I hope everyone caught Joe Quesada on the Colbert Report last Thursday night. It was a great segment where both Colbert and Quesada were on the ball trading quips and gags. It?s quite obvious that Colbert is a comic book fan since he had first hand knowledge about Marvel characters (Steve Rogers is Captain America) and also mentioned that he enjoyed the first few issues of Civil War.

Avenging Archer

The one news item from last week?s column that got everyone buzzing was the return of Clint Barton as the headliner of a new team book, post Civil War.

I do not have any more details, all I know is that he will NOT be part of the New Avengers, nor will he be part of the Mighty Avengers spin-off title. In fact, all I know is that he will be in a book that isn?t written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Start speculating people, and if anyone hears anything feel free to drop me a line.

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All Star Schedules

Adam Hughes recently stopped by the John Byrne Forum to clear up some nonsense being posted over there and also managed to give readers some information on his upcoming All Star Wonder Woman run:

      My commitment to


      is for 6 issues. My schedule is to hand in 10 pages, pencilled and inked, a month. The issues will be released monthly, on-time, because we’re starting far enough in advance. You will get your


    every four weeks.

As for ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN, wish me luck. DC is really letting me do my thing, and if the book stinks like a fishwife it’ll be all my fault. 🙂 I’m supposed to do 10 pages a month (I’m shooting for 11) so that way I’ll (hopefully) have a 22-page issue done every 2 months.

I’ll be staying on the covers of CATWOMAN while doing this, so that no one thinks I’m dead. Laura Martin is going to be coloring the book; I’ll be working hand-in-hand with her to make sure the books looks as good as it can. Check out our 2-page Wonder Woman origin in DC’s 52, #12 for a taste of how ASWW will probably look. My dream for ASWW is to cram as much character & story into Diana’s tale as humanly possible, with the type of action set-pieces that will make Joss Whedon scream “Damn you, Adam Huuuuuuuughes!!!” into the rain, shaking his tiny fists in impotent rage.

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Cryptic Clues

Jeff Parker recently dropped me the following mysterious comment that ATR readers may find interesting (especially when they pick up Agents of Atlas #1 on August 2nd):



    ships this week, and it seems the House of Ideas isn’t satisfied with mere sales, they want to build an army of undercover operatives with the book as well. One of the Marvel.com blogs has been turned into a virtual “Temple of Atlas” that trains readers to solve codes and find answers all over the internet, and now in the book itself!

Supposedly a scene has S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo saying a word that figures into the serial-adventure game in some big way.

Next you’re going to tell us that Civil War parallels real-world events…

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Back To His Criminal Roots

Ed Brubaker has a new creator owned book coming out from Marvel?s ICON imprint.

Ed describes it as follows on his website:


      will tread the line between comics like



Sin City

    and TV series like The Sopranos, Thief and The Shield. “The main cast of the book, they’re criminals. But I wanted to do something different with it here. I wanted to write a book that explored the clich?s of the crime genre and turned them inside out. I wanted to have characters totally unlike the ones you’re used to seeing in crime stories.”

Ed, along with co-creator Sean Phillips, have created a download PDF file trailer for the series. This is not just the first few pages from issue one, but rather 5 original pages that have been created to truly act as a movie trailer for the comic. So check it out people!

I?m a big fan of Brubaker?s work and I am really pumped about this title.

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Make It Happen People

Over on the ENGINE, Warren Ellis wishes Mike Wieringo a happy birthday and mentions:

    Here’s hoping this is the year we finally get to do that book, Mike…

Now that would be interesting?!

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The Man in the Iron Mask

Colorist to the stars, Ian Sokoliwski, dropped ATR a line about an interesting new webcomic he is working on:

Colony is a monthly webcomic, available for free, at http://www.boblayton.com. It is written and inked by Bob Layton, pencilled by Dick Giordano, and colored by Ian Sokoliwski. New five-page installments are put up on the website on the 1st of every month.

The synopsis of Colony is as follows (as per Bob?s original press release):

    “Several hundred years from now–on the outer rim of explored space–thereis a place where they say that hope no longer exists.

They were wrong.

Wrongly sentenced to 30 years of hard labor, Scott Landus is sent to The COLONY –a galactic “Devil’s Island” where the fascist Galactic Confederacy routinely disposes of their human and alien refuse. Attempted jailbreaks, social upheavals, racism, natural disasters, political intrigue, medical emergencies, romantic entanglements and good, old fashioned murder mysteries are all ‘par for the course’ in the world of COLONY.

During the saga of COLONY, Landus will undergo an amazing transformation from a lowly inmate–to a reluctant leader and ultimately–to a mythical icon whose influence will change the very galaxy forever. ”

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The Nuclear Man

Writer Stuart Moore took some time to give ATR readers some scoops on his upcoming projects.

ATR: Tell our readers about the OYL set-up for Firestorm. What elements of the old series have popped up recently? What?s coming up in the title?

SM: We’ve just completed out first One Year Later storyline, which basically involved Jason Rusch and his new partner as Firestorm, Lorraine Reilly/Firehawk, searching for his other partner, Martin Stein. I think a lot of people actually thought we were going to kill Professor Stein, but at the same time I don’t think we cheated and made it look inevitable when it wasn’t.

FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN #28, out August 9th, begins the five-part story “In My Father’s House.” This ties a LOT of things together, including links to 52, who the mystery villain is who’s been plaguing Firestorm, and even some Nuclear Man stuff that happened behind the scenes of VILLAINS UNITED. It’s the longest continuous story I’ve written for this book, and I’m trying for a real cliffhanger approach to it — twists and turns in each issue — while building up to a big, thematically unified conclusion.

ATR: Have you been pleased with the reaction to your run on Firestorm? When the title was first announced there was a lot of controversy about the new character but that seems to have gone away and readers are responding to the title recently with a positive bump in sales?what are your thoughts on this?

SM: I’ve been very pleased. Of course some people object whenever a new character replaces an old one — I’ve felt that way sometimes myself. But Jason’s just a great character. And I can’t say it often enough: This is HIS book.

The INFINITE CRISIS tie-ins and One Year Later helped us with sales, of course. But that’s like a boost over a fence. Events like that can get you up there, but then you’ve got to take off and run by yourself. I’ve been very lucky to have as talented and steady an art partner as Jamal Igle, too. It’s as much his book as mine.

ATR: You have some OGN’s coming out from TOKYOPOP later this year…what can you tell us about EARTHLIGHT? Why did you choose the TOKYOPOP OGN format for this tale?

SM: I originally crafted EARTHLIGHT specifically for Tokyopop and it has since become one of my favorite projects. It’s the story of a high school class on the first, international moon colony, in the year 2068. The colony itself is a cold, tense place, so the kids are really on their own and have to solve their own problems without much help from their parents, who are always very, very busy.

In volume 1, STARING AT THE SUN, fifteen-year-old Damon Cole comes to Earthlight colony. His father is the chief administrator, and his mother is the kids’ teacher, so he’s under even more pressure than usual to fit in, and he does some pretty stupid things. Meanwhile, Damon’s father has to try to save the colony from petty Earth politics and deadly terrorist threats.

EARTHLIGHT is fairly “hard” science fiction — everything’s as realistic and plausible as I could make it. (No force fields, no teleportation.) It’s kind of like a good young adult novel with a really nasty twist near the end. Tokyopop has picked it up for a second volume, which I just wrote, and it was like I’d never left those characters. The whole thing has really developed a life of its own.

I should also mention Chris Schons’s art, which captures both the characters and the tech perfectly. EARTHLIGHT volume 1 is out in October.

ATR: What other projects do you have coming down the line? What can our readers expect from you in the coming year?

SM: Let’s see: I’ve got a second prose novel, REALITY BITES, coming from Games Workshop in October/November. This is part of their revived “Dark Future” series — really fun, satirical near-future stuff. And I also have a novella in STAR TREK: CONSTELLATIONS, Pocket Books’s 40th anniversary original-series Trek anthology, in September. For that one, I tried to forget Trek continuity — I love it, but there’s so much of it by now! — and just write the best Kirk-Spock-McCoy story I possibly could.

The trade paperback collection of my paranormal/scifi comic series PARA should be out by the time you see this…that’s been a while coming and I’m very happy to have it available. I think Penny-Farthing Press will announce it through Diamond soon.

Oh! And! I’m doing a PUNISHER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL with artist CP Smith, who did a brilliant job on WOLVERINE #41 with me earlier this year. That’s probably the nastiest, most nihilistic thing I’ve ever written. Should be a laugh.

ATR: You have a STARGATE mini series coming out from Avatar. How different is it working on a licensed property? Are you a fan of the show? What is the mini series about?

SM: I like the show a lot. I was worried about working on a licensed property — I’ve had a little experience editing them, and it can be a headache. But this has been very smooth; we took a lot of care to get the technical details right at the start, and the licensors have been excellent to deal with.

The series is about a race that’s struck a bizarre deal with the Wraith, the energy-vampires that are running loose throughout the Pegasus Galaxy, where the Atlantis crew is stationed. But really, it’s about how stuck people can get in their ways, and how easy it is to blame yourself — or others — for the wrong circumstances. Major Sheppard*, in particular, blames himself for letting the Wraith loose, even though no one else does. The story all comes out of that.

* Aside to Stargate fans: Yes, it’s MAJOR Sheppard — the story is set during the first season, before his promotion to colonel.

ATR: We had reported two weeks ago here on ATR on a NIGHTWING proposal you and Phil Jimenez had been working on but never went ahead ? what can you tell us about that?

SM: I have no comment on NIGHTWING except to say I think Marv Wolfman’s an excellent choice — he pretty much created the character.

Thanks for taking the time Stuart ? everyone should check out the newest issue of Firestorm out on August 9th!

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That?s it for this week. If anyone hears any interesting tidbits at Wizard World Chicago next week drop me a line!

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