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North by North Quahog

Word has come in through multiple sources that Devil?s Due Publishing has landed the rights to put out Family Guy comic books in 2006, possibly as soon as April. A few comic insiders have expressed shock at the news and openly questioned why DDP would pursue Family Guy in the first place, as comparable licensed comics (like The Simpsons) have failed to make much of a dent in the direct market. However, upon examination, the answer seems obvious: bookstores. Bongo?s Simpsons comics are widely available in bookstores nationwide, both as trade paperbacks and actual comics. Additionally, they share shelf space in the humor section alongside collections of comic strips like The Boondocks and The Far Side. If DDP can achieve similar bookstore penetration, then odds are they?ll have a hit. Keep in mind, Family Guy is still riding the surge of popularity that resurrected the show in the first place?

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Putting Fear Back Into The Man

As we near the end of Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev?s run on Daredevil, speculation is rampant about what?s going to happen when Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark take over next month. For the most part, Marvel has been quiet on storyline details, though the cover to #83 may have spoiled the death of a MAJOR character. And there?s more? Have you noticed that Marvel never posted the cover to Daredevil #82? There?s a reason for that. I?ve seen the cover and it contains a one hell of SPOILER. For those of you who want to be surprised, I won?t post the cover here in the column. But those of you who want to know what?s coming, can click on this link. Inviso-text and potential spoilers follow:

As you can see from the cover to #82, it looks like Matt Murdock is going to jail, though the exact circumstances aren?t clear. He could be there because the Feds finally have proof that he?s Daredevil or he might be framed for the murder of his friend (as implied on the cover of 83).

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Legion Advance

In advance of its debut at Angoul?me later this month, the official website of Fabien Nury and John Cassaday?s I Am Legion Volume #2 is up and running. Of course, there are some preview pages to see:

And there?s a new trailer on the page as well.

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Spirit of 76

Over at the Engine, B. Clay Moore has provided some additional about his new project, which I mentioned here last week:

    Basically, another writer and I have decided to team up to produce a book featuring two separate stories, both set in the same year, but otherwise unrelated (except, I suppose, loosely by genre). The idea here is that each of us will produce one twelve-page chunk of story per issue, for a total of eight issues. By the time we’ve finished the initial eight-issue run, we’ll each have accumulated the equivalent of a complete “normal” sized four-issue mini-series. (We’ll each have 96 pages of story).

The idea is not to do a flip-book, but to wrap both stories in covers that feature characters from each, even if their paths never cross in the book. And they won’t. The plan right now is to have my HAWAIIAN DICK cohort Steven Griffin handle the covers. So the wrapper will be pretty, anyway.

Black and white, $2.95 (or $2.99, I dunno), 24 pages of story per issue. Eight total issues, with the distinct possibility of a second “year” to follow in another eight issue series. We’ll have extra pages to play with, and will try to give what we do with those pages some careful though.

That book will be called ’76, and won’t be solicited until we’re positive we can ship all eight issues on time, but I’m going to start talking about it now.

My “side” of the book is called JACKIE KARMA, illustrated by Ed Tadem. The other “side” is called COOL, by writer Seth Peck and artist Tigh Walker, Canadian.

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Same Day, Different Knight

Last week?s rumor about Grant Morrison writing the Midnighter ongoing series has been shot down by a well placed source. The latest rumblings have another writer attached to the project. According to some, it?s? Garth Ennis?!

If that?s the case, I?ll be kind of surprised. I thought Ennis was done with Authority related characters after the last Kev miniseries?

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Ghost Watcher

It?s been about eight years since Bo Hampton?s last comic project, but it looks like he has two coming out in April from Image. First up is an OGN with Robert Tinnell (The Black Forrest) entitled Sight Unseen, about a blind man who develops technology that allows him to see ghosts.

Hapmton?s other project is a two issue miniseries called Book of Shadows, which will be written by Mark Chadbourne, a British fantasy novelist.

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Land of The Free

In a post over at his blog, Josh Howard has revealed that Viper Comics will be participating in this year?s Free Comic Book Day, with a book entitled Viper Comics Presents. The book will include stories from upcoming titles Museum of Terror, Emily Edison and A Bit Haywire along with a new Dead@17 story written and drawn by Howard. Additionally, Howard mentioned that his story leads into an ongoing Dead@17 series, which will come out this summer?

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It?s A Bird, It?s A Plane?

Here?s a pic that?s been causing some fanboy angst across the web, particularly at Newsarma:

The picture was drawn by Tom Perkins, an artist who works on The Batman. Fan speculation had this design pegged as coming from a new Superman animated project. But it turned out to just be a random sketch he did a while back. However, I?ve heard that Perkins IS working on the new animated SUPERMAN cartoon, which is said to be coming out next fall and will likely be a complete revamp ala The Batman. So when the time comes, expect something ?modern and hip.? Fans of the classic Paul Dini and Bruce Timm Superman Animated Series can take heart that a direct to video animated movie is still slated for this summer, though it will likely be the last appearance of that version of Superman outside of the remaining Justice League Unlimited episodes.

In other comic animation news, there?s word that the third season of X-Men Evolution will be collected in time for the release of X-Men 3.

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Some Assembly Required

Word out of Marvel is that there?s already a follow up planned for the X-Men/Power Pack mini, this time teaming Power Pack with the Avengers. Marc Sumerak and the GuriHiru duo are all said to be back for this one.

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And we?re done for now, so I?ll see you in seven. Time for me to watch some football?


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