I’ve been informed that things have been changing at Marvel since Friday’s memo was reported. The changes to the X-books may not be quite as drastic as rumoured, but a big shake-up is definitely happening after the anniversary of Counter-X and the end of the Ellis plotmastering.

As for the writer of Uncanny X-Men, I hear from one pro source “they’re getting close to someone HUGE with a big rep”. I heard from another that Marvel have approached Judd Winick. And on the Ellis Delphi forum, fan ZeroCard13 wrote “Judd was in Seattle this past weekend for the NorthWest BookFest to read and sign Pedro & Me. Very cool time, nice guy, he was thrilled I had actually brought a small stack of his stuff to sign. Two bits of news: He is currently around a third of the way through another original graphic novel. He didn’t give any details except to say that it’s doubtful he’ll write anything so intensely autobiographical again for a while. He’s on the bandwagon and getting an X-Book of his own next year.”

If is he the new appointee, it makes some kind of sense, there does seem to be a trend for Marvel and DC to look for talent with those with string TV and film links, such as Joe Straczynski, Bob Gale, Greg Rucka, Kevin Smith, David Goyer, Geoff Johns…

We’ll see, eh?

This Has A Rumour Value Of 4 Out Of 10

Mutant Massacre

One other rumour I’ve heard while investigating the last one is that John Byrne is trying to talk Joe Quesada into ret-conning many of Marvel’s mutant characters into non-mutants. Apparently they were never really mutants but were infected by some sort of power-generating virus… if it’s true, I’m sure Byrne has his reasons…

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With Great Power…

But how moot is this going to be? Warren Ellis has already sounded the bell of doom for Marvel by just publishing the figures. Some Marvel employees have e-mailed me with serious worries that they just aren’t going to get paid in the short term… if there is a cease in publication from Marvel, it’ll be but a brief one, as either Marvel will get its act together, or other companies will jockey to publish some of the best selling titles in the industry. Either way, it’s going to be another fun Christmas as usual for Marvel staff…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 Out Of 10

Superboy In Robot Ejaculation Shock Horror

DC do know what ‘wank’ means, don’t they? Superboy’s obviously discovered.


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