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It’s another Sunday, which means another installment of everyone’s favorite rumor column, ALL THE RAGE!

While I’m sure many of you are having a great time in Chicago; hanging around a convention hall filled with obese men dressed as Star Wars characters; those of you unfortunate enough to have to miss out on the festivities, please enjoy this week’s column as your solace.

If any of you folks attending Wizardworld hear any good gossip, please send it to ianu@silverbulletcomicbooks.com

Let the dirt slinging begin!

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21 Down Is Hot

Word on the street is that 21 Down, the new Wildstorm series written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and illustrated by Jesus Saiz is hot!

A number of major film studios are already bidding for the film rights to the series? and the first issue doesn’t even hit stands till September!

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Authority Vs. Kev Again?

As fans eagerly await for this summer’s Kev Special, which finds the Authority battling a rather clumsy government agent, who brings the worst kind of luck to all those who cross his path; many have wondered how Wildstorm plans to follow up such a high profile project.

The answer to that question is?(drum roll please) Authority vs. Kev, the four issue mini-series by the creative team of Garth Ennis and Glenn Fabry.

Not exactly an original idea; but apparently Wildstorm wants to use the Authority to establish Kev in the Wildstorm Universe, in the hopes of spinning Kev off into his own series of projects for the Eye of the Storm line.

Looks like Authority Vol. 2 is still on for next spring, now let us pray that Doselle Young won’t be writing it.

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Global Frequently

Due to having a rather full schedule and Warren Ellis running a bit late on scripts; Glenn Fabry will be assisted on Global Frequency #3 by Liam McCormick-Sharpe.

Glenn is currently penciling a Marvel project that will be written by Bill Jemas, after which he will return to the Authority.

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Check Your Books, Marvel!

Fans have been complaining about the recently released G.I. Joe trade paperbacks by Marvel. Apparently the books have several printing errors, including pages being printed twice. Let’s check the books before we send them to the printers, ok guys?

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Rich Johnston, Comic Book Writer?

Sources at Marvel indicate that former All The Rage writer Rich Johnston may be replacing Bill Jemas on Marville, starting with issue #6.

Marville is the new ongoing series that spun out of the great Peter David vs. Bill Jemas vs. Joe Quesada debate. (Though “cheap and tacky marketing ploy” would probably be a better description.)

The book will be a parody of the comic book industry, the first issue ships with a nice and shiny foil cover.

Johnston when asked about the possibility of writing Marville said, “No comment, and fuck you, Ian!”

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Challengers Of The Bendis

Next summer Wildstorm plans to debut a new line of books based off currently in limbo DC properties.

Over the past several months details of the creative teams for the line has slowly been leaking out. As previously reported in All the Rage, Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo will be taking on OMAC, while Arthur Adams will illustrate a Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth mini-series.

Last week in In The Gutters, Rich Johnston announced that Adam Hughes, Joe Casey, and Carlos D’Anda would be involvement with the line.

All The Rage hears that fans can also look for Brian Michael Bendis and his former Torso writing partner Marc Andreyko to write a relaunch of Challengers Of The Unknown with an A-list artist to be attached?

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Graphically Talbot

UK based writer/artist Brian Talbot is developing three new graphic novels to see print over the next couple of years.

One is a fantasy story; another is a piece based in Sunderland. The last graphic novel will be the next installment of the Luther Arkwright story.

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Steve Rolston Feels A Little MEK

Even though it was announced on the Ellis forum a while back, it deserves another mention. Queen And Country artist Steve Rolston will be replacing departing artist Eric Canete on MEK, for Wildstorm productions. (Hey, I’m a Rolston fan!)

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