Ahhh, another week, another ATR. Prepare your beverage of choice, get comfortable, and enjoy. Did you remember to make some tacos? Personally, I really love eating tacos while I read this. As a matter of fact, I wanted to call this Taco Induced Rage, but that?s too damned silly. Oh, well. Life is pain.

For those of you interested in Emerald City ComicCon (March 31st ? April 1st, Seattle), I created a section at the end just for us.

What?s An ATR Without Some Byrne Shenanigans?

It?s been too long since legendary/infamous creator John Byrne was mentioned within the hallowed halls of this column. As usual, it?s something not all that positive. A highly-trained, deep-cover mole in the John Byrne Forums relayed the following information? I?ve modified it a bit in order to protect the innocent.

    [Name Withheld for Now] hired Byrne to draw an entire comic for him of his own creation. [Withheld] owns a mining company and is relatively wealthy, which is all well and good, but the despicable part is that Byrne is charging [Withheld] $1000 per page. $22,000 for the entire issue. Pencils only.

[Withheld] was going to donate the money to a charity (HERO or the CLBDF), but Byrne convinced him to spend the money on this commission and overcharged him (industry rates are $500 per page). Byrne really took advantage of the situation and shafted a charity, too.

And here is the thread from the JBF where this commission is discussed; although keep in mind that the information above is just rumour at this time, of course?

I still really like that Magnitude cover he did.

Here, look what just came my way. After that rather depressing bit, have a hearty laugh with this I Love John Byrne blog. Here?s an introductory entry. Caution? not for the, erm, faint of heart.

This Has An ?Insert Play On Byrne?s Last Name Here? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

Jimenez and Spider-Man and Panels

At WonderCon in San Francisco this weekend, artist Phil Jimenez announced on his panel that he will be working on Amazing Spider-Man this Fall. Sadly, no mention of who might be writing it. Jimenez will be ?working on specific story-arcs? instead of being the regular penciller on ASM. More on his panel can be found here.

Through the above link you will also find information about Michael Turner?s panel where Ultimate Wolverine, the Fathom movie, and his desire to do a Flash run are touched on (ATR wishes you all the best with your health, Michael); and the DC Nation panel where all sorts of things are covered, like Countdown, Black Adam versus the world at the end of 52 and in the tie-in World War III, expect him to be more pain for him before WW3 begins, the mention that Oliver Queen will propose to Black Canary in the final issue (#75) of the Green Arrow series? on the last page, then there will be a follow up mini-series to that by Tony Bedard and Paulo Siquera, the Monitors appearing in Countdown, Dan Didio warning that Superboy Prime will be around, plans for a Power Girl series (can?t wait to see the art) and much, much more. Just take a look, why don?t you? Lots of treats for the DC fans.

This Has An ?I Like Panels? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Moore and Kubert?s Halo?

By now, many of you have already heard that a Halo ongoing titlewas talked about by Joe Quesada over at NYCC and the big guns behind Halo will be Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev. This, in my opinion, is awesome. Anyhow, remember that Halo graphic novel that was released recently? Did you know that Alan Moore and Joe Kubert were considered for it by Bungie? That?s what I?ve been told. Not bad choices as far as creators go, but for Halo? That?s rather intriguing. Take a minute to imagine a Moore/Kubert Halo project. That?s it. There you go.

Moving on.

As an aside, I found out from somewhere else that one of my fave writers ever, Dan Abnett, was considered for the Halo novels. That would have been terrific, but I must say that Eric Nylund did a smashing job with them anyway.

This Has A ?Brings A Whole New Meaning To ?Flood Control?? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

Mike Carey Brings On the Beast

It looks like writer Mike Carey is ?definitely? doing a Beast: Mythos one-shot for Marvel, which will re-tell the origins of Hank McCoy. Here is an excerpt from him from his site on this:

    The Beast book is definitely happening, but it will probably be in the second half of this year. I?m starting to see the art come through now, and man, it?s gorgeous. The first page will break your heart.

Though this project was announced months ago, not much has been mentioned on it. It?s nice to see Carey talking about it and other things with his fans. Another bit I saw was a reminder that Adi Granov will be doing a Colossus Mythos book. Just thought I?d mention it in case you were unaware.

Read for yourself HERE.

And Mike, I hope you get/got over that cold okay.

This Has An ?Oh Mythos, Stars, And Garters? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Time to Hang With Tim Seeley

In the last edition of ATR I mentioned that writer/artist Tim Seeley publicly asked Rob Liefeld if he would do a cover of an issue of Loaded Bible (Jesus versus Vampires!). This prompted me to corner Tim and ask him questions. Hard questions. So hard they?re encased in stone. Alright, they weren?t that hard. All it took was the promise of 678,989,455,092 Albanian Leke.

ATR: First off, I’m curious, Tim… Why ask Rob Liefeld to do a cover for Loaded Bible? Are you a fan of his work? Also, I assume it’s for Loaded Bible 2, right (note to the readers: I thought this was going to have multiple covers or something, uh, for some reason– but Tim?s answer clears it up)?

TS: This would be for Loaded Bible 3, actually, as Skottie Young did the Loaded Bible 2 cover. And, yeah, I really am a fan of Liefeld’s work. I’ve been buying Rob’s stuff since I was 12 years old. Rob’s stuff appealed to me as a kid because it was so visceral and in your fucking face. As I’ve gotten older, I still see the qualities about his stuff that really work and are actually totally innovative. I thought he’d be perfect for LB, because I think the qualities that have made Rob’s work famous seem to really fly in the face of what people believe and perceive about the character of Jesus Christ. Since that’s what Loaded Bible is about, I thought it would be a perfect match.

ATR: Speaking of Loaded Bible 2, I really enjoyed the first book. When should we expect the sequel?

TS: I’ll be honest with ya? 2 was supposed to be out in January, and we fucked up beyond belief. Mark Englert had everything that could throw an artist off schedule that could happen. But, I decided, that instead of trying to rush it out and put another artist on it, it was worth it to wait for it to be great. If Marvel can be late on Civil War, an event with multiple books attached to it, and millions of dollars on the line, I figured we could be late on Bible and just make it perfect.

ATR: For those out there that are like “WTF are Steve and Tim talking about?”, could you give them a brief what Loaded Bible is all about?

TS: Loaded Bible is a science fiction comic about a post apocalyptic future in which the Church has cloned Jesus Christ to fight vampires. Yeah, that’s right. The story focuses on the first clone that was made to believe he was the authentic Second Coming and has now had the rug pulled out from under him.

ATR: Why Jesus, anyway?

TS: I think people are just too precious with their religious figures. I find the character of Christ to be one of the most interesting characters in all of history. I wanted to tell a modern day parable that could deal with this guy, while also satirising the current political climate as well as including vampires and zombies. Loaded Bible is the way I pulled that off.

Tim was assailed with more queries, but for the sake of streamlining the column, I decided to put the rest of them somewhere else. Have no fear, you can access them right here! See? The full Q&A; and you?ll get to read Tim talk very briefly about G.I. Joe, the Forgotten Realms comics he did, his book about how to be a comic artist, him talking about his uncanny ability to be on time, writing or art: which is better for a creator?, and more.

Thank you, Mr. Seeley, for taking the time to enlighten us. Your check for the amount you requested is, um? being dispatched to you by my loyal minions as I type this.

This Has A ?Dinky, Jesus HATES Clone-Killers? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Indie Front: A Perfectly Dark Avatar For Vengeful Angels Of Light

Welcome to another offering of previews, news and suggestions relating to the much overlooked market of independent comics! Do you have something you would like to show off here? Let me know, dammit: steves@silverbulletcomicbooks.com

Right out of the gate we have something coming up from the prolific Mr. Tony Lee (Starship Troopers)! This is something that I had some highly specialised gnomes smuggle out of his heavily fortified writer?s lair? It seems that Lee will have a new title that will be coming out in the future. It?s called Hope Falls; and it will have the tagline ?Some debts must be paid in blood?. A project that surfaced and disappeared a year ago, Hope Falls will be as follows:

    ?For twenty years, her murder has been unsolved; now she’s back to settle the score.

It?s Pale Rider meets Twin Peaks when an angel, currently free-falling towards hell, returns to the town she lived in to finally gain revenge against the four men who raped and killed her twenty years earlier. But each killing puts her soul one step closer to hell?

Sounds good. As of now, Szymon Kudranski is tapped to do covers and as far as interior art goes, well? I tracked down Tony myself and forced him to spill a little. At first he all he wanted to do was ask how I knew so much, where my minions were, what they like as treats; the works. But then the subject of a publisher for Hope Falls came up. Lee sighed, confirmed that Markosia will be releasing it, and went on to say:

    I hadn’t sent it to Markosia because at the time (March / June ’06) I was doing quite a lot with them already. But a couple of weeks back I was talking to Harry (Markos) and he asked about it. So, I sent it over, and the next thing I know Markosia are 100% behind it as a 5-parter, we’re trying out artists and it has a late 2007 solicit. I didn’t expect them to like it so much!

Artists are currently being tried out for the project, but Tony has a specific hopeful in mind?

    Let’s just say that there’s one person in the mix who, if he can do it right will surprise everyone.

Since I?m talking about Tony Lee, I discovered something in the Engine forums? Read this thread. Got it? I?ve commented before on ATR how Lee has been writng a book that?s to be a sequel to Oliver Twist. Notice how Larry Young says that he?s ?thinking something Dickensian? for what?s next at over at AiT/Planet Lar? Hmmm? My guess is that Mr. Lee?s ?Great Expectations meets Oceans Eleven? heist story based on Dickens? work will be showing up over there. Was that John Voulieris, ATR writer before me, that I see in there? Hi, John!

I spotted an interesting new project in the works called Light Children. Looks neat just from what you see here:

Created by writer Andy Horner with Kyle Webster on art, Light Children is about a orphanage of ?rescued children? who are special and have what are considered ?light? deformities. Then one day they sneak out for some fun at the carnival and their world changes forever. Read about it here.

One publisher that I have been failing to mention is Avatar Press. I should have mentioned them already, but I haven?t for some strange, unknown reason. I?m rectifying that as of this moment. You need to know that Avatar has some great stuff coming your way!

There are some awesome titles on their way (what you see are the May solicits) like a preview issue of Garth Ennis? highly anticipated western Streets of Glory and more of his Chronicles of Wormwood; Plague of the Living Dead #2 (yay!); and some Lady Death including an art book by Juan Jose Ryp, as well as Sacrilege #2.

Really, Avatar is one of the better indie publishers out there. If you would like more information on the above titles and other things they publish, please visit their website. Right at this moment, there I have a problem loading their page, so if you would like to read about the aforementioned titles right away, Check them out here.

Something being released this month on the 20th that you may want to pick up is the trade paperback of Perfect Dark: Janus? Tears #1-#6. I?ve been reading the series and I can say with certainty that scribe Eric Trautmann?s debut work is outstanding. In addition to that, the art is quite kick-ass. This is a brute of a book, kids, weighing in at around 200 pages for the low price of $19.99 (USD). Take a gander at that cover below. Very nice, yes? Honestly, I didn?t expect much when I started reading this limited series. Oh, how I love being proven wrong!

Devil?s Due Publishing has a Chucky comic coming up and once I found that out, I sent forth my sneaky kobold minions to snag some goodies. Expect Chucky #1 in April, and it?s written by Brian Pulido (Nightmare on Elm St. and Friday the 13th comics) with deft illustration work by Josh Medors (30 Days of Night Annual, Horrorcide). No coloured artwork was acquired, but it still looks very fine in black & white. Here?s a couple covers for you, too.

I interviewed Eric Shanower, the bright mind and talent behind the stunning historical epic, Age of Bronze. He has lots of fascinating things to say, and it may do you good to read it, especially if you love subjects such as ancient history and the Trojan War. Click here to get to it.

That?s it for this week?s Indie Front. Hope you enjoyed it.

This Has A ?Killer Dolls Need Loving Parents? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Comicarchy in the UK: One Tharg To Rule Us All

THIRTY YEARS. Rejoice all you Squaxx dek Thargos! Carry on like mad! It is a time to celebrate, for the Galaxy?s Greatest Comic, 2000 AD is 30 years young.

I have some things to throw at you that you should enjoy very much, Earthlets. The first two things are from our very own Craig Johnston: An excellent interview with 2000 AD?s Editor Matt Smith and an overview of the anniversary special Prog, #1526, in his column The Real Mainstream.

Yeah, I did provide some questions for the interview with Matt. Most of them are Craig?s, though.

Then there?s The Hipster Dad who provided an amazing tribute to 2000 AD on his Livejournal. I mean, look at that! Wow! You are indeed touched by the Hand of Tharg, sir.

However, with jubilant celebration, some, ah? friction must come. It appears that writer Mark Millar has irritated some Tooth readers with a comment he made in his Millarworld forums. What seemed like an innocent enough statement turned into something discussed over at the 2000 AD boards. Ouch, eh? Now if he had only equated them with child molesters then that would be thread numbering in the dozens of pages within mere hours, maybe even minutes. By the way, I would like to mention how impressed and deeply amused I am about how folks got riled up over Mr. Millar?s ?all games are for pedos? comment. Very impressive! Nice work, Mark. (See the comment at the end of this interview HERE. Yes, he is just kidding. Put the torch and pitchfork down. Go read some Big Dave or something.)

The most zarjaz thing to result from all of that is someone posting this panel:

There you have it. To everyone who has contributed to 2000 AD throughout it?s long and illustrious history, THANK YOU. Big thanks go out to my fellow fans, as well. You?re a swell and scrotnig lot. Here?s to 3000 more years!

This Has A ?Thrill-Power Overload? Factor Of Eleven Out Of Ten

Blogonaut: Keeping a Redeye on the Civil War

2 blogs for you to peruse?

BeaucoupKevin.com is always an entertaining read and comes highly recommended. It?s where I saw this:

Owl in Daylight is the blog attached to the fantastic UK magazine Redeye. You can find ?expanded reviews and comics and books you should be reading. One of the blogs I highly enjoy.

This Has A ?When Will The UN Require A Myspace Account To Join?? Factor Eight Out Of Ten

Comic Web: Drastically Shortpacked

Webcomics I think you may dig?

David Willis? Shortpacked! is always great for a laugh.

Speaking of laughs, Drastic Comics usually drops me to the floor and kicks me about with how funny it is. Cheers, Adam Murray.

This Has A ?Frank Miller?s ?Banshee? Has A Nice Ring To It? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Green Arrow Will Not Be There, But You Just Might!

Since it?s happening in my neck of the woods, I thought I would give Emerald City ComiCon some preferential treatment here on All The Rage. Rest assured I will be there with cameras and carnivorous squirrels in tow. Anyway, I tracked down Jim Demonakos and managed to get him to talk about ECCC. My ninjas can be very persuasive, you see?

ATR: How long has Emerald City ComiCon been around, Jim, and how did it come about? Was it very difficult to put together?

JD: The show started in 2003, so this will be the fifth year we’ve done the Emerald City ComiCon. The way the show started was really out of dissatisfaction of not having a show here in Seattle that represented the market. Having been involved in the comic book scene for pretty much as long as I could remember, I knew that the Northwest really had a huge fanbase for comics – just Seattle alone supports five separate comic book stores.

After having travelled out to many other shows, I was convinced that Seattle could support a major comic book show and I have to say, that’s exactly what it did, our first show (which was one day) brought in close to three thousand people, the largest ever for any kind of comic book show here.

It was a challenge to put together, but like with anything, it just took a lot of work and dedication which all paid off in the end. Now here we are five years later still growing, still going strong!

ATR: What thrilling things can attendees expect this year? Who’s going to be there?

JD: Where to begin? Let’s start with the comic book guests – this year, we have more creators who have never been to the Emerald City ComiCon (and some, never to the Northwest period) than any show in year’s past.

Guests include Mark Bagley, Frank Cho, Michael Golden, Terry Moore, Joseph Michael Linsner, Phil Hester, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, Paul Chadwick, Brian Pulido, Mark Waid, Brian Wood, Michael Avon Oeming, David Mack, Chris Giarrusso and tons more.

That’s not even mentioning some of our returning guests like Brian Michael Bendis, Adam Hughes, Greg Rucka, Tim Sale, Ed Brubaker, Kurt Busiek, Alex Maleev, Darick Robertson, Clayton Crain and others.

Plus, this year we have some great media guests, including Matthew ‘Feedback’ Atherton, winner of the mega-popular ‘Who Wants To Be A Superhero?,’ Brian Posehn, the popular comedian from ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’ who also co-wrote the Image Comics smash ‘The Last Christmas,’ Peter “Chewbacca” Mayhew who is helping us celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars and a few other surprise guests!

On top of that, we have the return of our popular Costume Contest, some really fun panels (including one hosted by DC Editor Joan Hilty), a chance to have your picture taken with a variety of Star Wars characters and so much more.

ATR: How would you convince someone from outside of the Seattle area to come? What sets ECCC apart from all the other conventions out there?

JD: First off, who wouldn’t want to check out Seattle in the spring? Location is one of our biggest draws, I cannot tell you how many of our guests stay extra after the show just to check out our amazing city. Plus, Emerald City is a true comic book show with some of the biggest names in the industry totally accessible and the show itself is incredibly affordable. Lastly, the great exclusives that are offered at the show always seem to be an excellent enticement for people to get their hands on something at the show that they can’t get anywhere else!

ATR: For the out-of-towners, what kind of suggestions can you make to them (food, lodgings, sights, bars, whatever) regarding the local area and what it can offer?

JD: We have a list of hotels on our website that are all within a mile of the show, plus the great thing about the location is that it’s near Seattle’s famous Pioneer Square, which has some of the coolest and most affordable eateries and bars in town. Plus, you’re only a fifteen minute walk away from the world-famous Pike Place Market, and a $10 cab ride to the landmark of the city, the Space Needle.

ATR: Now, ECCC only goes on for two days at this point… Are there plans to expand this to 3 in the future?

JD: Never say never, but for now, we are planning on being a very solid two-day show for a while.

ATR: Anything else people should know about Emerald City ComiCon?

JD: We always add guests and events up until the day of the show, so make sure to keep checking out the website and sign up for our free newsletter to keep up to date on all the happenings at Emerald City.

ATR: Jim, what else are you up to besides organising excellent comic conventions?

JD: Aside from Emerald City, I also own and manage two comic book stores in the North End of the Seattle area (both called The Comic Stop). I’m also the Senior Business Strategist for Overdue Media (publishers of Unshelved http://www.unshelved.com), consult for a local video game company, do freelance marketing for some comic book projects and generally keep myself way too busy.

Thanks, Jim! Ninjas: release him, please. I said release him! I swear that their ninja headgear gives them hearing problems.

Another thing folks going to Emerald City will want to be made aware of is the Fiction Clemens Party going on that Saturday (March 31st) night. You can see the flyer and information below, but make sure to visit the Fiction Clemens website. Silent Devil, the great bunch that helps get Josh Wagner?s Fiction Clemens out there for all to enjoy, will be there in force. It looks like it?s going to be one heck of a ho-down, so don?t miss it. Or else.

All in all, it?s looking like it will be a great convention this year. Don?t forget to check out our Silver Bulletins and the official ECCC website for the latest news on Emerald City. See you there!

This Has A ?Follow The Emerald Brick Road? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

There you go. Before I sign off, I?d like to show you a band. They?re from Moscow, Russia and are called Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck!. Here?s their MySpace. I know what you?re thinking, ?But how will Cap ever find them?? You may not want Cap or anyone else to find them, depending on your musical tastes. But I?ve known of this band for awhile and I just had to share.

I can be found on the Internets at the following places:

Stalk me if you desire, but I warn you: I horde bacon and know how to use it.

Until next time, dear readers.

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