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What?cha Gonna Do When Van Dam Gets Vin Diesel On Your Ass

Sway sent in the following, he?s a good friend from way back! You like wrestling? You like the WWE? You like Smackdown? You like Rob Van Dam? Well apparently Van Dam likes comics!

On his website he states:

    The comic book I’ve been talking about putting out is finally happening. I wrote it, it’s being drawn right now, and production is looking sweet! I’ll keep you posted when it’s appropriate to give away more info, and you can make sure your local comic store carries it. I will tell you that the plan is to start the story with a four-issue set. More on that later.

Apparently the official word is all he?s willing to say at this point, but you can rest assured that once I get his phone tapped I?ll learn more and share it with you here!

P.S. RVD says he?s a huge Ghost Rider fan so maybe he can convince Nicolas Cage, who looks like he?s going to finally get his comic movie and all he had to do was agree to set his head on fire, to let him make an appearance. He could be this big bad dude who tries to take GR down and gets his ass whupped! Then you get all those wrestling fanboys running to the theater and it can break Daredevil? s $100,000.00 (est.) box office total.

This Has A ?Just Don?t Call It Rock ?N? Wresting? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

Morrison Or Less It?s Still Up In The Air

It?s been brought to my attention by someone from that side of the pond that Amazon.co.uk has ran with this Zenith listing before. If you?ll recall I had a piece last week about this long-awaited early Grant Morrison saga that?s been buried in a quagmire of legal wrangling finally making an appearance with a ?for sale? date indicating that perhaps the legal wresting was nearing an end. My source tells me that these Amazon postings have happened before and that Mr. Morrison, less than two weeks ago, indicated that the dispute was still hanging so perhaps you?d best not pre-order it just yet.

There are apparently thousands of these bad boys sitting in a warehouse waiting until the suits can figure out how much money needs to be paid to who to make all of this ?unpleasantness? go away and the books can be distributed. Thanks for the information. I swear I need to get those phone taps in place sooner rather than later.

This Has A ?It Did Just Seem Too Easy? Value Of Six Out Of Ten

Separated At Birth?

Now this is interesting. You remember Nightfall: The Black Chronicles from a few years back at the Homage Comics imprint. It was by Ford Gilmore and Tom Coker. You don?t? Well, maybe that?s what WildStorm is hoping. He didn?t give me permission to use his name, so I shall dub this next Rager ?My Brother Daryll And My Other Brother Daryll.? He says:

      I was shocked when reading last week’s


      article announcing Geoff Johns & Liam Sharp’s new series


      because it sounded like a blatant rip-off of Tom Coker & Fred Gilmore’s Homage mini


      from a few years back.


      was about a supernatural SWAT team, founded hundreds of years ago by the Catholic church, that dealt with all sorts of monsters and demons and such. Johns describes


      as a sci-fi S.W.A.T. team that fights demons. My favorite character in the article is Father Burroughs, a priest that “has tattoos of crosses on his hands that he can use as ‘weapons’ — with a touch, backed by his faith” Just like my favorite character in


      was the priest leader who–you guessed it–had a cross tattooed on his palm that he used as a weapon by laying his hands upon people. There are a lot more similarities, too, just compare the two books and you?ll see.


    It really pisses me off that Wildstorm can piss on their own talent like this, and rip off a creator-owned book that they published. I asked Jeff Marriotte about a Nightfall sequel at San Diego the other year, and he said they probably wouldn’t do one. Little did I know they really would, but it just wouldn’t be called Nightfall. Please, please, please bring this travesty to light.

Coincidence perhaps? Perhaps not. I?ll see if I can?t get some answers from the folks at WildStorm or Johns or Sharp or even Coker and/or Gilmore about this one as it certainly reads very suspiciously. And looking at those two pictures is all the more intriguing? My question is about copyrights. If this is as blatant as ?MBDAMOBD? indicates, then perhaps Gilmore/Coker have a case against WildStorm. After all, you can never have enough lawsuits in comics land.

By the way, ?First Time Reporter? eh? Way to come out strong, buddy! Keep ?em coming.

This Has A ?Looks Like We Need Some Serious Spin-Doctoring Here? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

Because I Believe In The Truth!

Continuing the fun trend of following up on last week?s stories, I?ve received word that Paul Jenkins, who bowed out of an appearance at Armageddon Con in New Zealand citing a flare up of an old injury has also bowed out of an appearance at a convention in Australia this weekend, namely the Supanova Expo in Sydney, Australia. So let?s face it, the man refuses to go down under and have all that head rush to his head; can?t say as I blame him. Here?s the official notice about the Supanova bow-out:

      At 11.58am Tuesday 1st April, I received an email that was disappointing to say the least. Paul Jenkins will not be traveling to Australia. Here’s a part of his letter… “As you may or may not know, I broke my neck playing soccer about six years ago. The injury has been up and down… mostly all right for the last year. Unfortunately, the neck has flared up dramatically in the last few weeks to the point where I am once again suffering from full blown vertigo…[&] the experience of the pressurized cabin is usually pretty difficult for me and with the swelling in my neck, a long journey such as this would half kill me”. As much as he’d like to be here for all the fans, it just isn’t possible.


    At such late notice, it really is impossible to get a replacement for Paul, but to make up for it, he has promised to send some original artwork (from stories he has written and then had given to him) and some signed comics he is posting to us here at Supanova.

Basically, the same thing he told Armageddon, so at least he?s trying to make up for backing out on such short notice.

Meanwhile, I checked in with Bill Geradts, the guy who heads up the Armageddon Expo about this issue and allegations (rumors really) that there were some ?other? problems with this particular convention. His response, as follows:

      We have only had a few guests cancel on us over the many years with the event, and every it was with regret as they wanted to attend.


      All guests are promoted ?commitments pending? and announcements are made as soon as we have any problems.


      Over the years we have hosted over 15 comics guests and only had 3 cancellations, 2 due to health reasons (Paul Jenkins and John Romita, Jr) and one because he was overworked and realized that he could not make the trip (Bryan Hitch). Every guest that has attended has been very happy with the Expo and I am in casual contact with a number of them still.


    Anyone who says the pro’s [sic] have an unpleasant experience are talking out of their arse. As each event takes a year to organise and pull off and we attract 10,000-20,000 at each of the Expo’s [sic]; they are a massive success, I would hardly call them badly organised. We have always had to contend with the human factor (guests, public, stall-holders) so it is always possible to hit problems. We deal with these quickly and professionally.

Well there you have it. And Bill sounds like a nice and reasonable gentleman. I mean I?ve never met the guy but he was very cordial and professional and that goes a long way in my book. He could?ve come back with ?You Asshole!? but he didn?t. Stand up guy, that Bill. If you disagree, however, it is a free country and you can write back and we could make this a weekly installment? opinions about Armageddon Expo. Hey Bill, they always say there?s no such thing as bad publicity; hell even Michael Jackson?s sales have increased over the circus that his life has become!

This Has A ?We Can Finally Put This Story To Rest? Until Next Time? Value of Five Out Of Ten

You Fat Bloated Eeedeeot!!

Does this column seem like a complete retread of last week? Well, apparently I?ve managed to get some more news on the proposed Ren & Stimpy relaunch on TNT. It?s actually going to run alongside Stan Lee?s new Striperella venture as well as Kelsey Grammar?s Gary The Rat. The following is just a hint of what?s to come. In the tradition of ?Log??

      Kricfalusi will also continue the R&S tradition of creating fake commercials, like the one for “Log,” where a big, brown log is promoted as a cool toy like Slinky or Hot Wheels. This time, John K. has created a new faux commercial for a very distant cousin to My Little Pony–a donkey toy–called “My Little Ass.”


      “Is your Little Ass pink or purple?” Kricfalusi asked, before launching into a witty, wicked song parodying syrupy TV cartoon theme music. “There’s a rainbow over Ass Canyon…” he sang, continuing to a chorus of “My Little Ass…. my sweet Little Ass!”


    But all is not well in Ass Canyon, because the My Little Ass(es) have a dastardly foe–a mean rooster called “Wrinkly Old Cock.” “Don’t let Wrinkly Old Cock rub up against your Ass!” warned Kricfalusi.”

To see some preliminary images from the new series and keep up on all the latest news check out this message board.

On a slightly related note, last week I said I would write the new R&S comic, and really how great would that be? Then I get the following in the mail:

      Subject: So YOU’RE gonna write the new Ren & Stimpy comic? Them there’s fightin’ woids!


      Step in line, buddy! I say I get first dibs! 🙂


      Dan (original

Ren & Stimpy

    comic guy) Slott

All I can say is you want it you got it pal! You and me buddy at San Diego or Chicago or Phillie or wherever you want! I?m gonna take my shirt off and give you a wedgie like you never seen before. The shirt taking off is to blind you with my pasty white flesh first and gain the upper-hand right off the bat! I fight a thinking man?s battle.

This Has An ?It?s On, Old Man!? Value of Eight Out Of Ten

Comics Just Get No Respect

I can?t top the original story. This belongs in one of those ?Strange But True? books. This had to have just really, really sucked. Note to self: Cancel promotional tour to Croatia.

      A top British comic artist has been booted out of Croatia after officials translated “freelance” as “unemployed”.


      The artist Frazer Irving


      who earns 50,000 pounds a year and has already had at least one major exhibition of his work in the Croatian capital Zagreb said he was stunned by the news.


      He said: “I didn’t think there would be any problems. I rented an apartment in Zagreb and wanted to live there. I’ve already informed all my business partners about the new address.”


      But Irving, whose subtle hues and dynamic brush strokes have made him responsible for some of top British comic


      ‘s most popular stories in recent memory, said he was told he had to go to court to get the visa application approved after he apparently failed to report to police in time.


      But at the court after the judge heard he was jobless, he ordered him thrown out of the country.


      Speaking from a hotel in Slovenia Irving said: “I have a Croatian girlfriend in Zagreb, so I definitely want to go back. I intend to convince Croatian authorities that such a cruel court decision was unmerited.”


      The court in Zagreb also fined him 24 pounds for not reporting to the police in time.


    He added: “I still want to live in Croatia. I was delighted with the beauty of the country, so I’ll do my best to convince the authorities there that I did not intend to break the law.”

Charming to the end, but man I?ll bet he was pissed.

Frazer, on reading about his newly earned outRAGEous fame, fired off a quick correction to one of the more interesting details in the story:

      Here I sit, on the 12th floor of a hooker’s motel (allegedly) with a laptop and some cigarettes and some artwork just completed for


      , and I decide to write to thee to quell a nasty rumour that could spread.


      Surfin today I chanced upon the column on SBC, and I saw that notorious article about me from newsfox. Now, whilst the main gist of the article was entirely true (expulsion, girlfriend, deep regret and sadness etc) there was one tiny error they made… namely stating that I made 50K a year.


      Drawing COMICS??? No way jose. From what I can gather, this was misquoted from an article in Jutarni list (croatian newspaper) where they quoted the figure at 50,000 EUROS, which was inaccurate itself… but since this article was spread around the net (by ME I think) I’ve got a few strange emails from peers asking HOW I can make such a fortune working in this bidniz.


      Just like to state for the record that I DO NOT make this huge sum of cash, and if I did I’d probably just try to BUY my way back into Croatia.


    Besides that, it’s nice to see some good publicity for my plight, exiled as I am in Slovenia, and thanks for takin the time to read this.

And I was getting all excited at my drawing board with my pack of crayolas!

This Has A ?Surely Chevy Chase And The Griswold?s Were There Somewhere? Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Worst Coliznum Evizzle!

My call to arms thus far has elicited a few choice terms that we of the comics community have embraced. Of course I already mentioned ?U-Decide? and the classic JL ?Bwahahaha.? Added to this very short list has been:

Worst _____ Ever! ? In homage to the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons this is so overused it almost hurts when I hear it now.

Liefeld ? As it came in to me the e-mailer was indicating that this is a negative. As in ?It was totally Liefeld,? perhaps an indication of drawing ability? Not clear on this one.

Elseworlds ? Even though DC coined this one, it?s been pretty much adopted to indicate anything that happens in an alternate reality for any of the major publishers.

Retcon ? Got a couple of votes for this one. This is the practice of coming along later and changing the origin of a pre-existing character just for fun? or more likely than not for money. I mean let?s be real here. A contender for most retconned property was DC?s Legion of Super-Heroes, though I think Hawkman would have to at least get an honorable mention for this one!

Bucky-Dead ? At least common where one reader lives, though I?ve never heard it. But I have heard ?Barry Allen Dead? and ?Jason Todd Dead? so perhaps the three are interchangeable depending on what type of fan you?re talking to.

This Has A ?Glossary In The Works? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

The Call For Community Continues

I?m leaving the call alive for nominations of the best comics message board out there. So far we have the following:


Broken Frontier (a relatively new one but pretty active already)

X-Fan (a little too Marvel-specific to be all-encompaissing for the entire community, a factor that hurts the company?s official sites too, but nevertheless a very good and active site with plenty of creator involvement).

Comic Book Resources

Silver Bullet Comics ? Hey, it could happen!

There?s a lot more out there so let me know where you love to hang out. Let?s face it, the DC Boards, Image Boards, Marvel Boards and CGE Boards are very active but I?m talking about an all-encompassing site for comics fans of all genders, colors and interests can hang and chat. A true community. Keep sending them in here and tell me where YOU like to hang out.

This Has a ?No Player Hate Here!? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

And Finally?

I just realized that I?m writing a rumor and gossip column and I haven?t spotlighted Rob Liefeld yet. It?s like I?m not really an official guy in this capacity until I do something with the supposed ?Bad Boy? of comics.

And so aside from participating in a 600+ response thread over on MillarWorld, I decided to see what else Rob was up to and what was going on with Youngblood: Bloodsport, Alias: Agent Bristow and virtually anything else he ever says is going to happen.

      j.hues: Rob, what’s going on with the new Youngblood series, when we can


      expect it, in what format and through what venue?


      Rob Liefeld: Waiting on final revisions from Mark Millar. The longer I delayed the art end of it, the more upgrading it required to keep it as relevant as possible by Millar. Ditto with revisions on issue #2. Bottom line is I delayed this and everyone else has been playing catch up. Mid-May looks like our absolute ship date. Prediction, this book will sell out in a heartbeat and be heavily in demand. Everyone stepped up and gave it their best, albiet slower than planned.


      jh: How about

Alias: Agent Bristow

      ? Is that deal dead in the water, and if so aren’t there penalties from a licensor if you fail to deliver?


      RL: Not dead at all. Currently waiting on final lettering approvals from ABC and ALIAS brass. Book has been completely illustrated, colored for months but was repeatedly modified by ABC personnel. Great story by J.J., great art by Andy Park. As a matter of fact, if I could only pick two comics to represent myself during the course of my career I would pick




      . I’ve never been associated with two finer comic books. We would not be penalized on


      because we have not been the source of the delays. The series has changed tone and it made sense that the comic would reflect that. Per J.J. Abrams request, pages were added to update the original story. The book is stronger as a result.


      jh: What about other plans from Arcade? Any plans to resurrect Awesome itself and have any new stories created for your stable of characters?


      RL: Yes.


      jh: Will you continue to work with Checker and Avatar as outlets for characters that got their start either from you or through Extreme/Maximum/Awesome?


      RL: Not with Avatar.


      jh: Anything you can tell us (or drop hints about) regarding upcoming projects, inside or outside of comics?


      RL: I have nearly two dozen comic-movie-TV projects I’m working on at any given time of the day. This includes but is not limited to:


      comic and movie,


      comic and movie,


      comic and movie,


      comic and movie,


      comic and movie,

Galaxy Girl

      comic and movie,

The Mark

      comic, movie and cartoon,




      comic and cartoon,

Free Agent

      comic and movie,




      comic and movie,

Youngblood Genesis



      comic, online operations for web site,




      comic and movie,




    comic revival as well as others I can’t mention. Very busy getting each one further down the road. Thanks for asking.

Hopefully we won?t have to wait a ?Century? for any of these projects to come out. Get it? Heh-heh.

This Has A ?Rob I-Before-E Liefeld? Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Hey Rob, if you need anyone to write any of that crap for you, I?m available. Since Joe Quesada still doesn?t call me about that Epic imprint you can probably catch me at home. Never one to miss an opportunity for some shameless groveling and all around pathetic-ness I shall remain for another week j.hues.


Oh yeah, along the same lines as the groveling and begging, you guys need to keep me in the loop. If you hear a nasty rumor at a convention or in your local comics shop or from your perch outside Garth Ennis? bathroom window send me the dirt. I?ll take it and try and find out the truth! Rumors are a lot more fun when there?s a kernel of truth in there ain?t they?

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