Blair asked me to pitch in this week as he recovers from his move and the retina scarring he received at the E3 con last week. Here we go:

Triple X Casting

With Kelsey Grammer as the Beast (or at least the voice of the Beast) in the upcoming X3 movie, casting is now underway for the coveted roles of Gambit and the Angel.

Sources close to the set state that the studio wants a big name for Gambit, and that the role of Angel will be played by a woman since they are basing that character on the version Grant Morrison created during his X-men run.

This Has A ?Can I Do The Voice Over For A Sentinel?? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

Wrath Management

DC is planning a new Spectre series after the Day of Vengeance mini series wraps up. No news as to who the human host for the Wrath of God will be, but in terms of creative team, both Greg Rucka and John Byrne have had their names come up in conjunction with the new series.

This Has A ?No Good Deed Goes Unpunished? Factor Of Five Out Of Ten

Our Army at War

Mark Millar (Ultimates, Wolverine) announced on his message board that he will write an additional issue of Wolverine after the conclusion of his current ?Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D? arc that wraps up in August.

The special self contained issue will be set in World War 2 and will feature art by Kaare Andrews.

This Has A ?Pass Me That Peach Schnapps Bottle, Bub? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

I Liked The Old Armor With The Nose

Adi Granov took time out of his busy schedule as the artist of the new Iron Man series written by Warren Ellis to answer a few questions:

John Voulieris: Describe your art process to our readers. Is this something you have developed yourself?

Adi Granov: It?s a combination of all the things I have learned along the way through school and work. It?s a blend of very traditional, real media, painting and digital coloring. All of the work is initially done in grayscale on paper with pencils and inks. This is where all design, layout and values are resolved and established. Then I scan the pages and color them in photoshop using a method mimicking airbrushing with transparent paints. And lastly I add all of the highlights, little details and special effects (such as smoke or glow) in order to make the image ?pop?. It?s a laborious but fairly straightforward process.

JV: What is your formal training? How did you break into the comics business?

AG: I went to a couple of very different art schools. I started with 4 years at a very traditional fine arts school where the main focus was drawing and painting in the ways of old masters. It was a very low-tech kind of thing. After that I went to a 2-year trade school focusing on commercial illustration and modern means such as airbrush and computers. It was a lot of school but in the end it felt like it?s given be a very solid, rounded, foundation from which to grow.

JV: What issue of Iron Man are you currently working on? How far ahead are you?

AG: I am still on issue 4. Since, obviously, we are running late, I don?t have any kind of a lead. The issues literally go straight from my hands to the printer.

JV: What format would you prefer for your next project (mini series, graphic novel, one shot)?

AG: Actually, any of the above. Due to the nature of my work shorter, limited projects are much more appropriate, so probably a limited series of some sorts that could either come out in issues or all at once would suit me great.

JV: Any hints as to your future projects? Any creators you want to work with? Any characters you want to tackle?

AG: Oh, it?s really hard to tell from this point being so deep into Iron Man. There are a couple of people I would really love to work with but I really don?t want to jinx it. All in due time.

This Has A ?It?s Worth The Wait? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Legion of Substitute X-Scripters

There are rumors circulating that a certain writer of a top selling X-Men title has had trouble meeting his deadlines due to other commitments, and that recent issues have in fact been ?ghost written? by another Marvel regular writer.

Sources claim that this is why the recent issues have not been received as well by fandom and critics at large when compared to the previous ones.

I?ve received this tidbit from two separate sources, but I still hesitate to name names, to avoid causing undue scandal. I?m awaiting further confirmation on this rumor. Let the speculation commence?

This Has A ?All New All Different? Factor Of Six Out Of Ten

For a Fistful of Pencils

Luke Ross (Samurai: Heaven and Earth) has been named as the artist on the new Jonah Hex series from DC written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti.

DC has plans to bring back a few more of its western characters if Jonah Hex sells well enough. Potential characters vying for revival include Scalphunter and Bat Lash.

This Has A ?How Did You Get That Scar?? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Moore Please

The internet is abuzz with the announcement that Alan Moore is leaving DC/Wildstorm after his current contract is up, due to the recent V for Vendetta movie marketing misquote. Moore will be taking some of his properties with him to new publishers.

Prior to Moore leaving the ABC line behind, fans can still expect to see: The League of Gentlemen Original Graphic Novel entitled ?Dark Dossier?, a Top Ten original graphic novel, two more Tomorrow Stories one-shots featuring Jack. B. Quick, the Albion 6-issue mini series (scripted by his daughter Leah Moore), and a handful of Tom Strong stories to boot.

Prior to his final Tom Strong issues, there will be a number of more guest creators at the reins including Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, Steve Moore and Paul Gulacy.

This Has A ?Comet Rangers Would Have Been Sweet? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

Variety is the Spice of Life

Liam Sharp has announced a partial creator line up for the next issue of his anthology title Event Horizon.

Some highlights:

  • A 5 page story by Glenn Fabry
  • A new Simon Bisley story
  • A vampire tale by Alan Grant and Greg Staples
  • A story by Steve Niles that Liam will illustrate

Future issues will feature tales by Dave Gibbons, Sean Philips, Geoff Johns, Duncan Fergedo, Dougie Braithwaite, and Staz Johnson.

This Has A ?F*Cking Savages? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Spirit in the Sky

There have been numerous hints from a variety of creators that DC is planning a new Spirit ongoing series. Creators rumored to be involved include Tim Sale and Darwyn Cooke.

The last appearance of the Spirit was in the latest Escapist issue from Dark Horse Comics that featured a Spirit/Escapist team up written by Spirit creator Will Eisner, just prior to his passing away.

This Has A ?Domino Mask? Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten

That?s it for this week folks! A big ?thank you? goes out to Adi Granov for taking the time to answer the questions despite being quite busy with a move and Iron Man! Blair will be back next week with even more news, rumors, speculation, and information. Please send him any and all gossip to

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