Well, hello there. What a pleasure it is to see you again and welcome to my little column. It?s been a whole week since I saw you last, how the devil are you?



I guess you are eager to get on with the show so I won?t keep you too much longer.

Oh, the competition! I?d forget my head if it wasn?t screwed on. The winner was Ragemite and colorist extraordinaire Paul Mounts, and the correct answer was ?Jean de Florette,? ?Manon des Sources,? or ?L?eau des Collines? take your pick any of those would have done. Classic works by the brilliant French writer/film maker Marcel Pagnol. This week the prizes are copies of Buddy Scalera’s Visual Reference for Comic Artists: Vol. 1. This is a brilliant CD-ROM, of invaluable use to comic book artists. You can read about it here.

So, on with the show?

Teen Toon Soon

It?s hardly gossip as just about every site on the web was running this story but hey, it?s cool, I don?t mind.

There is to be a new Teen Titans animated series in the style of the Batman Animated Adventures and the Justice League series. Apparently it?ll start on Cartoon Network and then go to the WB Network, whatever that means? or for the rest of the world outside of the US of A, watch local listings for more details.

There will be a comic to go along with this but DC is playing that down at the moment. The cartoon will be overseen by Glen Murakami from the Justice League cartoon.

The Cartoon Network has said:

Teen Titans

    , set in a future of intergalactic strife and interplanetary battles, features five teen superheroes each with special powers, led by the Boy Wonder Robin. This group unites to form a defensive force to protect the Earth from a new generation of villains. An eclectic group, their powers complement each other so that when they band together, they become a superb fighting force. Their personalities, on the other hand, often clash. Discovering how to control their powers, these Teen Titans must learn to work and grow as a team while dealing with the trials and tribulations of being teenagers.

Quite how all this will fit into the new revised DC continuity (for the animated adventures and tie in comic) I don?t know. The line up is set to be Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven.

Further background on this that hasn?t been widely reported is the involvement of top comic book and Star Trek novel writer Peter David. He had the following to say on his own site:

      Six months ago I was contacted by Paul Levitz at DC who asked if I’d be interested in working with development folks at Kids WB and Warners Animation on a Teen Titans animated series. Why me? Because although the concept was to go back to the Wolfman/Perez era of characters, they decided they wanted it to have the sensibilities of


    (because, really, the characters from the Wolfman/Perez days were far more “Titans” than “Teens.”) So I re-read as much of the Wolfman/Perez and Wolfman/whoever-else “Titans” that I could find, had meetings with various folks, and wrote a bible. I then did a couple of revises on the bible, got the okay to write the pilot, did so, and did a revise on that. I also wrote a stripped down summary of the series’ premise for a market research session they were going to be holding with some young viewers. I hewed to DC continuity where I could, but also made a variety of changes for assorted reasons. I won’t go into detail as to what because I don’t *recall* signing a confidentiality agreement, but if I did and just forgot about it, I wouldn’t want to violate it. Anyway, my initial work on the project was strong enough to help get the series green lit.

This was spotted by, well me actually I did a load of surfing while I was off sick so a lot of this weeks stuff is from me but I?ll give codenames anyway just to keep the competition alive. So this came from codename Peter.

This Has A Titanrific Value Of 10 Out Of 10


Here?s a piece out of an interview spotted on the Pulse with Chuck Dixon:


    So … are you leaving CrossGen and going back to DC Comics?

CHUCK DIXON: No. Definitely no. Decidedly no.

THE PULSE: Why do you think silly rumors like that get started?

CD: People with too much time on their hands. The rumor reported was ridiculous on the face of it. Why would I leave four monthly titles for a single four issue mini-series?

This Has A Hasty Retraction Value Of 9 Out Of 10

Another Oops!

Benjamin sent me the following email (you didn?t ask for anonymity but I thought better safe than sorry as all I had was a user name), referring to last week?s story detailing Disney?s financial woes:

?Disney can’t sell Winnie the Pooh characters, as they don’t own them (they licensed it). The family estate of the original creator [AA Milne] does and just so happens to be suing the house of the mouse right now over a royalty dispute (that Disney is currently losing). Soon Disney may lose the license entirely. ?

Now the mention of Pooh was kinda a throwaway line but hey! It led to this titbit.

This Has A More Rot Setting In Value Of 9 Out Of 10

Big Coverage For New Series

Marvel comics have scored a big advertising coup. The new Captain America series, The Truth, has been reported on in 3 major American newspapers.

The series which focuses on the run up to the Captain America program features a black man receiving the fabled super-soldier serum before the ever so Aryan Steve Rogers. As some of the preview adverts say, it isn?t as if they?d have risked a white soldier?s life back then.

The new title was featured on the front page of the Life section of the United States best selling newspaper (USA Today) in their weekend edition. The title also featured in stories that also ran in the Boston Globe and the Philadelphia Daily News last week.

This is great news for Marvel who has been working the PR machine hard. National coverage can only help to raise awareness of comic books to the general public.

This was spotted by Mr McGregor.

This Has A Newsworthy Value Also Of 8 Out Of 10

CrossGen Conundrum

Well, well, well what have we here? What a confusing situation this is.

OK, in a nutshell. CrossGen is a newish comic company that started up what, 2 ? years ago. They brought with them big bucks and a brash attitude. Their comic books scored big with the fans initially but then (in my experience and that of the retailers I?ve spoken to) waned for a while. They kept at it though and their new and original titles meant that people were prepared to keep on giving them a try. The company then decided to try out a new style of graphic novel, a collection of several titles at once collecting a few stories and offering unprecedented value. Now they are pretty well established and quite successful, a rare tale in modern comic books a company doing well.

Now, virtually every comic book shop in the world buy their comic?s through Diamond Comic Distributors who publish their wares in the monthly Previews catalogue. The front of this very important book is dedicated to the top 4 publishers, Dark Horse, DC, Image and Marvel (well 5 if you include Wizard who kinda share this ?Premiere? status). The section that follows this is dedicated to all the other comic book companies in alphabetical order. CrossGen is featured in this section, after many, many other companies.

Recently CrossGen have been desperate in trying to loose the stigma of being an ?independent.? They wanna be with the big boys and who can blame them? They have been shelling out big for prominence in the alphabetical section and they have reached the status in some peoples minds of Dark Horse if not DC and Marvel.

Now some people have been spreading rumours that CrossGen is about to cross the divide and become one of the big boys. What has actually happened is that CrossGen is getting a page per title like Image and Marvel have (the others change their formats and sometimes use this style too) but still in their designated position in the Indie section.

Another rumour that has been around is that the nasty old big boy titles have been bullying Diamond with veto?s that prevent poor CrossGen from joining their little club. Now this may well be true but Paul Levitz at DC and Jim Valentino at Image deny it.

Other sites have tried to contact Diamond but they are playing their cards close to their chests and refuse to return calls or emails. Likewise CrossGen is issuing a simple ?no comment?.

Well, why is it important?

As I said above this is the place that the shops buy their comics from. This book makes up the framework for all the on-line ordering systems, comic catalogues and advertising that retailers have. Many comic book buyers use Previews to order from too. Previews is a big book, few people can be bothered to look all the way through it so having your company at the front means that you will at least be looked at.

Then there is the prestige. Some people won?t take a risk on a small independent company. There is both a conscious and subconscious snobbery that leads many (not all) buyers and retailers to prefer sticking to the big companies. If you?ve only got so much to spend what do you get, a sure thing or a risk?

Then there are the hidden benefits. The big companies get better deals on the price of comics and retailer incentives. The cover prices may not come down but the wholesale cost might, which leads to bigger orders from retailers.

So will it happen?

Who knows? Diamond has a strangle hold on the comic book industry with its monopoly on distribution. They can pretty much push comic companies around as much as they want but CrossGen isn?t playing by the same rules that Diamond are used to. CrossGen is using other distributors as well as Diamond. They are established enough as a brand to go it alone (not necessarily doing as well as they currently are but well enough to make it a genuine threat) and they have big money behind them. I personally don?t think that anything will get in the way of the CrossGen machine and I strongly suspect we will soon talk about them in the same way that we do Image or Dark Horse (some people already do).

A dissertation by The Friendly Sparrow.

This Has A ?It?s Gotta Happen Sooner Or Later? Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Marvels, Miracles And? Lawyers?

The comic book trial of the century is over! Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane squared off in the most hotly awaited trial in comic book history.

Gaiman (best known as the writer of the phenomenal Sandman series) is (to simplify matters) suing McFarlane (creator of Spawn) over the ownership of the rights to ahost of characters he created for McFarlan?s Spawn series, and most importantly Miracleman (or Marvelman as it was known in the UK).

Marvelman is a old character from British comic books. Ironically his creation stems from another famous comic book legal battle namely DC (National Periodicals) Vs Fawcett comics. In that trial it was alleged that Captain Marvel (the now DC character, you know? SHAZAM!!!) was too similar to Superman. DC won and Captain Marvel was effectively shut down as a title. Over in the UK Captain Marvel was being reprinted. To cut an already long story short they had to stop. So in a very dodgy and rather lucky-not-to-be-sued move they changed the characters name to Marvelman, altered the costume, and changed a few other bits and bobs (SHAZAM became KIMOTA) and continued on with their own adventures.

The title died away, as most British titles do. Then along came Dez Skinn?s Warrior comic and Alan Moore. Regarded as many as being the greatest comic book writer ever, Moore revived and revised Marvelman. Warrior folded and Marvelman (now Miracleman) was published in the US by Eclipse. They reprinted the stuff Mr. Moore did and then added new work by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. Eclipse then folded.

Here begins the dispute, who had the rights? Many people claim that Miracleman was a creator owned property separate from Eclispe. McFarlane says he bought it when he bought the publishers rights. Others say that McFarlane may have bought the rights, but that he gave them up later to Gaiman. The upshot of it is that one of the best comic book series ever was never finished and no reprints of the work have been made for years.

For a fuller overview of the facts to date please check out Heidi ?Ace? MacDonald?s analysis at the Pulse.

Make sure to check out Neil Gaiman?s personal account of the trial as it progresses.

And for a blow by blow account of the trial check out ICV2?s coverage where the whole thing is laid out.

Of course, the most interesting thing to come out of this is that Gaiman won on all counts and chose to RETAIN the rights to Angela rather than enforce the Miracleman swap? meaning that McFarlane (maybe) owns Miracleman after all.

This could be a shrewd bargaining move on Gaiman?s part to get Miracleman at a cheap price (as a throwaway to persuade him to sell Angela and friends back to McFarlane) or maybe Gaiman has his eye on the disputed legal position of Miraclemen in the UK, in that Skinn NEVER purchased the rights to Marvelman in the first place? meaning ownership is in the hands of the UK?s Official Receiver for bankrupt companies?

This Has A ?Waters Getting Muddier And Muddier? Value Of 1 Out Of 10

New Batman Creator Tells All

DC has started the push to promote the latest Batman title due out at the end of October. The Batman Family (a four-part miniseries) will focus on the whole of the extended Bat-clan, their relationships and how they fit into Gotham.

The titles writer John Francis Moore says:

    One of the things that makes Batman such an enduring figure?beyond his own bad self?is his supporting cast. And one of the greatest ironies of the Batman mythos is that for a supposed dark and brooding loner, Batman has created a surrogate family that he relies on not only to fight crime and corruption in Gotham City, but to anchor him emotionally. I contend that without Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Alfred, Batman would be crushed by the overwhelming weight of his crusade.

Heck you?ll get no argument from me there. The extended family may have brought the character down in the past (with the excesses of campness that came along in the 60?s) but the recent revival has only served to strengthen the Batman mythos.



    , I?ve got the chance to write about all the cool Gotham City based heroes in one big sprawling story. I’ve also included the crime fighters who aren’t part of that tight knit circle like the Huntress and Orpheus and the Spoiler, whose interaction with Batman is more turbulent. They provide some friction in the series.

Let?s hope this is handled right. Some writers like to include every single character ever invented in each issue (such as? well I?ll let you name names). This can be very tiresome indeed. Conversely fans who stick with a group of titles get fed up with new characters popping out of nowhere and being treated like they have been around forever (then why haven?t we seen them before!) or characters being hugely important for one story and then disappearing forever. I look forward to seeing how they all fit together, there has been very nice work done in this area in Batman: Gotham Knights.

    I wanted to create a criminal adversary for Batman who would be a credible threat to him, but whose agenda was strictly larcenous as opposed to psychotic like that of the Joker or world-dominating like Ra’s Al Ghul. So I came up with Athena, a staggeringly brilliant and manipulative woman who runs a cartel of criminal specialists called the Network.

I also gave Athena a personal agenda in Gotham, she has history in the city, and she returns to Gotham intending to exact payback from those she believes have wronged her in the past.

Guess I spoke to soon. I?ll reserve judgement but I suspect I?ll be yelling at my comic book such things as ?WHY HAVEN?T WE HEARD OF THIS BEFORE!???

    The scope of the story also let me explore what Wayne Enterprises means to Gotham City. The company?s actually much more important to Gotham than is Batman. It employs tens of thousands of workers and was the cornerstone of the city’s reconstruction after No Man’s Land. If Wayne enterprises were to collapse, the economic repercussions would seriously damage the city.

For those of you who don?t know Gotham city was virtually destroyed in an earthquake about 2 years ago. The government decided it would be too costly to rebuild so they sealed off the city and declared it a No Man?s Land. Within NML those who were left behind (the weak, the sick, the homeless, the criminals) reverted to a feudal state where sectors of the city were divided up into territories. The NML graphic novels and novelisation are a must for all comic book fans.

In the rebirth of Gotham city Bruce Wayne?s company, Wayne Enterprises, played a huge role. It is good to see that such a huge story isn?t just being swept away as so many have been. A look at the companies role with a focus on the post NML Gotham should be very good.

Don?t take his word for it, visit the DC website for yourself, there?s a preview of it there.

This was spotted by the White Cat.

This Has A ?Could Be Good? Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Batman Producer Heads Into Space!

Co-creator of the fabulous Batman: The Animated Series, Paul Dini is one of several top cartoon creators who has been named as working on a new Daffy Duck series. Duck Dodgers (a parody of the old Saturday morning cinematic serial, Buck Rogers) has been around for decades and it is set to return in 2004.

The new series will start with two 11 minute episodes and will co-star Porky Pig.

Spotted by Mrs McGregor.

If Dini is on board this is sure to be a treat but 2004 is too long to wait!

This Has A ?Get A Bloody Move On? Rating Of 5 Out Of 10

Yellow And Blue Creator Talks About Red?

Top comic book creator Jeph Loeb (the man behind Daredevil: Yellow and Spider-Man: Blue) recently talked about an upcoming episode of Smallville he wrote (due to air Oct 15th in the US).

    The school unknowingly uses red kryptonite in the class rings and its effect on Clark (Tom Welling) stuns his friends and family as he turns into a rebellious and dangerous teenager who decides to use his powers for evil instead of good. Jonathan (John Schneider) and Martha (Annette O’Toole) scramble to find the truth behind Clark’s behaviour before he exposes his true identity, while Lana (Kristin Kreuk) finds herself drawn to the ‘new’ Clark, who declares his love for her. Tom is amazing. It’s a great performance and there’s a scene with Lana that folks will be talking about for a looooooooong time.

This should be good. Loeb is a perfect choice to write for this show as he seems to have a knack for writing about comic book heroes at the beginning of their careers (Daredevil, Spider-Man, Batman and Superman have all had the Loeb and Sale treatment). His work on Superman For All Seasons showed that Loeb had an interest in this part of Superman?s career.

Heck he?s suggesting sex so it?s gotta be good?however! Bloody Kryptonite AGAIN! Get another gimmick, does it have to be responsible every episode?

This Has A Crazy Red K Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Haven?t We Seen This Before??

The following was spotted by Flopsy. This is a description of an up coming Birds of Prey TV episode:

    Slick (guest star Silas Weir Mitchell), an evil meta-human who can turn from solid to liquid, is hired by Dr. Quinn (Mia Sara) to kill the honest cops who stand in her way. When Reese (Shemar Moore) is the next intended victim, Helena (Ashley Scott) comes to his aid and their mutual attraction continues to grow. Meanwhile, Barbara (Dina Meyer) believes Dinah’s (Rachel Skarsten) story that she’s just a runaway, but Helena remains suspicious.

Um? don?t want to be the total sad fanboy here but isn?t this ripping off Batman Beyond? The animated Batman series features a character with just that ability. Ah well, it was hardly original then but to appear in another Batman related series?

This Has A Recycled Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Night Vision

Well, the hype for the next film is really building now. Pictures are spreading all over the internet of Alan Cumming in his Nightcrawler outfit and it looks perfect. Cumming himself is believed to have said that it is perfect but for the fact the film version has his tubby stomach (I thought he was quite slim, but then again everyone is next to me) and not the comic book washboard abs.

Meanwhile the guys at Ain?t It Cool News have managed to sneak a look at some footage from the film:

    Mystique, looking hotter than ever, slinking around in the dark.

Wolverine touching what looks to be a wall of ice (or frosted glass?) with a female silhouette trapped behind.

What looked like most of the team inside a much larger X-Jet (I always preferred the name, Blackbird). For design, think early nineties Jim Lee stuff.

Stryker getting right in someone’s face.

Nightcrawler…kicking a**…doing flips and rolls and kicks on a group of men in a tight hallway, running on all fours; performing brutal, acrobatic wire-fu that in no way apes The Matrix… And God… When he does that first somersault in the air away from, yet right in front of the camera… And his tail perfectly bisects the frame… And even though the screen was kinda dark, you do get a look at his face from a shot that almost looks like it’s coming right out of his mouth… His teeth are all sharp, I mean, like, ALL of them. And his skin has been given a sort of texture, ALMOST like the designs on the face of Cabal in Nightbreed. But, not exactly, that’s just the fast impression I got.

Which pretty much suggests that Ray Park is probably doubling up as Nightcrawler for the stunt scenes as well as doing the part of Toad. No views of Beast yet nor the Danger Room both of which are promised this time but plenty to whet our appetites for now.

This Has A ?Come To Me, My X-Men? Value Of 9 Out Of 10

Would The Real Batman Film Please Stand Up?

I?m lost. Everywhere I turn there?s a new bit of news that contradicts the last. I?m reading stuff that?s posted as new but that I?m sure I read elsewhere months ago. The source of my frustration? The next Batman film.

There are 4 possibilities on the table that I know of:

  1. Batman Year One with Darren Aronofsky as the director this would be based on the seminal story by Frank Miller. The story is literally the first year of Bruce Wayne as Batman.
  2. Batman Vs Superman with Akiva Goldsman scripting. This story is believed to feature Bruce Wayne?s fianc?e being killed in a plane crash at the beginning of the film. The evidence points to Superman and Batsy apparently spends most of the film battling with him. In the end Lex Luthor is proved to be the culprit and they both take him down.
  3. Batman Beyond with Clint Eastwood or Charlton Heston as Bruce Wayne. A live action version of the new animated series. This would be a sci-fi spectacular with a dark edge.
  4. Batman Beyond: The Animated Film.

And to make matters worse there is supposedly a Superman film in production with a script by J.J. Abrams. This film is supposedly staring Anthony Hopkins as Jor-El.

Speculation is rife that Batman Y1 may be fast tracked as Aronofsky?s last film commitment has fallen by the wayside, but I?m sure I?ve heard this before.

There is growing evidence that Batman vs. Superman is further along than many realise with a script that has been through a few treatments already. There is also evidence that Warner Brothers are hesitant to bring this project out at the moment due to the Superman film.

The Superman film speculation grows as Anthony Hopkins announced on US TV that he was just about to receive a script for the Superman movie.

So what is the real gossip? I?m lost.

Here?s hoping DC/AOL/TIME Warner can get their act together.

This Has A Development Hell Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Marvel Monetary Marvel

Marvel Comics is doing rather better than expected this year financially.

How do I know?

They list their financial records on their website! The only other publisher who does this is Chaos! (and their site simply says ?We are bankrupt, go away,? or words to that effect).

Revenues from the Spider-Man film and other profits have bumped up the companies expected turnover considerably. This section of the website is very much a sales pitch for all to read. It?s bizarre to think that Marvel are paying $10 million to the same bank I ran up big student debts with, but that is just me.

This Has A ?One For The Accountants Out There? Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Bendis Speaks

Top comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis held forth:

    I present to you- a couple of single issue stories I am pretty d@$% happy with. If you are not reading either series and want to take a look at a strong sample of it, you couldn’t do better…

Ultimate Spider-Man #28– what can i say that the reviews don’t already… and Alias #15!

Listen up Daredevil fans- this entire issue takes place inside issue 36 of Daredevil. If you are reading Daredevil, or want more Luke Cage, or want to know how I crammed Spidey and the Human Torch into a MAX book with Ant-Man and the Black Widow- why god d@$%- this is your book.

Some people would feel put off by a creator pushing their own work like this. I personally find it gratifying that Mr Bendis can look back on his work and find it impresses even him.

This Has A Believe The Hype Value Of 9 Out Of 10

Diamond Dodgy Dealings?

Poor old Bill Jemas (big-wig chair at Marvel Comics) has been getting a hard time over his column (from the Chair). He?s been attacked for presenting information that purported to be accurate sales figures for the top 5 companies supplied by the monopoly holding supplier Diamond Comic Distribution. Diamond denied they supplied such figures, after all they are supposed to be secret. Mr. Jemas replied:

    Every month Diamond publishes an index of the top 300 comics. Batman is the base number – always assigned 100. Books that sell twice as many units as Batman get indexed at 200, half as many get a 50.

Every month, Diamond is nice enough to send me a report on the sales volume of all of Marvel’s books. But for this exercise, you only need one and you can determine the volume of every comic on the list from every publisher with MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY (provided you believe in mathematics).

If Wolverine is indexed at 150 and sells 90,000 units, then I know with MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY (which is good enough for me) that Batman sold 60,000.

The sales charts from in the CBR column were just from doing the math. If Roger’s claim is true, that they are inaccurate, then the only logical conclusion would be that Diamond making erroneous financial reports – unless, of course, the laws of mathematics are not necessarily accurate.

So are Diamond falsifying their sales records?

Or has someone changed the laws of mathematics?

You decided (or should that be U decided?).

Spotted by Cotton-tail.

Has A ?Take A Dig At Diamond, It?s Easy And Everyone Does It? Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Huck Finn Eat Your Heart Out

The aforementioned Mr. Bendis has posted the following interesting bit of news on his site spotted by the Frightened Blackbirds:

    Missing” Mewes Found in L.A.

Cult film actor Jason Mewes is alive and well, easing fears that he was dead. Mewes, who played the long-haired, drug-loving Jay in Kevin Smith’s Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, was reportedly on the run – an arrest warrant had been issued for him after he violated probation on a heroin conviction – or even feared dead after his friends told the Chicago Sun-Times they hadn’t seen him in 10 months. But last month, Mewes made an appearance at a film festival in Malibu to promote his new indie movie RSVP, and he’ll host a talent show on October 17 at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Mewes’ agent Nancy Oeswein chuckles, “The rumors of his death are greatly exaggerated. I just got off the phone with him. He’s certainly not in hiding. He just moved to LA.

People start these rumours on silly gossip columns?

This Has A ?I?ve Not Declared Anyone Dead Yet? Value Of 7 Out Of 10

New Neverwhere Novella

It?s amazing what you can find around the place isn?t it. Mopsy found the following by Neil Gaiman on his site:

    Sitting in a Madison WI sushi restaurant this evening, I started writing the new Neverwhere novella, HOW THE MARQUIS GOT HIS COAT BACK, in a blank book for writing in that some nice person gave me at some point. It was not a happy experience, as the book turned out to be shi-shi enough to have little bits of flower petal in the paper, which might be okay if you’re writing down your dreams in a thick felt pen, but which combine with a scritchy fountain pen to render the whole thing more or less illegible from the off. Which is rather irritating. I may see if I can find a thicker-nibbed fountain pen and darker ink. Meanwhile, I have learned all about how many pockets the marquis has in coat, and about the things that got lost in them?

Now fans of Gaiman will know this but I?d better let everyone else know too. Neverwhere was a TV miniseries written by Gaiman and produced for the BBC. Gaiman declared the whole experience a disappointment a sentiment echoed by some fans. So he decided to revisit his work in the form of a fantastic novel. This new novella is sure to be great news for fans of his work.

This Has A ?Book My Copy Now? Value Of 9 Out Of 10

More Moore

Nice bit of news that Cottontail spotted on the 2000AD site for any Alan Moore fans out there:

      Anyone who’s after a copy of Alan Moore’s

Voice of the Fire

    can relax, it’s being reprinted. Top Shelf are reprinting it in hardcover in summer 2003, with new illustrations by Jose Villarubia.

I don?t know anything about this so I?ll let the Alan Moore experts say if this is a good or bad thing on the message board.

This Has An Elemental Value Of 6 Out Of 10

Main Man On Big Screen?

One of my all time favourite writers, Alan Grant let slip that he was working on a Lobo script during an interview with the 2000AD message board:

    …And I’ve just finished a teleplay and I’m afraid that because of a non-disclosure agreement, I can’t say who it is. But it’s a character that I’ve been associated with for more than a decade. He’s quite well known throughout the world and he’s a violent bastitch!

I?ll keep my eyes peeled for more on this.

This Has A Blood And Guts Rating Of 6 Out Of 10


I?ll let you draw your own conclusions from this one but apparently Cam Kennedy hadn?t seen any of the Star Wars movies until he was asked to draw Dark Empire

This Has A Living In A Cave Value Of 5 Out Of 10

Sign Off

Before I go I?d like to once more put a call out for contributions. Big or small, corroborated or not send in your gossip ?n? stuff.

Gotta run!

Until next time TTFN

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