It seems that every time I think my week can?t get crazier, it does. Right now, I?m with my family in Victoria B.C. for a while. There?s a 90% likelihood that this will become our new home and we?re quite pleased, though other hectic factors have made things well… crazy. But you don?t really care all that much about my resettlement plans and zany life, yeah?

Here?s a little Rage for you.

Your Corps, My Corps, Our Corps, Sinestro Corps!

Check out what Geoff Johns has posted to the Comic Bloc Forums:

A poster said that this cover for Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 by Ethan Van Sciver and colors by Moose Bauman is ?awesometacular!? and I?m inclined to agree with this critical opinion.

Don?t forget that starting with Green Lantern #19 we will start to see 8-page Tales of the Sinestro Corps back-ups. May 2nd cannot come fast enough, dammit.

This Has A ?Mogo Would Like A ?Tales Of Mogo? Feature As Well? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

A Little Knuckle Dusting

I would like to take a brief moment to direct you to an outstanding Busted Knuckles column by Beau Smith, one of the last bastions of manliness, this week. Seriously, Beau, this is one of your best! There?s a sweet write-up on the death of Captain America and ?super-heroes? by the extremely talented artist Graham Nolan, some love given to Ait/Planet Lar?s GRW: Giant Robot Warriors (with story by Stuart Moore and art by Ryan Kelly), TwoMorrows? Modern Masters Volume 11: Charles Vess, and more! Just go read it, dammit.

This Has A ?Giant Robot Knuckles? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Hope Hasn?t Fallen With Cap

I like t-shirts and they are my preferred choice when it comes to expressing my magnificent taste in high-fashion. Here?s one for you that I came upon:

Want it?

This Has A ?Spreading The Word? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten.

30 Days Of Sienkiewicz

IDW announced at Wizard World LA that industry great Bill Sienkiewicz will be illustrating 30 Days of Night: Beyond Barrow (for September). This book is supposed to introduce a character that will be in the 30 Days of Night movie which is currently in production.

If you?re curious about what other things announced on the IDW panel at WWLA, go here. There?s some great stuff to be found, including details on a new Angel series by Joss Whedon that will be considered canon.

This Has a ?Galvatron Gets A Spotlight!? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Reading Rainbow? With Zombies

For those of you who like horror tales straight out of the Old West, mosey on over to William Harms? site to read an excellent novella called Dead or Alive he is offering up for free as a PDF with interior art by Mark Bloodworth. Here?s a brief description in Mr. Harms? own words:

Arizona, 1879

    : Two desperate brothers pull off a white-knuckled stagecoach robbery. They think their troubles are behind them when they stash the cash in a desert hideaway? but their misfortune is just beginning. The Smith brothers have wandered into a horror from the region?s shamanistic tribal past, and when the dead start rising from their graves to stalk and consume the living, the Smiths find themselves fighting for their lives in an undead nightmare. Jailed and tortured in a dusty frontier town overwhelmed by zombies, the boys bust free and join a ragged band of townspeople for a gut-wrenching Old West showdown against the ravenous, shambling dead.

You may know Bill from his work on the comic title Impaler. If not, I reckon you should give it a look-see; you won?t regret it. In fact, enjoy the first issue here.

This Has A ?Shambling Dead For Literacy? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Indie Front: Vampires and Clockwork Creatures Getting Drafted Is The Key

Here?s your weekly dose of some indies but goodies!

Right out of the gate let me introduce you to the upcoming title Blood Psi, ?A Vampire Murder Mystery?, which is to be released as a one-shot through UK publisher Moonface Press. Here?s a bit about it:

      A vampire murder mystery set in gothic London. When her best friend in the capital?s close-knit vamp community is slaughtered, Ruby vows to track down the killer ? but the hunt may just unearth painful memories from Ruby?s human past she hoped would remain buried forever. A must for fans of


      and British TV?s




Devil?s Due is hard at work and some of the titles they have coming out are looking pretty good? Here is some stuff for you to ogle. What you see are upcoming covers for Sheena, the Drafted 99-cent Special, Xombie, Hack/Slash, Chucky and Forgotten Realms.

One title that catches my eye is Drafted. The blurb on it:

    You and everyone you know must fight in the battle to save our planet from invaders! Now people from all walks of life, despite differences in religion, beliefs, and culture, must all pull together for one common goal: save Earth from certain annihilation by an alien race. This June, you have been Drafted!

For more information on what this busy bunch is up to, take a few minutes to look at DDP?s website which is loaded with neat things. They also offer digital versions of their comics for reasonable prices over at Pullbox Online.

Ambrosia Publishing is offering a sneak peek of the first 18 pages of Kyle Strahm?s Clockwork Creature: Chapter One for your viewing pleasure, free of earthly charge. What is it? As the website says:

      This dark fantasy tale revolves around a small town?s dilemma when some of its residents begin to disappear. But are the disappearances because of a monster roaming the surrounding countryside or is Baron Von Salt, a sinister mysterious traveler, to blame? or is it something else instead? Featuring art reminiscent of horror artist Berni Wrightson and Tim Sale,

Clockwork Creature: Chapter One

    will certainly appeal to fans of both horror and weird / dark fantasy graphic novels.


Seem interesting to you? Then click here please. Delightfully disturbing are the words that first come to mind with this? I think I?ve used them before elsewhere, but they are quite apt in this case.

Last and not least in the slightest is something a minion came upon that has really caught my attention. A new comic called The Key by Erica Hesse and Chris Holt already has a preview issue available and #1 will be out soon. This is a bit about it:

    Angeline Adams is a young girl who has it all: a devoted fianc?e, a spacious apartment in lower Manhattan, and the career she?s always dreamed about. Unknown to her she also has something buried deep in her soul that is so powerful it could ultimately destroy the human race. Tragedy will spiral her down into the depths of Hell and the ultimate truth of her secret will begin to surface. As her life begins to blend together with the nightmares that haunt her sleep two strangers reveal themselves with promises to return it back to the stability she once knew. Now as Angeline is faced with a reality torn apart by a single bullet she must also decide the fate of each and every one of us.


Read more about The Key here.

And there you go. See you next week back here at the Front.

This Has A ?Baron Von Salt Is A Good Name For A PoliSci Prof? Factor Of Eight Out of Ten

Blogonaut: Slinging Pretty Fire Falls

This week I have some sites for you, of which one only really qualifies as a blog. Still, I feel they should be placed on your ?Hit List?, if they haven?t been already.

First up we have a blog established for the title currently in production, Hope Falls. Let me tell you that this is a title worth keeping an eye on. Tony Lee has fashioned a great script and Dan Boultwood?s art looks to be shaping up nicely. Read this production blog here.

Next I have two deviantART pages to toss in your general direction.

Clayton Henry is just impressive. Damn impressive. I mean, take this illustration of Sunfire, for instance. Wow.

Leinil Yu is another fantastic artist. I want to take this opportunity to show you this image he did of The Gunslinger for a cover of the Dark Tower series. Yes, it?s my desktop wallpaper at the moment.

You can keep track of some of the cool things these talented artists through their deviantART pages.

I?m emailing Mr. Yu questions regarding his work soon, so if you have one you would like me to ask, drop me a line and I?ll see what I can do.

This Has A ?Now Sunfire As A Gunslinger Has Mini-Series Written All Over It? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Another week down. I?d like to thank everyone who sends me stuff that ends up in this column and emails me kind words and comments. The minions thank you, too, as they are well-fed and happy.

Make sure to keep an eye on the ATR Forums (link below) for possible follow-ups or other things that I might plop in there. Of course you are always welcome to sound off there, too.

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This ATR is dedicated to the memory of Joshua Boyd, who recently succumbed to wounds received in action. My heart goes out to his friends and family.

You will be missed, man.

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