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Mid-week, Joe Quesada sent All the Rage an e-mail so we could update the column. But it didn’t seem to take [Ed: Blame me!], so here goes…

In the last few months I have repeatedly heard the rumour, from comics professionals, that Marvel are putting trade paperbacks out so close to the date of original publication because of a contract clause that meant the company didn’t have to pay royalties if reprinted within a year of publication.

According to Joe Quesada, this is not the case. Creators get paid royalties on any TPB reprint of their work, no matter when it’s published and indeed that amount has been recently increased. While still smaller than DC’s royalty, Marvel compensate by paying upfront when the book is published, as opposed to waiting for copies to sell before the payment is made.

Where things might have got misplaced was with deals for the Ultimate Marvel Magazine and the Marvel Knights Magazines, where creators didn’t get any royalties, or small collected arcs, say three issues-in-one books if printed within a year of publication. However, for such projects, I understand there’s meant to be an extra page rate payment.

But since I’ve heard a number of freelancers tell me straight that Marvel don’t pay royalties for instant TPBs, maybe this is a good opportunity to fix whatever miscommunication there may have been. Especially as a number of freelancers seem unsure about moving to Marvel, despite the creative benefits there.

Certainly, considering a post on the Delphi Retail Forum by Jim Hanley, where he states, “Marvel’s ‘Incentive Payments’ don’t carry the legal weight of standard publishing royalties… A prominent creator mentioned to me a while back that he doesn’t get reprint payments from Marvel since he isn’t doing new work for them anymore.”

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Miller’s Time

On the contract thing, a scenario was painted for me by a freelancer, which may explain Harris Miller’s connection with last week’s story. Imagine his close client, Frank Miller was to do some covers for Spider-Man (after the Black Captain America series he was to do covers for was cancelled) and read the new contract. And imagine the Daredevil movie was being made for release next year. And imagine if it featured Elektra. If Frank signed a voucher contract to get payment for a cover, he’d lose any rights he might wish to pursue over, say, Elektra, forever. No wonder Harris Miller was so concerned about the contract…

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Millar’s Time Out

This week’s new Dreamwatch magazine carries an interview with Mark Millar. Trouble is, Millar can’t remember doing one. That’s not to say he didn’t mind you…

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It’s amazing the exclusive yet-unpublished artwork you find just lying around on the net. Last week we brought you some of Liefeld’s latest, now here’s some more Deodato artwork from Tigra.

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