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Last week LUISN won a signed comics prize pack from our sponsors Dynamic Forces. All LUISN did was to correctly identify that all our secret Rage-mite codenames came from the New X-Men. This week even though we are still using our special codenames to protect the names of the innocent and not so innocent, our sponsors have decided to mix things up a little. Write in your guesses for the source of the codenames, anyhow. We love hearing from you, and you?ll get to see your name in ?lights? next week in All The Rage.

Starting Monday, though, SBC and Dynamic Forces will have a very special competition for you to enter and win a fabulous prize. This is a biggie; I kid you not… You can win this original art for DF’s Exclusive Darkness Prelude by the master of mood setting, Jae Lee. Take a gander:

All you need to do is answer four questions to be in to win this beauty, and SBC’s made it so easy by providing a cute little competition form for you to fill out right here: http://www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com/contest/. Could it be any easier? Well, yeah, if we told you that one of the answers can be found by checking out one a story below, that makes it a lot easier!

First item on the agenda is for our UK readers (and those within the BSkyB transmitter range):

Barrucci In The UK

For all the UK fans that have been following Dynamic Forces for these past 10 years, they’re inviting you to a Birthday Party! February is Dynamic Forces 10th Anniversary – and DF is going to celebrate by pulling out all the stops on QVC UK! They are flying in for a special show at 9:00 PM on February 21st for 2 hours of non-stop collectible comics and fun!

Dynamic Forces President Nick Barrucci has prepared a B-Day Spectacular unlike any other! He’s bringing everything but the kitchen sink – from DF’s world-renowned signed and authenticated comics, hard covers, trading cards — including rare uncut trading card sheets, limited edition alternative covers and more! Signatures will include such famous comic book creators like Stan “The Man” Lee (you may have heard of him), and such television actors as Danny Strong from Buffy and the late Glenn Quinn who played Doyle on Angel. Also, Nick will be bringing you Star Trek movie memorabilia from the late 70’s and early 80’s, CGC graded books and so much more!

So mark your calendars for 9:00 PM on February 21st as this is your chance to enjoy comic, sci-fi, and fantasy collectibles like no other show! Be sure to check out http://www.dynamicforces.com to confirm the time of the show and for additional information — you can also sign up for the DF newsletter to have the latest news and info delivered right to your mailbox!

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Wait No More

Word has come my way that the long awaited third volume of The Waiting Place is due for release later this year.

Simon provided us with this snippet of info. Thanks!

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Vertigo A Go-Go

Matt has passed on a rumour that DC may be bringing back Swamp Thing with Andy (Lady Constantine / Judge Dredd Vs Aliens / The Losers) Diggle in the driving seat. Mr. Diggle hasn’t made any mention of this himself, which is hardly surprising considering Mr. Diggle’s last job (he was the editor of 2000AD so he knows to keep his gob shut if the boss tells him to). Matt alleges that Swamp Thing’s appearance in Lady Constantine and Mr. Diggle’s new Vertigo series, The Losers are all a prelude to this very hush hush project. DC are apparently using these projects to raise Mr. Diggle’s profile and give him a chance to gain confidence as a writer before unveiling him as the next Alan Moore with a spanking new Swamp Thing series.

This Has A “Boggy Creature” Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

The Beek Knows

Quick bit from my message board. TVerBeek posted the following:

    For the record, it’s not DC’s fault that Marvel Enterprises snagged the “Captain Marvel” trademark way back when. It was up for grabs because Fawcett stopped publishing the adventures of the Man from S.H.A.Z.A.M. It wasn’t until after Marvel registered the trademark for themselves that DC got involved in the situation by buying the rights to Billy Batson and his big friend.

Also for the record, contrary to your quote by PAD, the Gaiman v. McFarlane case didn’t involve the rights to Captain Marvel’s British cousin, and definitely didn’t take the rights away from McFarlane. The only reason Miracleman’s name even came up is that McFarlane had once offered to swap him for the Spawniverse characters that the case was about. So there’s really no legal chutzpah involved in him advertising a Miracleman statue.

I understand DC bought up Fawcett as soon as they bankrupted the company through legal machinations and that it was DC?s inactivity after buying the characters that led to Marvel getting in there and claiming the naming rights. Does anyone have definitive evidence to settle our difference of opinion between Mr. Ver Beek and myself?

As far as the whole PAD comments goes, I quoted the man directly. I know that the court case had nothing to do with MM, you know that and so do most of the readership. I also believe that Mr. David knows this too, his quote does not specifically refer to Spawn case. What hasn’t been reported widely is that the rights to Miracleman are also up in the air with hearings being scheduled. The trademark issue is far from settled and it is more than likely these hearing that Mr. David was referring to.

This Has A “Only The Lawyers’ll Win” Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

Campbell Shuts Up Shop

Bad news for fans of Eddie Campbell, renowned for his thinly-veiled autobiographical story Alec, his sixty-odd issue series Bacchus, and co-creator of From Hell:

      I have ceased publishing new work for the foreseeable future.

Egomania #2

      is the final release from Eddie Campbell Comics. I conceived


      in a moment when

From Hell

    was bringing in so much revenue that I could afford to indulge myself and put out a magazine which made no compromises to market expectations. I wanted to do a mag made up of my enthusiasms, pure and simple, presented in a precise and attractive typographical setting. I also wanted it to be such an eclectic mix of stuff that it would confound the comics purists who attempt to oppress and stultify our medium by straight-jacketing it with their definitions and rules. It?s time to broaden our vision instead of narrowing it. I knew the thing had no chance in the current market and that the clock was ticking as soon as I started. The collapse of my US distributor last year hurried things to an early conclusion.

Egomania #1 and #2 are still available. The latter has the wittiest and most engaging interview with Alan Moore that you will read anywhere. Also, I take pride in the fact that in the eight years since I started self publishing I have managed to get my entire catalogue, more or less, back into print. There are the four Alec, or autobiographical books, the nine Bacchus books, and the enormous collected From Hell. If you haven?t picked up After The Snooter yet, go and check it out. I put everything into that one and I believe it?s the goods. All of these books and more will continue to be available from Top Shelf Productions, or from myself. I expect my new serial The History of Humour will resurface in some way or other. There?s a new ?Playwright? story by Daren White and myself in the current Dee Vee special. And I?ll be showing up at quite a few conventions this year too (if United Airlines, under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, continue to honour my squillion frequent flyer points).

For the rest of the year I?ll be working on a one-off Batman book, writing and painting. (I seem to have got into this gig by a series of peculiar accidents). In a way it could be viewed as a development of my interview with old Batman artist Lew Sayre Schwartz in Egomania #1. I?ll also be revisiting From Hell territory since the book is set in London in 1939 and involves a complicated mystery and a very eccentric secret society. I?m enjoying applying myself to the full colour painted pages and escaping from the travails of dealing with pre-press problems, printing problems, distribution problems, importation problems and all the other bureaucratic interruptions that have distracted me from the important work over the last few years. I won?t say more about the project at this stage except that to my surprise I am reinventing myself anew on every page. At the current page (#8) it?s impossible to imagine how it will look at the end. So look for news on this later in the year.

Until then,
Adios, Eddie Campbell.

I can?t help but feel it?s the end of an era.

This Has A ?We?ll Meet Again?? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

The Big Two

This week I had an interesting e-mail from a Rage-mite we shall call Peter. He provided some information to ruminate on?

It’s strange really the big two, Marvel and DC, have of late been showing some real differences. Does that make sense? I’ll explain; DC does everything it can to prevent any news leaking out about new projects (stupid, stupid, stupid idea) whereas Marvel does everything possible to build up buzz for new projects (see below). Marvel only prints comics to order with (aside from the odd anthology) no reprints (stupid, stupid, stupid idea) whereas DC overprints titles that are going to be big sellers, reprint things that sell well and come up with projects like ?Share the Risk? (see below).

In the last few weeks Marvel have been announcing their ‘big projects’ at least one of which has its own web page already, http://www.seanmckeever.com/sentinel>Sentinel. As well as art and descriptions from the series there’s all the information a potential fan could want, a countdown to the release date, the order code, the last date to order it and the price. More information will be added as Marvel leak it.

DC’s Bob Wayne has been talking on the web about their new Share The Risk program. This is a program DC trialled last year. What it boils down to is a degree of returnability on a few titles. At present it isn’t really that big a deal but if the next stage of the program is successful then DC may expand it further.

Of course, one big difference between the two over the last couple of years has been output ? as analysed a while ago, Marvel tend to put out 40 or so books per month, DC up in the 70s. This looks to be all changing, Marvel touch 60-odd in the latest previews, and there?s no sign of this saturation being a one-off? looks like Marvel want to up their dollar share figures?

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24 The Game?

No, it isn’t but the popular TV series must have had an influence on the latest X-Men game release. In X-Men 2: Wolverine’s revenge you guide the Kanuckle-head through the worst 48 hrs of his life. The game is loosely tied to the X2 film and it will reveal a great deal about Wolverine’s origins, particularly the Weapon X facility. There are loads of cameos from X-Men characters and a great plot. Look out for this one on all platforms in time for the movie release.

Thanks to Fred for showing some enthusiasm for this gaming project.

This Has A “Snikkt” Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

New Heroclix

As well as all new characters, reworkings of previous WizKids products and their continuing expansion through the DC and Marvel back catalogue there are some new HeroClix to look out for soon. The Indy line will feature characters from an extremely diverse selection of comic books and companies. First up, and very much on show at last weeks London Toy Fair, were two offerings from the Rebellion stables; Judge Dredd and Johnny Alpha. Both of these look great and they will make fine additions to the existing lines.

This Has A “Amused For Hours” Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

Free Comic Day

Here’s an online comic that had me wetting my pants:


Go check it out, it’s hilarious and so, so true.

Thanks to Goldie for spotting this knicker soaker for me.

This Has A “Play It Again And Again” Value Of Ten Out Of Ten


…Everyday Doomsday, that is. Everyday Doomsday is the first collection of the Wretch series (by Phil Hester from SLG) it will be out in April and will have in it the entirety of the Wretch‘s SLG published issues. The second volume is called The Devil’s Lullaby and this is out in June. This book will contain all the Caliber published stories. The last volume is From the Cradle to the Grave, due in August. This final volume will collect all of the fragmented Wretch appearances across a wide range of different titles.

This Has A “One To Look At” Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

New Horizons, Same Old Story

HUGE NEWS! It’s everywhere! DC has a new promotional publication out in February. Yawn? typically DC is hyping this fabulous project whilst sitting on news of all the new titles and stories that might interest people. Horizon will be a free 8 page publication that’ll look at things right across the DCU (including imprints). DC have taken pains to point out that this will have “actual comics pages.” Each month retailers will get as many free copies of Horizon as copies of Superman that they order. Later they will be able to order Horizon in bundles of 50 for $5. Fantastic!

I’ll just let all my sarcasm drip out of the above paragraph before I go on. A monthly, 8-page publication that only those who order Superman will get free. Perhaps retailers did ask for “actual comics pages” but I suspect they were wanting a little more than this. It is good that DC are doing something like this but I just can’t help being cynical when there was so much more that could have been done, more pages, free to all retailers and so on.

This Has A “Not So Free” Value Of Three Out Of Ten

Wong On Hong Kong

Karrie pointed out to us that Tony Wong and Doug Moench have a new Batman graphic novel out in June. Batman: Hong Kong is going to be a 128-page hardcover graphic novel. Batman uncovers a serial killer broadcasting his kills on the internet and he travels to Hong Kong to put a stop to it. Along the way Batsy’ll meet superheroes, villains and family feuds.

This Has An “Order My Copy Today!” Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

More Movie Madness

The whole Superman/Batman movie thing just got murkier again. I’m sure that we’ll get there in the end, but for now?

Liz has been taking lessons from Harry Knowles, she says Christopher Nolan is apparently going to direct the next Batman movie. Mr. Nolan has given interviews confirming that he is directing. At the same time there are report that Batman: Year One is still in production with both Frank Miller and Darren Aronofsky reporting that they’re still working on it. On top of these Catwoman is supposed to be on the way with Ashley Judd as Selina and with Pitof directing. Batman: The Frightening came briefly back out into the spotlight again last week but it promptly disappeared again. Batman Beyond, the live action film of the animated TV show, has disappeared without a trace. Birds of Prey has long folded.

In the Supercamp, Armageddon‘s Michael Bay was being put forward as the director of Superman but this has been torpedoed as a load of tosh. Brett Ratner has spoken out to confirm he is still on the project. They’re having trouble casting the Man of Steel, as Ratner is determined he’s going to do a trilogy with the same lead for all three films (a ten year commitment). Ratner wants to tell a single story over all 3 films and he insists he’ll direct them all.

This Has A “For Pity?s Sake Get It Together” Value Of One Out Of Ten

Look Out, There’s A Hulk About

Advice from Sarah:Take a deep breath and head down the shops. Go into every store and savour the atmosphere as it is for the moment. Come later in the year everything is going to change? it’ll go green for starters. The Incredible Hulk is going to dominate every facet of your shopping experience this year. Trust me on this the Jade Giant has his ugly visage slapped across everything imaginable.

You couldn’t turn around at the UK Toy and Hobby Fair without bumping into him on yet another product with him on. Daredevil may have a big push in the US but internationally there’s virtually nothing, save for 2 companies producing plush dolls. Not even Toybiz bothered to show off any DD toys at the London Fair. There were some great X2 figure sets and retractable Wolvie claws on show too but not even the merry mutants could come close to Hulk’s presence.

This Has A “Smash? Crash? Merchandise” Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

Hairsine Off Cap

Bloody great. The fantastic, former Com.X artist Trevor Hairsine is off Captain America and instead Jae Lee will take over. No word as to why except to say that Hairsine will be doing a very high profile and very secret project.

I’m racking my brains here and Marvel Man comes to mind. But I’m pretty damned sure Bucky’ll be doing that, though Hairsine would make a good alternative. All the same it does mean we’re being deprived a great talent. It may only be a little while but it’s still bloody annoying.

Of course, Cla$$war was hideously delayed during Hairsine?s three-issue run due to the artist drawing and redrawing every single panel (or so it seemed like) and taking three months over each issue. With Marvel committing to a monthly schedule for Cap it was obvious from the start that Hairsine and Cap would not be a good fit?

The good news is that Jae Lee, in an upcoming interview to be posted here on SBC, comments that his work on Captain America is perhaps his best work in his career so far. Judge for yourself!

This Has A “Swings And Roundabouts” Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

Down The Sink

Mark tells us that Kitchen Sink Press have had a bit of a problem. Their sprinkler system ran into a few problems leading to their warehouse getting a 2 hour soaking and then a deep freeze. Denis Kitchen has asked that everyone is a bit patient with them at the moment while they sort everything out.

This Has A “Icicles Hanging” Value Of Five Out Of Ten

Gaiman On The Radio

Neil Gaiman was on comedian Phill Jupitus’ Radio 6 morning show this week. The irony of this is that despite Radio 6 being a UK radio station from the BBC very few people in the UK probably heard it. Radio 6 is a digital radio station and as such requires a special and currently expensive radio to play it. The alternative is to hear it on satellite TV or the Internet, more likely the latter. Which leads me to wonder if Mr. Gaiman’s appearance on UK radio was more widely listened to around the globe than in the country it was broadcast from. Ironic really as that’s a good description of Mr. Gaiman’s career, an incredible writer who is very famous across the globe but not that well known in the UK. Shame.

This Has A “Getting Better” Value Of Six Out Of Ten

AOL Time Warner DC

Surely you’ve seen this news around the place DC’s parent company is in hock for $100 Billion? Ted Turner is out and there’s talk of some of the smaller divisions being sold off. Denials have flown around and for once I believe them. DC is safe, there’s no way they’d get rid of the licensing cash cow that brought them such bankable franchises as Batman and Superman. What is unlikely is that DC’ll buy Marvel if the Sony deal falls, so that’s one rumour scuppered. What does all this mean? Nothing really, once you’re rich enough and powerful enough everyone’ll bail you out. AOL will bounce back within a few years and dominate the industry.

Duncan provided us this info, but we?re not sure whether to thank him or not.

This Has A “Sinking Ship” Value Of Four Out Of Ten

Marvel To Travel

Marvel have hinted this week that they be moving to something similar to the CrossGen Traveller volumes for their Essential Collections. Marvel Masterworks will be returning, finally, though it does look as though they will be starting at the beginning again and may well be Barnes & Noble exclusives.

Good news for all Marvel zombies then, according to Ellis.

This Has A “Dusting Off The Classics” Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Reviving Freddie

Coincidental news here? Queen’s ?Flash Gordon? theme has started to get some airplay again recently, thanks to a rave remix (is it still called rave music, I get lost). The coincidence here is that I have received word this week that Flash Gordon will be coming to a comic store near you soon. My source had no further details as to which company nor who the creative team would be but they did make it clear it’d be big.

Curry, our source, wants to dress up in a Ming costume for any potential artists.

This Has A “Saviour Of The Universe” Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Paying For The Bandwidth!

Before I sign out of the column for this week, here are a few words from our sponsor, Dynamic Forces:

      DC is heating up this coming April with

The Flash

      racing towards a showdown with Professor Zoom, the return of


      , the debut of Mark Millar’s


      mini-series, a new Alex Ross poster featuring the


    , and much more!

DF will be on hand with the best, authenticated, signed versions of these awesome comics and collectibles! Check out what we’ve put together:

All Products are scheduled to ship in April, 2003, with the Signed Version of Red Son #1 set to ship in June and the Signed JLA Poster set to ship in October!

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All done. Bruce turns one this week, can’t believe that’s a year gone by already. A squealing little lump has turned into a solid lump of muscle that’s into everything, climbing, bouncing, crawling, staggering, giggling, growling and slobbering everywhere. That?s being fed comic books will do for an infant!

I’ll be back next week.


Alan Donald

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