It Lives! – 30th July

References to Blur songs aside, the article on Tomorrow Stories #8 broke the news about the delayed Tomorrow Stories and the rumour as to why, involving a L Ron Hubbard story. Follow ups abounded. The issue in question has yet to be published though the story withdrawn and taken to Top Shelf. Reports that Grant Morrison would be writing the next Bat-movie were later muted when Morrison said he’d just been having a variety of talks with Hollywood people.

Bad Mood Rising and Wild Storm Rising – 6th August

This was one of those articles that got noticed by a lot of people, and led to a number of follow-ups including the Joe Illidge interview. Reporting on poor DC morale, it’s worth noting that things do seem to have improved there since ? if only because Quesada’s head-hunting has forced them to. Mood at Wildstorm also seems to have taken a positive turn and while Jenny Sparks #2 didn’t get through unmolested, Authority #20 has done.

Signings, Sighings and Sightings – 9th August

GiGi And The Big Four has yet to be published by anyone, let alone DC. Down from Warren Ellis and Top Cow has yet to be scheduled. Erik Larsen is currently bidding for loads of original art.

Mostly Marvel. Mostly… – 13th August

Nothing more on Tom Cruise or Ian McKellen, no sign of The Fantastic Fourth Voyage of Sinbad, no New Mutants or X-Factor arriving, Steve Pugh will be inking himself on Generation X in an issue or two’s time, Palmiotti hasn’t left Deadpool.

Don’t Go Changin’ – 20th August

Paul Levitz expounded on editorial changes in The Comics Journal.

Down And Dirty – 22th August

The Marty Nodell story was expounded by The Comics Journal. I never did hear from Wizard

Bollocks To The Lot Of You – 24th August

The first printed rumour of Claremont’s imminent departure. From the beginning it was rumoured that he’s leave one of the core books but a few weeks later it was clear he’d be off both. There has been no Avengers/X-Men crossover as of yet, X-Men Forever hasn’t featured the Malibu Juggernaut, Morrison’s has been scheduled for the 2001 issue of 2000 AD. There are no signs of the Transmetropolitan spinoffs happening.

Human Rights And Men In Tights – 27th August

Morrison’s interview for the BBC did see him mouth off at DC and talk about his problem with, in direct contradiction of Levitz’s later comments that there was no difficulty between Morrison and DC. Brooklyn Bizarro has grown in popularity, even Ennis wears the t-shirt socially. There has been no public response to McFarlane’s letter from Amnesty International. As rumoured, a number of CrossGen creators and staff left with problems about the way it was run. We’re still waiting for the Midnighter to piss on a foe through a Door.

ATR Update: The House Of Ideals – 29th August

Mark Waid’s “Calloo Callay” response to the firing of Bob Harras were mooted when reported elsewhere. Warren Ellis’ forum has continued to be the place where major comics news stories are broken.

ATR Update II: The House Of I.D. Numbers – 30th August

Shortly after the Marvel press conference, I was e-shouted out for asking an impertinent question. Goodness. And no one else seemed to mention the evil musak being played on the conference call… I’m beginning to think I imagined it. And the difference was clearly not between Harras and Carl Icahn who had left a long time ago. ‘Ike’ was, instead, Ike Perlmutter, a figure still oft-ignored by news sources.

ATR Update III: Poaching, Preaching and Plotting – 31st August

Rumours that Quesada would go editorially headhunting at DC proved true… a number of editors were approached, a number were promoted within DC and Axel Alonso left, joined by Stuart Moore, recently of DC. No scripter for Youngblood: Genesis has to be be announced.

Hell, Harras and Hate – 3rd September

That From Hell visual is still turning up in a number of fun places across the web. The Isaac Perlmutter story was reported in a couple of other places (although heavily cut) and a number of creators have confirmed the stories within.

Awards, Amanda and Agents – 10th September

Amanda Sefton was indeed the new Magik. The Liam Sharp story was also widely reported afterwards although nothing has moved forward. And DC have been every good to Moore of late. And I was told by one source that, in fact, the LSH pizza bill was handed by Paul to KC Carlson, who then had difficulty claiming it through expenses.

Add Alcohol And Stir – 17th September

Both Axel and Alonso’s positions were confirmed as stated a few days later. Paul Jenkins, however, seemed not in danger of losing his job on Spidey after Joe Quesada made his views known. Speculation about Morrison and Millar joining the core X-books became more very quickly. Both were offered the books, Morrison took one, Millar declined. Human Target is yet to be scheduled. Weston’s Pop Comics book was confirmed as Ministry Of Space weeks later. We’ve heard nothing on Enemy Ace or Captain America/Howling Commandoes. Garth Ennis writing a book for Black Bull was later confirmed and scheduled.

Rumours, Recriminations And Radio – 24th September

Paul Levitz is still at DC. Marvel salaries are not accessible.

Fox, Finance and Fluctuation – October 1st

Dark Horse’s financial position has been questioned a lot of late and rumours are still circulating about a buyout. The Bendis off the McFarlane books rumour was soon confirmed by Bendis and the circumstances did seem decidedly dodgy. There’s no movement on Bendis’ Torso film McFarlane was meant to have been developing either. No confirmation on Top Cow’s Minotaur line yet, though I hear there’s another project I’ve reported on in the past that might be finding a home there. More as I have it.

And then there was Joe Illidge… but that’s for next time.

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