Welcome to a special edition of ATR coming to you from the Isotope in San Francisco, CA. As I write this, it’s 10:30pm on Saturday night and the “Future of Image Comics” event is in full swing. Gotta say, James Sime has put together a hell of a party. And this place is seriously packed.

I’m gonna try to stay involved with the party and still get the column done, so bear with me here.


There’s a rumor floating around that industry veteran, Steve Englehart will be writing a Justice League Classified arc later this year, possibly following the Formerly Known As The Justice League sequel.

In the interim, Englehart will be working on the already announced Dark Detective miniseries with Marshal Rogers which revisits their classic Batman run.

This Has A “Silver St. Cloud” Factor of Eight Out of Ten

The “X” Factor

As alluded to in the last issue of Madrox, word going around is that Peter David will be writing a new X-Factor series later this year. The new series is tentatively titled X-Factor Investigations and will continue with the characters and themes from the Madrox miniseries.

This Has A “Multiplicity” Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Yo Joe

Responding to rumors of GI Joe‘s cancellation and relaunch, Josh Blaylock had this to say on his blog:

      So word is out on the street that not only are we canceling and rebooting our


    books, but that the new series will be a totally different continuity. It’s also said that Joe Casey will be writing the series.

Hence, the message boards are alive with chatter and all the websites are calling and e-mailing – everyone wants an answer.

Well, what can I say? There is some truth to this, and some things that are way off. I WILL say that I am VERY excited about G.I. Joe – I haven’t been this excited for the entire brand since first acquiring the comic book license in early 2001. This will be a VERY big year for it.

We also have a LOT of other exciting news coming out of DDP very very soon – some of it pertaining to this license, and some to others. So to everyone anxiously biting their finger nails… just stay tuned…

And to you Joe fans… hey, I love these characters as much now as much now as I did years ago. I won’t do anything stupid. I can’t wait to tell everyone what our plans are, but for now… my lips are zipped.

In a late breaking rumor, I’ve heard part of the Joe relaunch will be a series focused on Cobra Commander.

This Has A “Cobra-La” Factor of Six Out of Ten

Prodigal 9

Forsaken artist Kristian Donaldson’s next project will be a four issue miniseries with Brian Wood (Demo). A publisher hasn’t been named yet.

This Has An “Other Ideas and Designs” Factor of Eight Out of Ten

A Serious Iron Deficiency

CapvsBats has returned with a new parody of Warren Ellis’ Iron Man. Enjoy:

There might be a fifth page, but it won’t be ready until April.

This Has A “Cool Exec With A Heart of Steel” Factor of Nine Out of Ten

The Sharper Image

Seeing as this event is all about the “Future of Image Comics”, this column wouldn’t be complete without getting some of the guests to talk about their upcoming projects. First up is Mark Smith, the writer and creator of The Amazing Joy Buzzards.

Mark Smith

The Amazing Joy Buzzards

    are a rock and roll adventure band to rival the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. They fight giant robots, evil witch doctors, all the while exploring the supernatural with their genie Mexican Wrestler friend named “El Campeon”. The bands manager Dalton Warner works for the CIA, but the band thinks it stands for “Creative International Artists”, and unknown to them Dalton is using the band’s celebrity to get into countries that he wouldn’t normally have access too. Oh yeah, the villains are supernatural-mod-hipsters too. Dan Hipp does the art and continues to amaze with every new page. The first issue is Black, White, & Pink and premieres in comic stores this Wednesday, January 26th.

Rock and Roll to the rescue!

Todd Nauck

      Missed out on the original

WildGuard: Casting Call

      mini-series? Get in on the action with the

WildGuard: Casting Call

      trade paperback on sale Feb. 2! This bad boy collects all six issues of the hit mini-series with 25 pages of bonus material, including the first two mini-comics that started it all, a 6-pager from the

Hero Happy Hour Super Special

    , a deleted scene, and sketchbook. Ask for it by name!

WildGuard is getting the cameras rolling again for a new two-issue mini-series, WildGuard: Fool’s Gold. This June, the Made-For-TV superteam is back as they lend their star power to a charity fashion show to raise funds to keep the super powered youth on the straight and narrow. If only it were that easy!

Can’t wait until June? WildGuard still appears weekly in original comic strips at http://www.wildguard.com. Check ’em out and tell a friend!

Greg Thompson

      Okay, so I’m sure you’re wondering why this guy you’ve never heard of is babbling on after Todd Nauck and Mark Smith. Well, believe it or not, I’m writing

Hero Camp

      , a new ongoing, full-color monthly coming from Image comics this May! It’s the story of a normal, every day teen whose world is turned upside down when his superpowered parents send him to a superhero summer camp. You think you’ve felt like an outsider? Let me tell ya, ya got nothin’ on this kid! Robbi Rodriguez is handling the art chores and Russ Lowery will be coloring the book. You may not now these cats right now, but trust me, in a quick few months, they’ll be some of your favorite creators in the industry; they’re that good! So, in summation ladies and germs, be sure to preorder your copy of

Hero Camp

      in March. Still not convinced? Check out


      for previews and other fun stuff!

B. Clay Moore

      Right now I have four projects that I’m focusing on. Artists Nick Dragotta and Steven Griffin are working on the last two issues of

Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort

      ; Jeremy Haun is working hard on

Battle Hymn

      , the first issue of which will be out soon; Jason Latour is working on issue two of

The Expatriate

      , which will be freaking readers out within three issues; readers will be thrilled with

Five Dead Men

      , an epic western Tony Moore and I are almost finished with, and

Clean Living

    , an original graphic novel by myself and artist Azad.

This Has A “Wave of The Future” Factor of Ten Out of Ten

A Remender of Things To Come…

Rick Remender brought along a few preview pages from two of his upcoming Image projects, which I’m happy to share here. The first set of pics is from StrangeGirl, an ongoing series coming out in June with art by Eric Nguyen.

And the second set of pics comes from Sea of Red, which is also an ongoing series, coming out in March. Kieron Dwyer is co-plotting the series as well as doing layouts, with Remender scripting, and Salgood Sam as the artist on the finished pages.

This Has A “Bloody Waters” Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Alright… it’s 1:30am Sunday morning and the party is winding down. Should probably go, but hey… I’m here for the duration.

That’s it for this week’s column. Special thanks to James, Kristen and the rest of the Isotope gang for having me over.


PS If anyone has any rumors, stories or news to share, please email me at blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It?s greatly appreciated.

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