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Just Don?t Call It The Multiverse

DC is planning on bringing back some Elseworlds titles in late 2007. DC?s intent is to avoid saturating the market with dozens of these titles, like they did in the past, and work to make them a special event produced by high profile creative teams.

At least two one shots are in production at DC right now. On a side note, my source at DC also says that John Byrne?s Generations 4 ? a Batman / Superman Elseworlds series of mini series set in ?real time? ? has become an office joke at DC. Byrne has pitched it at least once a year for the last few years and has gotten rejected at every turn. Staffers expect Byrne to give it a go again, but at this stage no one at DC wants to see another instalment of this series or pretty much anything else that features John Byrne as a writer.

This Has A ?Gotham By Gaslight? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

How Many Shopping Days Until Christmas?

Rob Williams (Cla$$war, Star Wars Tales) recently dropped us a line about his upcoming issue of Wolverine:

Wolverine #49

    is a double-sized Christmas special and it has dwarfs dressed as elves with very big machine guns. I really don’t know what else people could possibly want from a comic.

But just in case you do need more. It’s Christmas Eve in Manhattan and Logan has been emotionally blackmailed by Kitty Pryde to pick up some Christmas presents. So, Logan finds himself in the hell that is Manhattan’s largest department store at the exact time that a suicide death cult called Black Christmess take the building hostage.

They’re going to blow the place up to show the world that Christmas has become too commercial and that we should all love one another (no-one said suicide cults were logical institutions). But they may just have another plan, one involving a billionaire’s daughter who’s visiting Santa’s grotto in the store.

Its Die Hard meets Bad Santa. And it has lovely art by Laurence Campbell (The Disciples).

Rob also sent us some preview pages from the issue:

This Has A ?Healing Factor For The Holidays? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

The Next Big Thing

Seems like some high profile creators at DC are leaving some old projects to concentrate on the next big DCU event that will take place after 52 wraps up next spring. Some of the names associated with the big plans (and who seem to be freeing up their schedule) are Kurt Busiek, Phil Jimenez, and Keith Giffen.

This Has A ?Constant Crisis? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

The Next Big Thing – Part 2

Over on Millarworld, Bryan Hitch sounded off on his new top-secret project with Mark Millar (which will follow the Ultimates):

I’ve read the script and I’m not a mod. I should also say that being nearly done with Ultimates #13 and having this looking at me begging to be drawn is very exciting.

Since MM and I thought to do this project a couple of months ago we’ve talked about almost nothing else and I don’t think either of thought it would be as cool as it’s becoming. It’s going to be something new for me on a visual level which is always fun and just how cool the visuals are actually going to be isn’t directly obvious from the script. We even spent this morning talking some of these elements over and I really can’t wait to get to it.

Naturally you mods will be amongst the first to see the finished book and a LOT sooner than you might think. MM should have the massive Ults 13 for you girls to look at in a few weeks and as for this new thing? VERY soon.

Much love,

This Has An ?I?m Intrigued? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

And You Thought Comic Book Fans Were Tough

Everyone has heard of the Marvel / Guiding Light crossover event that aired two weeks ago right? Comic fans were sceptical and sometimes critical, but in my opinion this was an example of Marvel thinking outside of the box and making inroads with a potential new audience.

I scoured the web for feedback from Guiding Light viewers and got the following sample from the Guiding Light message board (tough crowd to say the least!):

  • I made my husband watch the Marvel Comic Guiding Light with me yesterday. He loves comics, cartoons, etc., and I just don’t get into them. I wanted his input so I could try to see this as something other than horrid. It didn’t work. Even he thought it was stupid – and not at all well done. We only watched the first 30 minutes or so. Couldn’t take it any longer. Yesterday was the first time in 25 years that I have turned off an episode of GL. I am totally bewildered as to why they would even attempt something that ridiculous. Even the actors didn’t look comfortable. Especially Ricky (Gus). He looked embarrassed. I was too.
  • If Guiding Light is going to make a Comic Book Character Hero!then I’m going to switch channels and watch something else……..I have been watching GL for many years. Even though GL has it’s bad side, it also has good sides. I am Retired, and I stay with channel 2 all the time….If they the (writers) change onnnnnnne single thing,except a character,replacement I will stop watching the show.
  • Draw in that all important young teenage boy demographic that every soap longs for ??? And what does Marvel Comics get out of this deal ? That all important middle-aged woman demographic that all comic book manufacturers are constantly seeking out !!!! This has got to be the dumbest deal ever made. It’s a Lose/Lose situation anyway you look at it !!!!
  • GL has been getting more and more bizarre – Reva and her miracle cure, Jeffrey the rapist, Beth married to Alan, Harley the superhero???? – what next??? It makes Passions look like Hamlet. What I would do is have one of the characters wake up and realize most of the year was a total dream (Blake probably and have her use the dream as material for her next book) – no cancer for Reva, no Harley at Spaulding, Jeffrey just being Jeffrey, Rick, Mel and an appropriately aged-Leah still a family, etc. This would give GL a chance to get back on track with a clean slate. Would you buy into it?

I like the last post ? a ?reboot? of guiding Light continuity? where have I heard that before?

This Has A ?Fandom Is The Same Everywhere? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

CrossGen Lives? Well, Sort Of

Although the series may have dropped off the comic book mainstream buyers radar, former CrossGen series Abadazad is going strong for Disney?s Hyperion Chidlren?s book imprint.

Volume 3 is slated for release in February 2007 and J.M. Dematteis is already working on a fourth volume of what Disney plans to be a 12 book series.

There is life even after the direct sales market people!

This Has A ?Bring Back El Cazador? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

What Might Have Been

I was reading some old issues of Marvel Age the other night (don?t ask), and came across an interesting blurb in their coming attractions section (summer 1986): Ralph Macchio was teasing readers about an upcoming Daredevil 48 page one shot that was going to be written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Walter Simonson.

The story would have dealt with ?child abuse, murder, and Daredevil?s ultimate battle for his sanity?!

If anybody at Marvel is reading this? what happened? Is there a script lying around? Some unfinished artwork? A pitch? An outline? Can this series somehow be revived?

If anyone knows please email me and we?ll run it on ATR.

This Has An ?Untold Tales? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

That wraps up ATR for another week. Thanks for dropping by. Next week, ATR?s favorite fill-in columnist, John Hays will entertain you. I?ll be back in two weeks. ?Til then, keep raging!

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