How was everyone?s week? Good and full of exotic polka dancers, I would hope. And I pray that you all have plans involving Free Comic Book Day this upcoming Saturday (5 May)? You better. Mine include travelling to one of the best shops in existence, Olympic Cards and Comics located in lovely Lacey, Washington (yes, I?m back in the Seattle area for the time being). Guests will include Greg Rucka, Brandon Jerwa, Jennifer Van Meter, and Matthew Clark. Maybe I?ll see you there if you happen to live around these parts!

Enough intro yabble, here is your serving of Marvel-heavy Rage?
(Sorry, DC fans? Them?s the breaks.)

Slott To Leave She-Hulk

That?s right. Writer Dan Slott is going to be leaving She-Hulk after a magnificent run, from what I’ve been told. I understand that the announcement will be made at Philly Comic Con this FCBD weekend. What will happen with Dan? Hard for me to say for sure, but whatever it is it?s supposed to be ?big league?. Considering I also heard that most if not all rumours about who?s taking over writing duties on Amazing Spider-Man are off the mark, I invite you to speculate that Slott may be in the running for that illustrious role. ASM is pretty darned ?big league?, wouldn?t you say? Who?s replacing Dan on She-Hulk? Someone pretty damn good who will fit the role perfectly.

This Has A ?She-Hulk Smash Downloaders!? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten.

Cap, We Hardly Knew Ye

New Avengers #31 is supposed to be really, really, really big. My ninjas, even with the aid of jetpack samurai, were only able to get a hold of the fact that it?s supposed to be another Captain America #25. What, does Tony die? That would prove interesting, now wouldn?t it?

This Has A ?Killing Heroes For Your Entertainment Since?? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten.

Silver Surfer Platter

Si Spurrier is a fave writer of mine, coming mostly from the hallowed pages of 2000 AD. Imagine my elation when I found out by mere chance (with the aid of some sneaky gnomes) that he will have a Silver Surfer mini-series come out around November (with art by Tan Eng Huat). The story isn?t supposed to cause any continuity problems with it taking the Surfer back to the halcyon days of whimsical, wandering melancholia? along with gorgeous starships, galactic strife, psychedelic astral experiences, and a mind blowing array of alien gribblies. Sounds quite awesome, no? I?ll keep you posted on what?s going on with this.

This Has A ?Surfing With the Gribble? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten.

Even More Marvel

This has been a week of Marvel bits, and in addition to what you read above, here?s some more?

The pages of the Avengers / Transformers crossover have begun to roll out. I may have something more for you on this anticipated title in the future.

World War Hulk will be servicing the #1 fan request moment in the past year, I?ve heard. What will that be? Just take a guess.

Did you think Annihilus was a big surprise in Annihilation? There?s something coming that?s supposed to be even bigger. More on this as I dig it up like a three-headed Hoffa.

Are you a classic Marvel fan? Nova #2 and #3 are can?t miss issues, then.

Speaking of stuff you shouldn?t miss, June/July is the time for you Cable/Deadpool fans. I overheard that something big will happen? yeah, I?m on that, too.

It’s funny how the Fantastic Four keep getting mentioned every week. Now I understand that FF #551 is supposed to be huge. Does it tie in with the previously reported creative team rumour? We?ll see.

Sure, the aforementioned might raise more questions than they answer, but I came across it and just thought I would share.

This has a ?Riding A Wave Full Of Excelsior!? Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten.

Zombie Slave Labor

Enough with the Marvel yap. SLG Publishing (link: is going to be releasing Faith Erin Hicks outstanding comic Zombies Calling. In Faith?s own words on the project (from the website):


  • Zombies Calling is about three friends, Joss, Robyn and Sonnet, and their attempts to survive an infestation of zombies by following the Rules of Zombie Movies. You know those darling cliches that seem to pop up in pretty much every movie with the term ?walking undead? in it? Doesn’t it make sense that following those rules would help you survive a real life zombie attack? Makes sense to me. Thus, Zombies Calling!

And here are some pages:

Looks like it should be a fun series!

This Has A ?Zombi-rific!? Factor Of Eight Out of Ten.

Comicarchy in the UK: Contract, Mike Battle, and Golden Champagne Glasses

Here are a couple UK related things that are worth a mention this week.

First off we have Sgt. Mike Battle getting some much deserved recognition from this very website. Hopefully more information should be up soon here:
If you haven?t read Sgt. Mike Battle yet, you are missing out on a true self-published gem.

Then there?s this? It?s not really comic book related, though it does have something to do with a well known comic writer who I mentioned earlier in a Marvel news bit. I?ve been informed that Simon Spurrier has a new novel coming out (entitled Contract) in which it will be published online for free. Read the current press release here.

This will be the website (which goes live 24 May):

The central character?s MySpace:

Spurrier on CrimeSpace:

Those links will have information as it?s made available. If you have a LiveJournal account, I took a minute to syndicate Si?s CrimeSpace blog-posts which is located here.

I plan to ask Mr. Spurrier more about this, ah, novel idea in publishing very soon. In the meantime, check it out, why don?t you.

Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood have come up with their own ?guerrilla? UK comic citations of merit, the Golden Champagne Glass Awards. The nominees and other information can be found at the latest Two Drunk Guys in a Bar column.

Yes, All The Rage was nominated for Best Journo Scum (U.S.), so you lot who think that it?s an abomination that I, of all people, get any kind of positive recognition you had best get in there and vote for Newsarama or Wizard Universe. A point to remember is that if you coordinate it well, then one nominee running against me will be selected overwhelmingly? that way there?s no split in votes leaving me to win anyway (which would certainly enrage quite a few people I?m sure). Keep in mind that these prestigious awards are deadly serious!

Just like me. 😉

This Has A ?Contracts Are Half The Battle? Factor Of Nine Out of Ten.

Tidbits and the Closing

Some other things of interest I thought I would mention?

If you haven?t read Half Dead yet, I recommend you do so. This is a great book that has a very vampires-meets-24 feel to it.

Ape Entertainment?s Nightmare World from the twisted imagination of Dirk Manning is another excellent title worth a bit of sanity lost. There?s even a Nightmare World MySpace where you can read free comics to see if you dig it. Dirk?s on ComicSpace too.
(Make sure to read his Write or Wrong columns, which are listed here).

That?s it for this installment of ATR. It was short and sweet, I must say. I?d like to thank all those folks out there that keep me and zee minions busy and for writing in with your comments, tips, and suggestions. You are always welcome to contact me through the following places:


And, of course, the forums (the link is below? lower? lower? there you go).

I?ll be back next week with a report on all sorts of stuff and how my Free Comic Book Day went. Until next time, dear readers?

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