The House Of CDS
Do you know the name Client Distribution Services? You will soon… probably in this afternoon’s Marvel Conference. It looks like a deal has been done to distribute all of Marvel’s work seperately from Diamond…

Go to and get an early peek…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 5 Out Of 10 – watch it go to 0 or to 10 in a few hours time.

Or Maybe…
Thanks to an All The Rage-Ite, I hear Client Distribution Services were going to distribute Marvel exclusively but according to them “No, at one point we WERE to be, but it does not look likely” before going to simply “no comment”.

Rick Veitch on the Comicon Message Boards added about CDS Books, “Looks to have a Direct To Consumer component via e-commerce.”

Let’s wait for the conference call, shall we?

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Status Quo Rules!
Apparently the news is that Marvel have re-signed with Diamond. Not “resigned from Diamond”, but “re-signed”.

Still, Bill Jemas did slip and refer to Diamond as DC at one point – maybe more of a Freudian slip if DC invoke their buyout clause and purchase Diamond in 2002…

There seems to have been a lot of fun discussions here, Marvel say they’re thrilled to be back with Diamond and believe in Steve Geppi, but then why were they negotiating with Client Distribution Services at one point?

Diamond will also be involved in distributing Trade Paperbacks to the bookstore market. Bookstore workers have, in the past, reported Diamond’s unwillingness to work with ISDN numbers. Marvel will get a better deal and be able to expand further than before than with their past bookstore distributor, LPC.

Rich wishes to thank a very special All The Rage-ite for his assistance.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

And More…
With Diamond exclusively distributing TPBs to the bookstore, you can expect big displays come the next X-Men or Spider-Man film. However, in the conference call, Diamond have admitted they’ve got a lot to learn about the bookstore industry. Nothing like confidence in a beginner, eh?

Expect outpouring of woe from UK booksellers at the very least… while Diamond UK have been generally excellent for the Direct Market comic market, for UK bookshops their reputation is less than stellar.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Looks like TPBs overseas *won’t* be exclusively distributed by Diamond – mind you there’s the whole Panini exclusive rights agreement to be taken care of – but that’s a story for next week…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 5 Out Of 10

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