Captain Cass

The new artist for the Captain America under the Marvel Knight’s banner is none other than fangirl heartthrob, Planetary’s John Cassaday.

John, who first gained mainstream attention with his work on Wildstorm’s Desperadoes was instrumental in giving Planetary its unique look, under Warren Ellis’ guidance. What this will mean for Planetary’s already irregular schedule is unknown.

The writer for the project isn’t clear, maybe Brian Azzarello, maybe Mark Millar, maybe Greg Rucka, maybe John himself, but either way John is slated to draw six issues of the relaunched patriotic paragon.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Bye, Bye, Swampy

Swamp Thing by Brian K. Vaughan, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Cameron Stewart will be cancelled in October. Issue 20 will be the final one, published in October, as Tef? learns the true story of the creation of the world.

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I’ve been hearing the same rumour from a couple of sources, including Marvel staff, that the editorial position on New X-Men is a little strange – that Grant Morrison deals directly with Joe Quesada rather than the book’s editor, Mark Powers, and that while contact with artist Frank Quitely was easy as they had a personal relationship, it was less easy with new fill-in artist Ethan Van Scriver

I was told that Ethan had been asked not to talk directly to Grant Morrison, but to go through Mark Powers, who would go through Joe Quesada who would talk to Grant – which could be a bit tricky. I was also told that a lack of direct contact with a writer and his editor may have contributed to the books tardiness.

Joe Quesada was on hand to put the story straight, saying “Mark and Grant have a great relationship. Both he and Peter Franco talk and e-mail exchange with Grant all the time.

“As for Ethan, that’s utter rubbish, there have been no instructions not to contact Grant at all. Grant is a pretty easy guy to work with and from what I’ve seen quite open to input, however, sometimes he isn’t the easiest guy to get a hold of since he has a habit of letting his answering machine fill up. The bulk of my communication with Grant occurs via e-mail or when he’s in town or at conventions. This isn’t unusual since I know several creators who prefer e-mail to the phone.

“Phew, I’m glad you didn’t figure out that JK Rowling was the new writer on Cap!”

I’m gonna hit him, I really am.

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WildCats Is Dead! Long Live WildTwats!

It’s been confirmed that Wildcats #28, by Joe Casey and Sean Philips, will be the last in the series, as Voodoo comes to a crossroads. Shipping in October, DC/Wildstorm indicate the beginning of a new chapter soon, describing it is “most unexpected.”

Unexpected my arse. We’ve said it’s a new mature readers version to match the relaunched Authority and Brubaker’s boom for ages now. Unless of course they bring back Grifter wearing a tutu.

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Chucked Dixon?

If anyone is feeling sorry for Chuck Dixon after Marvel Knights was cancelled, and wonder how he’ll cope financially, don’t be. In October, he’ll be writing for DC; Joker: Last Laugh Secret Files 1, Joker: Last Laugh #1 – #5, Birds Of Prey #36, Nightwing #62, Batgirl #21, JLA #59(!), and Robin #95.

Eleven books. I think he’ll cope.

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Making Contact

What a lucky soul I was, browsing for info on my favourite creators when I came across a page that listed their home addresses. And a hundred others. Attached to a convention website, I contacted the organiser who promptly removed it. Not before I cut and pasted it into my address book obviously…

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Marv Goes To War

Farscape, as announced here way back, is out in October from DC/Wildstorm. The first mini-series is called War Torn and is written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by Robert Teranishi, Carlos Mota and Keith Aiken.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 9 Out Of 10

Whatever Happened To Battle Chasers?

Battle Chasers has never been what you might call a punctual title. At Cliffhanger, the book was regularly late, to the despair of retailers and fans alike. Some of the blame for this was put at Wildstorm’s door – who didn’t exactly have a stunning record of on-time books. The move to Image was meant to change that. Still, the latest issue was meant to be ready and waiting to ship in June… Blame recent fatherhood. Joe hopes to get #9 for mid July and #10 for November.

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Hard Girl

Danger Girl is to be collected as a hardback in October, titled “The Ultimate Collection,” complete with the intro story from the New Horizons Voyager Pack as well as all the covers and sketchbooks with and into by Bruce Campbell. I warn you, they’re calling this “Volume One”…

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Fifty Nude Spider Jerusalems Fifty

Also in October, Transmetropolitan reaches its 50th issue, with Spider and his Filthy Assistants, as they begin tearing up the City. Joy! And the return of Fred…

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Eye Teeth

Super writer Darko Macan will be writing a Sandman Presents… Corinthian mini-series with Danijel Zezelj on art, beginning in October.

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War Reporting

Garth Ennis and John Higgins are doing more war stuff with a one-shot War Story: D-Day Dodgers following the plight of WWII soldiers fighting in Italy while the world was watching France.

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‘Tis The Season To Be All The Rage

San Diego is almost upon us. And no I’m not going. But if you are…

Keep your eyes and ears open, especially at the bar. Private conversations between drunken comic creators are best – especially the Scottish ones. Anything and everything you hear that maybe you weren’t supposed to hear, you know the score. E-mail me at and I promise to preserve anonymity.

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P45’s All Round…

There’s a reason this column has been lacking for the last few weeks. Basically I’ve been fighting to keep my job – that fight had just failed. This means:

  • I’ll have more time to write.
  • I’ll have more time to draw
  • The columns will be better. Hopefully this one’s a start.

Until then, anyone London-based with a few good media contacts and know of anyone looking for an advertising copywriter or scriptwriter, give me a shout on

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