Fantastic, Psylocke, Silver Surfer, Rogue, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man, Storm, Thing, Wolverine.

If you’re worried about costs, we have the solution. Whether you want to arrange a “Meet & Greet” appearance with one hero, or have a “Who Wants To Be a Super Hero Show” with many heroes or villains, Marvel will help you stay within budget. Our wall-crawling pal Spider-Man and his amazing friends can web their way around town in a hurry, so they can make multiple appearances in one day. And if that’s not enough, you can even co-op with other stores, schools, sponsors or corporations in your area to share the expense!

Ah, isn?t that nice…

I won?t say too much more as I?d hate to ruin the sheer wonder of the, um, beautifully made costumes.

This Has An ?Oh Dear…Oh Dear, Oh Dear? Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

More Message Board Madness

Following up our previous porn articles, I thought you might like to see this lovely exchange on the Brian Michael Bendis board. We can blame Olson for this one:

    Is transsexual porn bad? [Post#: 84761]

I don’t really have an opinion on this matter. I just thought that we needed a little diversity in here. But please, by all means share your thoughts.

11/28/02 03:39 AM

And the reply:

    I can’t live without it!!! [Post#: 84775 / re: 84761]

For those who think they may be missing something in their usual porn habits, try this site:

Makes you wonder what?ll show next up in Alias, doesn?t it?

This Has A ?Well, Is It Bad?? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

Not Again!

ATR scores another mention on Peter David?s site this week (but no link this time Mr. David!) This is definitely the last time I?m running with this story but here we go again:


Gwen will be working Saturdays, 11 to 5, at the New England Comics Allston Store. She actually worked in one of the other stores yesterday. When one customer bought Supergirl, she gave him a big thumbs up and said, “You should always buy this comic.” He looked at her in utter bewilderment and said, “Yeaaah, it’s, uh, pretty good,” and then beat feet out of there hastily.

So swing on by Saturdays and say hi.


Right, that?s it.

Thanks to The Major for spotting our requisite Peter David item.

This Has An ?Enough Already!? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

American Guides

Just a quick promo for a website that Abraham found via the Neil Gaiman Journal:

This is a fantastic site devoted to Neil Gaiman?s novel, American Gods. You?ve got a complete list of and details for all the Gods mentioned in the book. It?s a must for all Gaiman fans.

This Has A ?Car On A Frozen Pond? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

Superman Kicks Clark?s Ass

Wyman spotted an interview with former Superman star Dean Cain on the TV Guide On-line website. Detect any bitterness about Smallville from Cain? Or perhaps he?s such a big comic book fan he?s being pedantic:


      Who would win in a deathmatch between you and


    ‘s Superman Tom Welling?

Cain: He does not play Superman.

TVGO: Ouch. Okay, Clark Kent…

Cain: That’s right.

TVGO: Who would win?

Cain: C’mon. It’s a man against a boy.

This Has An ?I?m Not In The Least Bit Bitter? Value Of Six Out Of Ten

The Fable Of Free Speech

In a move that probably hasn’t been seen in comics before, a creator has actually been encouraged to leave the message boards related to his monthly book!

Pearson has informed ATR that Bill Willingham of Fables fame was getting a little bit too demanding and stroppy on the Fables message board, so DC gently encouraged him to dip out and just leave the fans to it. It seems that they wouldn’t give him the power to police the boards as he saw fit, so the only option was for him to leave them behind.

If it?s true then it is quite an interesting turn of events for a creator to bully his fans and then get taken down for it? of course, if DC wanted to do the right thing they should just buy new regular penciller Mark Buckingham a PC, give him broadband and access to the forum, and just watch the sparks fly!

Mind you, this isn?t without precedent, as readers may remember problems on certain message boards with fans having an adverse reaction to Ron Zimmerman taking offence at criticism of his writing for Marvel? leading to Ron leaving said message boards?

Now, who?s got stroppy at Image?

This Has A ?Just Who Did The Right Thing?!? Value Of Five Out Of Ten

Vertigo Picks A Winner With The Losers

Further to our previous items on this subject, it looks as though Andy Diggle and Jock are the latest creators to be snatched from Tharg’s hands over at 2000AD.

They will be debuting their new Vertigo series The Losers sometime in 2003, and in the meantime will be working on various Hellblazer-related books. Andy is writing the Lady Johanna Constantine mini (which is being labelled as Hellblazer Presents? and not Sandman Presents?, even though Johanna is actually one of Neil Gaiman’s babies) and Jock will be pencilling a fill-in (issue 181) for the regular title. What this means for the future of Lenny Zero is anyone’s guess. Diggle and Jock (try saying that 10 times in a row really quickly) can currently be found loitering on the DC Hellblazer message boards if you are looking for them.

This Has A ?Splundig Vur Thrigg? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

2000AD – Minus Two Again?!

Speaking of 2000AD and the growing list of creators being poached by American publishers, Jan has sent us some gossip to suggest that Simon Spurrier and Richard Elson of ?The Scrap? may be next. It seems quite likely as all eyes are now firmly looking at 2000AD to provide the next wave of British creators to wash up on American shores. With the recent DC pickups of Andy Diggle and Jock (as mentioned above) as well as Robbie Morrison for The Authority, it seems to be a bit of a race to discover the next budding Alan Moore, Alan Grant or Grant Morrison.

This Has An ?As Always, Wait And See? Value Of Four Out Of Ten

21 Down: A Crossword Question?!

It seems as though some creators are now on a roll with various new projects getting green-lit based on the popularity of their current work. Is it any wonder then that Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti (of 21 Down & The Resistance fame) raised a few eyebrows when they started talking about the DC character The Question in interviews?! Not only was it an interesting insight into their own preferences as creators, but it also followed hot on the heels of a recent DC announcement that a new series of The Question was actually in the works for 2003. Apparently they had received an exciting proposal and were now good to go although nothing could be announced at this time.

When asked to comment, Justin said that they were not working on The Question, but they were working on an entirely new series for DC instead. Fingers crossed that it’s not another Lab Rats!

Many thanks to Harkness for letting us in on this one.

This Has A ?Make Sure You’re Asking The Right Question? Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Advice To All Retailers

The following came in from Percy. It?s nice to know Spawn is good for something:

      Why would it help the retailer is Todd caught up? Every issue of


      is returnable to Diamond Therefore, no retailer is ever stuck with a copy of


      they can’t sell. You can’t say that about





Good lord, I certainly don’t hope Todd ever get on schedule, here’s why:

As a retailer the nice thing about Spawn comics being so late is the fact that you can always get the highest image discount on your order. It works like this? Image has a discount rate that is determined by the dollar amount of image you order. The more money you spend the higher the discount. The nice thing about Spawn being late is you can get a better discount by just ordering a ton of Spawn. Then when Diamond sends you a notice that Spawn is late therefore eligible for adjustments to your order you just lower the number to what you actually sell but you still keep the high discount rate that you initially earned. It’s quite lovely.

So, small retailers and those not using this loophole already pay attention there?ll be a big outlay to begin with but once you get running with it you won?t notice and you?ll recoup all you?ve spent and get your Image comics cheaper!

This Has A ?Helping The Retailers Wherever I Can? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

Well that would appear to be that for another week.

Remember if you hear any gossip/rumour/news or anything interesting at all related to the comic book industry just drop me a line. All sources are treated as confidential unless you specifically request publicity.

If I?ve annoyed you, entertained you or if you just want to chat then visit my Message Board right away!


Alan Donald – Signing off safe in the knowledge that I am again 3 years younger than Rich Johnston (at least for 3 months).

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