New Cliffhanger

Superman artist Ed McGuinness and writer Jim Krueger may make the move to the Cliffhanger imprint at Wildstorm sometime in 2003?check back for updates as more information becomes available.

Hellboy the Manga

Look for Japanese publisher Shogakukan to develop a manga Hellboy comic to be sold in Japan in the next year or so.

Wedding Photos

Last weekend comic book editor John Layman (Authority/Planetary) married his long time girlfriend Kim Peterson at Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, California. They are currently honeymooning in Spain and probably doing lots of fun and filthy things. ATR would like to wish John and Kim the best and hope that they spend many happy years together. We were provided with the following wedding photo:


Red Metal

Look for Geoff Johns and Team Red Star to contribute an 8 page short ‘Red Light’ for a future issue of Metal Hurlant. The strip is in the same vein of classic EC and Twilight Zone stories. It will be illustrated by Red Star members Christian Gossett and Snakebite. The re-launch of Metal Hurlant hits comic shops in July; the debut issue features a strip written by Kurt Busiek.

Humanoids will also run exclusive promotions on their new website over the summer that promise to be fan interactive.

Ultimate Fantastic Grant

Look for Keron Grant to lend his pencils to Ultimate Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. He will be doing at least one guest issue on Ultimate Spider-Man, as well as illustrating a three-issue arc on Fantastic Four. The FF arc is to be written by Adam Warren, and will lead into Mark Waid and Mike Wierego’s run on the book.

Oy, Moore, Where Do You Think You’re Going?

Artist Jose Villarubia will be doing two projects with Alan Moore. He will be using computer manipulated photography, much like his last collaboration with Moore in Promethea #7. What makes this interesting is that this project will not be published at Wildstorm/ABC…. so the question is who out there is publishing a Moore/Villarubia book? Expect a press release in the next month.

One Bad Rat, One Cool Movie

When asked about how he was going to adapt Brian Talbot’s The Tale of One Bad Rat to a feature film… director/scriptwriter Tom Lyle replied:

      “I contacted Bryan by email after reading a copy of BAD RAT given to me by fellow artist and writer, Charles Vess. Bryan was quite open to having a fellow creator do something, saying that maybe my interest would push it further. He had been optioned before on BR, but they never proceeded forward on anything beyond the option agreement.


      “He has been quite gracious and I appreciate the trust that he has given me by letting me take on this project.


      “So, as for the script … I have made minimal changes (the bad rat appears more often and more consistently with more interaction with Helen – the transitions between scenes have been altered in some cases — I had to add to the transformation/inner growth part of the story to make it work for a film — I’ve taken out only one scene, a very brief one), but they stay true to the intent of the work, I believe.


    “As for the script, I’m letting it be looked at by people I respect right now and ones that aren’t familiar with the graphic novel, to see if it works for them as well as it works for me. Audience testing, I suppose. Then on to a second draft and trying to shop the script to studios (with me attached as director.)”

What Are Glenn Fabry And John McCrea Up To?

Glenn is currently finishing up the second of two painted covers for Wildstorm and should be starting to illustrate Global Frequency #3 anyday now. He also has a top secret pitch at Vertigo….

John McCrea is currently working on 10 pages of new artwork for Dicks #3, which will lead into a brand new 4 part serial to be published by Avatar sometime this spring/summer. He is also working on a one-shot with Dave Gibbons and Hunt Emerson…

That’s all for now as I’m dividing the column in two this week… look for an update on Wednesday, with Rich coming back to dethrone me next Sunday!

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