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On DC’s Authority message board, Mark Millar semi-confirmed the rumour printed on Sunday, below, saying:

“I was made two really nice offers before Christmas. One was an exclusive with my chums at Wildstorm where I would become Head Writer/professional brain-stormer and work full time from their California office. The other, at Marvel, was a staff position (although mostly working from my new home in the States) where I would really get behind the Ultimate line (giving the Ultimate overhaul to a large amount of Marvel characters for a project we’ll be announcing over the next couple of months).”

“As you know, I plumped for the Marvel job because the idea of redefining these characters was just too sweet to pass up, but also because the Marvel offer allowed me an opportunity to work for Wildstorm and various other companies. I’ve got big, creator-owned plans which will be announced pretty soon and, I guess, this Marvel gig allowed me to have my cake and eat it.”

“Just to clarify; the Wildstorm offer was Head Writer; the Marvel job has no formal description, but I’ll be in New York for the next couple of years working very closely with the guys and revamping a number of their most famous characters.”

This Has A Rumour Value Of 9 Out Of 10

What with Marvel’s “Pictures Without Words” month, maybe I should be equally inspired not to say anything about Marvel at all for a month?


Maximum Security

A rumour comes to me stating that about a month ago, when Marvel took their staff out for Christmas lunch, security didn’t go with them. Why? It seems they were busy packing up a number of Marvel hard drives being used by a certain number of Marvel employees and going through them with a fine comb.

The rumour continues that when the staff returned, those who had been fingered were called into an office, one by one and asked to explain everything on their hard drive – some of which had been accidentally erased by security in the process.

What were they looking for? It’s currently unknown, and the word is that Marvel didn’t find it. However I hear that security did take down each and every website visited. One theory is they were looking for news leaks.

Some members of staff are reportedly not that happy about this action and are unsure about its legality. And I’m told that some are looking to move out as a result.

This story first came to me based on gossip a fan in New York heard in a bar, close to the Marvel offices. As I result, I wasn’t happy to run with it as it stood, but since then a number of sources at Marvel or close to Marvel have confirmed aspects of the original rumour.

Joe Quesada and Bill Jemas declined to comment.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Ultimate Millar

The word is that Mark Millar’s job at Marvel will be to head up the editorial for the Marvel Ultimate line. He will continue to write Ultimate X-Men as well as the upcoming Ultimate Avengers title, and is currently searching for a team for Ultimate Fantastic Four.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 out of 10

Peeking Tom

A sneak peek at the first page of script of the Tom Peyer/Dustin Nguyen issue of Authority sees the new Italian version of Midnighter finding a few hidden Indonesian… sorry, DC, South East Asian refugees still living on the carrier. He punches their noses through their brains for looking at him in a funny way. Nice…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 5 Out Of 10

Gen Jam

I hear that after a two issue run by Kaare Andrews, Wildstorm fans can look forward to a special Gen 13 jam comic, with issue 66 being drawn by Rick Mays, Jim Lee, J Scott Campbell, Brian Stellfreeze amongst others, with an few more issues by Rick Mays to follow. And the Gen 13/Dirty Pair crossover may also be coming your way shortly…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 out of 10

Cable Speed

Last week’s interesting juxtaposition of Quesada comments, that there were seemingly no plans for Bob Weinberg to leave Cable, when only a few hours later Bob posted that he’d been taken off the book, brought comment from one Marvel source. It was pointed out to me that in Your Man At Marvel, Bill Rosemann’s subsequent reply to Weinberg’s statement, only a few hours later, he said “Finally, I look forward to working with them to promote Howard Chaykin’s upcoming run on Cable.

That’s what I call fast turnaround.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Size Matters

It wasn’t that long ago that Marvel told us, via Newsarama, about Ultimate Marvel Magzine that “To help ensure that the exciting new magazine will be available for mainstream consumers, Marvel is increasing the size of the publication to standard magazine dimensions” and “Ultimate Marvel Magazine enables Marvel to take advantage of a distribution system that will allow the Company to significantly improve delivery of the magazines to the mainstream consumer.”

But size of the eventual mag, while slightly bigger than normal comics, is well below normal magazine size. So it’s very easy for a newstands to just shove them in with the ‘normal’ comics. Which a number have been. Missing the point, no?

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Allredy In Mind

Mike Allred’s move to X-Force may not be too surprising to staff as it has been to fans. Apparently he was also in the run up to draw the Heroes Return Fantastic Four…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Claremont Exposition

There’s plenty of buzz about Chris Claremont’s new X-title… and a lot’s coming from Chris himself!

About his new X-book starting with a hunt for the diaries of Destiny, a dead mutant precognitive, he’s quoted on the X-Fan Message Boards by heyho123, saying “The book opens in Spain, and then moves “down under” to Australia (the town of Surfer’s Paradise) and from there to South East Asia to defend the world from an Alien Invasion. Unless of course we all change our mind and decide to do something else.”

He’s also been holding court on rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks. Still unnamed, the fan favourite title for this project so far seems to be Manifest Destiny.

“Just for the record, so we’re all clear on what’s going on, the first year of the new book is plotted. The second year is substantially laid out. There is a search for the Diaries and it doesn’t prove as simple or easy as you might think — after all, the diaries were written by a precog. If she wanted someone to find them, especially after her death, chances are she’d have a fairly good notion of how to guarantee it.”

“At present, the Oz venues on tap for the new team are Surfer’s Paradise, and Sydney. And Uluru, for a Bishop family reunion.”

And as for criticism over his recent X-work, Claremont writes “Unfortunately, some of the elements you mentioned — the treatment of the villains and the absence of Kitty — came about because of editorial decisions that had direct impacts on the ongoing storyline. For example, the decision to bring the team’s together in July, to echo the movie. In fact, if we were going to do that it should have been incorporated into the macro plot structure from the beginning. Instead, because no one realized until late spring that the movie might actually be successful, not to mention good, we had to play serious catch-up at the same time as we were trying to establish the entire structural foundation of the two series. Ideally, that shouldn’t happen with the new book.”

“As far as narrative goes, I recommend the December, 2001 issue (#8), which — at least as currently scripted — is silent.”

This Has A Rumour Value Of 9 Out Of 10

Tangled Web

I’ve been passed the name from a number of sources of the individual fingered for stealing Marvel artwork from their offices not too long ago. While I’m not sure if it would be the done thing to name this freelancer, I can confirm that as suspected, he is a freelance worker, specifically a penciller known for work on both Marvel and DC books.

However, it does throw a different angle on the report Marvel put out after the event, calling for help to track down the individual in question – apparently his actions had all been recorded on Marvel security cameras.

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 Out of 10

The Canary Sings

What’s all this? Marvel Marvel Marvel? Where’s the DC-bashing this column has a reputation for? Well, here’s a titbit. The first issue of Kevin Smith’s Green Arrow has a scene that strongly implies that the Ollie Queen Green Arrow is pleasuring Black Canary orally. Since this was a no no, even for Hellblazer, I wonder whether it’ll make it to print…

What with this, last week’s X-Men Forever softcore cover by Adam Pollina and some decidedly fruity language over in the Ultimate Marvel books, what is happening to mainstream superhero books these days? Eh? I dunno…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 8 Out of 10

Anyone see the All The Rage ad in the new Comics International with the Daredevil cover? Hope Pepsi don’t sue! Coming up – next week, CrossGen rumours, Diamond rumours, S&M rumours and hopefully something about DC. You never know…

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