Welcome back to All The Rage. I?ve received some positive feedback regarding the possibility of an all artwork ATR, as mentioned last week, so I will definitely plan to do one later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements, and feel free to email me in advance if you wish to preview your art in the column.

The item we start with contains some spoilers, so if you?re of a nervous disposition, then please avert your eyes for a number of pixels.

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Here is an art preview sent to me by an anonymous source. The image speaks for itself, and is sure to get a lot of people talking:

This Has A ?Well, That Solves That Problem? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Atlantis or the Bronx?

Marcos Martin will be teaming up with Peter Milligan as the penciller on one of his upcoming projects (as mentioned in last week?s ATR). What I do not know, is which one!

If anyone knows, drop me a line.

This Has A ?The Man Is Versatile? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Chester Teases

CB Cebulski has posted some teaser images on his blog and on the Image message boards for some of his upcoming projects:

First up is HOLIDAZE with Nuno Plati:

And then XANTARA with Ric Tercio:

Keep posting C.B.! These look amazing!

This Has An ?I?m Intrigued? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Romita?s Raiders

ATR informant, ?the Geek? let me into a secret: John Romita JR has a high profile Marvel event book, set in the regular Marvel Universe, planned prior to any return to the Spider-Man titles or the rumored Punisher and Daredevil story arcs.

This title should launch next spring and will definitely be a huge hit with Marvel fans.

This Has An ?I Have My Theories But I Won?t Share Them For Now? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten


Larry Young sent us some preview art for Joe Casey?s upcoming OGN, ROCK BOTTOM:

This Has A ?Glorious Black And White? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Pirates in Space

Warren Ellis sent out an update on his mailing list in regards to his upcoming webcomics collective ROCKET PIRATES:

    Well, falling ill almost immediately after I made the call for submissions has slowed things down a bit. As did getting vastly more submissions than I expected (and I?m still sorting through them). Also, I?m giving a few people the time they need to get set. And I have to stab someone with a sharpened robot, too.

So right now I?m looking at launching the site in mid-September, with everyone in the first wave in place.

It?s going to be a massive thing. The equivalent of a fat anthology. I don?t expect you to like everything there. That?s not how anthologies work, after all. I do, however, figure that most people will find something to love in there, and that the association of the work will lead you to try something new.

Read more about it here.

This Has A ?Bad Signal? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Keep Your Hands Where I Can See Them

Antony Johnston is starting to write a prequel to his acclaimed Oni Press western/heist original graphic novel THE LONG HAUL. The working title is THE SHORT DROP.

I?m a huge fan of THE LONG HAUL, so this is great news. Hopefully Eduardo Barretto will return as the penciller for the prequel.

This Has A ?Fistfull Of British Pounds? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Crime and Punishment

Garth Ennis is working on a special Punisher mini series that will feature one of the Punisher?s antagonists. We?ll have more details next week when Punisher editor Axel Alonso drops by ATR for a short interview to talk all things Punisher.

This Has A ?Hardcore? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Secret Agent Man

Jeff Parker dropped in to give ATR readers some scoops on his new Marvel mini series Agents Of Atlas:

ATR: Give our readers the rundown on Agents of Atlas? What happened in issue 1?

JP: The story begins with SHIELD finding out classified information concerning 1950’s FBI Agent Jimmy Woo and his team of “G-Men” that include Marvel Boy, Venus, and The Human Robot. The story is being told by the former member Gorilla Man, who now works with SHIELD. He seems to be helpful as Dum Dum Dugan and Derek Khanata try to find out why in the present day Jimmy took some agents on a suicide mission. But it turns out the ape has an agenda and some others from the old team are in on it as well.

ATR: Will we be seeing 3D-Man (or his successor Triathlon) in Agents of Atlas?

JP: We will not! I give a short spiel on that here.

ATR: Is Marvel Boy linked to Quasar in any way? Will you reconcile the continuity between the two?

JP: The continuity will be very clear by issue 3. If you followed Quasar and those Fantastic Four issues with The Crusader, everything you read is intact, but there’s more to it. I’m not a staunch worshipper of continuity, but it works as a strength for this story.

ATR: What villains will we be seeing? Will the Yellow Claw return?

JP: Oh yes. And there’s a lot more to him as well!

ATR: Where can readers find clues to the Atlas conspiracy online? Give us a few hints…

JP: It seems almost every comics related site is part of this vast conspiracy. That’s what makes it a conspiracy, I guess. Keep your eyes peeled for any articles detailing suspicious activities with comics retailers. Those seem to laden with clues for readers of the Temple of Atlas?

ATR: What other projects are you working on? What?s coming up?

JP: I’m finishing a script for the first issue of a book from Virgin Comics, which I don’t think I’ve mentioned. I’ll let them name it in an official announcement. It’s a little trippier than my Marvel work-well except for X-Men First Class #3, which is pretty darn trippy. Thanks for asking.

This Has A ?Conspiracy? What Conspiracy?? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Thanks to Jeff Parker and everyone else who sent in stuff!

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