It’s that time again! Welcome to All The Rage, SBC?s rumour, opinion and news column. It’s nice to be back.

Time to get down to business. Running for the entirety of February is a terrific competition in association with Dynamic Forces in which you can win a fabulous piece of original art, the cover to Darkness Prelude by Jae Lee. You can read all about Jae?s work on the project here, order the book here, and win big here! There are four questions you have to answer to be in to win:
Q1. What was Paul Jenkins’ first work as a comic book writer?
Q2. What was Jae Lee’s first work as a comic book artist?
Q3. In what year was Dynamic Forces established?
Q4. What previous projects have Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee worked on together?

You can enter by e-mailing, or by filling out the online form in the last link provided above. If you find the questions a little tricky, don?t worry – we?ll be providing the answers somewhat sneakily hidden in ATR over the next few weeks. Pay close attention and you could be in the draw to win a one-of-a-kind piece of original art.

Nick at Dynamic Forces asked me to remind you all of the ongoing DF Daily Specials that they are running. There have been some amazing specials so far, and today?s is definitely no exception! The Batman: Friends and Allies Set includes Batman / Hellboy / Starman signed by Mike Mignola, Birds of Prey #1 signed by Greg Land, Batman: Gotham Knights #1 signed by Devin Grayson, and Arsenal #1 signed by Devin Grayson for just $19.93. You guys know what a huge bat-fan I am, so I?m itching to buy one of the sets for myself. Also at DF is a super-duper 50% off special, feature more than two dozen ?seen-to-be-believed? items. Be in quick before the goodies run dry!

As usual we?re running our codename competition. All you have to do is identify the source (book, comic, film, TV series?) of our codenames, e-mail your answer to along with your SBC user name (just visit the SBC Forums to get one). Simple. Last week iMark was the first and smartest cookie in and out of the jar for correctly identifying the perennial kids? TV favourite Blue Peter as the source. Though iMark and the others who entered last week don?t get a physical prize, they get our kudos for being on the ball. Again, no prize for the codenames this week (we want you to enter the Jae Lee art contest instead!) but you?ll get to see your name in lights in this space next week. And what more glory could there be?

Onwards and upwards.

The Devil Rays’ New Recruit

Jacobi has sent in a whisper that one William Rosemann has been spotted in Tampa. But not just in Tampa, in a specific ?compound? in Tampa. This is a major coup for the CrossGen Devil Rays boys and girls. Bill Rosemann is one of the most experienced and respected people in the comic book industry and a permanent move to CG DR HQ could only bring good things for all concerned.

This Has A “Your Man? Not At Marvel No More” Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

Trev Update, Number One

After last week?s story speculating on Trevor Hairsine departing Captain America due to his legendary slowness, I received the following from Buddy:

      Trev was NOT late on

Cap America

      and he was keeping to his monthly schedule. He was very late on


    , yes, and he’s had the reputation of being slow in the past but he was keeping to schedule on Cap. I think it’s a bit unfair that everyone’s assuming “oh, Trev was late so they booted him off Cap.” Not true. The problems on cap were due to other reasons, and they weren’t Trev’s fault.

I wonder if that means he left Cap for similar reasons to the writer – creative differences with the editorial team?

Let?s hope that new artist Jae Lee, who?s first work was way back in 1991 with Marvel Comics Presents #85, will have more luck on the title.

This Has A “So, What’s Going On…” Value Of Five Out Of Ten

Trev Update, Number Two

You start with nothing then the information starts to come in. Bloom sent me the following:

    re- Trev Hairsine?s new project- let’s just say it has something to do with blockbusters…

My editor has asked me to avoid any comments about a popular British quiz show as most of my readership would be lost. As it is I’m going to leave this one open for your own speculation, e-mail in what you think, and provided Marvel doesn’t announce anything during the next week we’ll hold onto all the answers and the first correct one (or closest) out of the hat will win some goodies. We don?t know where said goodies will come from, but we?ll find some!

This Has A “I’ll Have A P Please, Bob” Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

More Freebies

No aliases here but one wonders if, perhaps, there should be. The following is from Kieran Howarth ( creator of the…interesting, Death Puppets:

    Check out the current Death Puppets strip to see some morning obstacles that Superman faces on a daily basis.

No worries, not every comic is going to be to my taste but if it’s free I’m happy to promote away.

This Has A “Freebies Are Cool” Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

Newly Exiled

Here’s one from Francis:

      Clayton Henry is the new artist on


      starting with issue #26. The latest ish (#22) featured a sneak peek at upcoming artwork, but I’d recognize that style anywhere. Henry did a

Nine Rings of the Wu-Tang

      series for Image, along with the

Area 52

      mini with Brian Haberlin. Most recently, he did a story for a recent

X-Men Unlimited

    . Should be cool.

There you go.

This Has A “Any Plug For Exiles Is Good, Too” Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

COMICS 2003 News

A few quick bits on the UK’s official comic book festival: Bowman has confirmed that I’m going to be queuing up for a Batman sketch this year. Why? JIM LEE has confirmed that he will be at the Bristol festival. Also DC have confirmed their Editorial team Bob Wayne: VP – Sales & Marketing Dan DiDio: VP – Editorial Shelly Bond: Senior Editor – Vertigo Scott Dunbier: Group Editor – WildStorm. No Bob Shreck? Look out for Mr.Wayne’s famous convention shirts. CrossGen will not be attending this year as they are just too damned busy; they have promised to attend next year though.

But the really big news is that SBC will be attending Comics 2003! We have just had our table confirmed and at the very least Senior Editor Craig Lemon and myself (with a strong possibility of columnists Regie Rigby and Brandon Thomas) will be in attendance, but don’t be surprised if many other European SBC staff members will be there too. Aside from a great competition, a nice display and the chance to beat me up (or buy me a pint and find out the stories I?ve not been allowed to print) we also hope to offer you the chance to meet some of the UK’s hottest talent. I’ll let you know first as soon as we’ve got any confirmation but expect no less than FOUR internationally renowned artists to be sketching at our table, and hopefully many more than that.

I’m a big fan of charity work as you know so it gives me great pleasure to bring you details of this year?s charity event. Here?s me old mate Kev to explain:

    2003’s Charity Project will be DECK OF CARDS VOLUME 2.

Following the incredible success of 2001’s Deck Of Cards, which raised over 10,000 pounds for ChildLine, this year we are repeating the formula, and we want to invite your contribution of original artwork. This time the brief is even simpler – you can draw anything as long as it’s card shaped. Could be a playing card, but you don’t have to bagsy a specific one this time, or it could be in the style of a trading card, a cigarette card, a Mars Attack card, a bus ticket, a Top Trumps card – anything that fits the shape of a card (which is the same proportion as a piece of A4 paper). Designs that make amusing and original play of the nature of a card, and parody a familiar card-shaped thing, will be especially welcomed. Art will be selected on the basis of quality and fame. If we can, we would like to include every single piece submitted. All original art will then be auctioned, on the Saturday night of the Comic Festival, with all money going to ChildLine. (Which means all art need to include a ‘hard copy’ or auctionable component. Any printouts must be high quality and signed. No bidder will pay for a CD and a shoddy printout). The Deck Of Cards itself will be printed as a limited edition and sold at the Comic Festival in May, all funds going to the charity. Send finished art (for auction) and any computer finished art on CD (as jpeg or tiff) to me at:
Comic Festival Charity Deck Of Cards 2 PO Box 48 Clevedon Bristol BS21 7LQ Ultimate deadline April 14th

Last time Rich Johnston submitted a card. Now, I’m nowhere near as well known as him and I’m the worst artist I know, but does anyone think I should just submit one for the crack of it?

This Has A “More News As We Get It” Value Of Ten Out Of Ten


Parsons has sent me a very disgruntled note that informs me that Forbidden Planet, the multinational comic book shop chain (not to be confused with Forbidden Planet (Scotland) nor any of the other bizarre twists and turns in this bizarre corporate structure) is selling Adolf Hitler action figures. The figures aren’t spoof pieces they’re serious collectibles going for ?69.99 a pop (yet strangely a far less collectable price of $59.99 in the US so if you want one to stick pins into buy from the States and pay shipping, it’ll still be cheaper). Before I rant incoherently I should point out that the figure is part of a set of world leaders. The accuracy and detail in the figure is incredible, there’s even 33 points of articulation and it’s limited to 10,000 pieces.

I’m no knee-jerk reactionary. I’ve had nearly 28 years to come to a decision on this and frankly if there’s one action figure that would stop me ever shopping at an FP it’s a Hitler doll (though that is quite unfair as I’ll always go to the independent comic shop over a chain any day). What’s going to be next? Box cart ‘shower units’ that spray fake poison gas? Maybe you can customise a doll?s house for your Hitler figure with lampshades and soap made out of slaughtered Jews? This is sick and twisted, this isn’t a horror movie figure this is real life.

This Has A “Let’s All Gather Outside The Impersonal Nasty Chain With Burning Torches” Value Of One Out Of Ten

Savage Tick

SPOON! Reba has let it slip that New England Comic’s hottest property, the Tick may well be set to be licensed out to Image. Rumour has it that the legendary Erik Larsen wants to take a crack at big blue.

This Has A “Quite Possible” Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Heroclix Follow-up

Following on from my announcement last week that Judge Dredd and Johnny Alpha would be amongst the next wave of Heroclix. Zeller has informed me that the free samples that Hobbygames were giving out have been selling online for upwards of ?140 each.

This Has A “That’s Some Bloody Mark-Up” Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Go Fly A Wooden Rocket

Right read the below and remember the address is


The inaugural Annual Wooden Rocket Awards have just been launched to identify online excellence in the science fiction and fantasy genre.

The awards are voted on by the Internet’s science fiction and fantasy fans to give recognition to their favourite web sites across a wide range of genre categories.

Award Director Mark Lewis has this to say about the new awards:

“It’s ironic, given the first Internet connection was established on the UCLA campus in 1969, that we’ve now stepped into the new millennium without any award worthy of the name being established for online science fiction and fantasy.

“Even the darling of the field, the Hugo Awards given out annually at the World Science Fiction Convention, sadly do not yet have a permanent category to recognise web site excellence.”

“If you include all the related media searches such as Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, almost 9 per cent of the search engine Google’s traffic is related to science fiction and fantasy … although you would be hard pressed to find recognition of this by big Internet awards such as the New Media Awards or the Webbies.”

“It was with the aim of breaking this cycle of snobbery that the Committee of the WRA was established this year. The Wooden Rocket Award will finally recognise the vast amount of money, time and sweat which is poured into SFF- related web sites by countless thousands of webmasters, fans, professionals and media operations.”

There are 17 award categories for the genre:

1) Best Online Magazine
2) Best Print-to-Web Magazine
3) Best Author Site
4) Best Artist Site
5) Best Gallery Site
6) Best Print Publisher Site
7) Best E-book Publisher Site
8) Best E-book Site
9) Best Official Movie Site
10) Best Fan Movie Site
11) Best Official TV Site
12) Best Fan TV Site
13) Best Online SFF store
14) Best Fan Site Home Page
15) Best Directory Site
16) Best Convention/Society Site
17) Best Foreign Language Site

The award ceremony will take place in June 2003.

Further details and entry forms are available at the official Wooden Rocket Award site at

So category 1 – remember, ok?

This Has A “Worth A Try” Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

More Awards

This is from the 2000ADonline site:


Fraser Irving has made it to the shortlist of the British Science Fiction Association Awards for Best Artwork 2002, for the first page of of Judge Death: My Name is Death, in 2000AD Prog 1289 (1st May 2002).

The BSFA awards are voted on by the members of the BSFA and the attendees of the British Easter Science Fiction Convention. They are the most prestigious awards in non-comics-based British science fiction.

More details about the award can be found at at

This is great news for a great creator.

This Has A “Thrillpower” Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

That can’t be it, surely? Some weeks it drags and I suddenly realise I’ve only got half a column, other times it flies by and I find I’ve got far too much.

Little Bruce had a great birthday and I look forward to his party today (Sunday). I, sorry, he got lots of great toys and daddy got him a Batman card with a badge that he proudly wore all day.

I will be back next week… Thank you very much for reading your support is much appreciated. I am also extremely grateful to all the little Ragemites out there who have been mailing/phoning in with news and rumours. Keep up the good work as without you there’d be no column.

Thanks again.

Alan Donald – Signing off and still no sign of snow.

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