I know you?re used to getting the nitty gritty lowdown on the latest comic gossip here at the ATR, but this is my first time at the helm, and I?m going to change things up a bit! It?s state fair time here in Texas, the state where everything is bigger and better, and since every state fair always features at least one showcase of something (cars, livestock, etc.), I figured, what?s better than a Texas sized showcase of comic talent? You?re not going to believe the range of projects here, folks! So, without further ado, here we go!

Oh, and just so I don?t lose the diehard fans of juicy stories, I?ve got some deep fried treats for you as well! The Texas State Fair isn?t the home of the corn dog for nothin?, ya know!

Blade Series Hope?

Last week, ATR reported that the Spike TV series Blade would not be getting picked up for a second season.

As a ray of hope for fans of the show, Neil Jackson?s (Marcus Van Sciver) Myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/neilajackson) states the following:

    NEW LINE are still behind the show and are currently shopping for a new home, so things may start a fresh elsewhere.

This has a ?Love at First Bite? Factor of Seven out of Ten

Vampires Get an Image Upgrade

Just in time for Halloween, Image is releasing a new ongoing series by William Harms called Impaler. ATR has scored some exclusive images from the first issue, along with the first page of issue two. Here?s what you need to know:

  • Vlad Tepes is not Dracula and is not a vampire. In fact, he’s hunting the vampires. But that doesn’t mean that Vlad is a good guy?
  • Other than the fact that sunlight kills them, none of the “traditional” vampire rules apply. Crosses, holy water and garlic do nothing. However, if you can shoot a vampire in the head, it dies.
  • The problem is that the vampires are shadow creatures, and when they’re shadows, the only thing that can harm them is pure iron. Everything else passes through them harmlessly. Complicating matters is that the vampires can turn the shadows into tentacles that grab people, tear them apart and slide through cracks.
  • New York City is utterly destroyed within two days.
  • There are none of the wimpy “Anne Rice-style vampires” in IMPALER. The vampires in IMPALER are monsters, plain and simple.
  • Issue # 1 goes on sale on October 25th for $2.99.

This has a ?That?s Gross? Factor of Ten out of Ten

Quantum Comics

Christos Gage will be writing a 5 issue Quasar mini series for Marvel spinning out of Annihilation. The mini will be edited by Andy Schmidt. Andy has spoken of a new Quasar costume design by Gabriele Dell’Otto, so look for that sometime in 2007.

This has a ?So Quasar DOES Survive??? Factor of Eight out of Ten

Building a New Dominion

Dominion Publishing is currently working on its latest series, Valkk, written and penciled by Hassan Godwin. The series focuses on a 26th century bounty hunter named W’llarro, Wil for short. Sanctioned by the mysterious Guild, Wil must contend with the malevolent race, the Daniki, as well as their mortal enemies, the coolly efficient armor clad Valkk. No release date has yet been set. An interactive preliminary version of the comic featuring early pencils is available at


This has a ?Han Solo Meets Battlestar? Factor of Seven out of Ten

If Great Power Requires Great Responsibility

ATR has scored some exclusive lettered pages from the upcoming Ultimate Power mini series by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS and GREG LAND. Here?s the gist of things:

    The Fantastic Four?s leader, Reed Richards, has accidentally punched a hole into an adjacent universe in a desperate bid to gain the knowledge he needs to cure his friend Ben Grimm?The Thing. But something has come through the aperture from a realm known as the Supremeverse: The Squadron Supreme! They are angry and here to arrest young Reed for high crimes against their world. You must not miss the crossover of the decade! The first issue goes on sale this Wednesday, October 11.

This has an ?Ooh! Cat Fight!? Factor of Ten out of Ten

The Desperadoes Ride Again!

IDW Publishing presents Desperadoes: Buffalo Dreams, a 4 issue mini series written by Jeff Mariotte with art by Alberto Dose:

    Bestselling novelist Jeff Mariotte’s critically acclaimed, historically authentic horror/western series returns with a four-issue miniseries about buffalo, the past, the future, and the mysteries of the universe. In the debut, Clay runs into an old adversary, Brood gets naked, and Geronimo sends the group on a mission. With brilliant art by Alberto Dose, this installment is a must for old fans and new readers alike.

FC ? 32 pages ? $3.99, will be released in January, 2007.

This has a ?Where?s John Wayne When You Need Him?? Factor of Ten out of Ten

Acclaimed Comic Artist Censored By Photobucket

Eisner nominated Dean Haspiel, previously artist for the kid-friendly titles Batman Adventures and Justice League Adventures, recently had several images from his web-comic Immortal censored by Photobucket without any prior notification. Here are links to the ?offending? images. Decide for yourself:


Dean discusses the situation on his Livejournal: http://man-size.livejournal.com/241348.html

In other news, Dean recently did a pin-up for Eric Wight’s MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND published by TOKYOPOP:

Dean is keeping busy working on a kids? book with legendary underground cartoonist, Jay Lynch, edited and book-packaged by Francoise Mouly for Raw Jr., while also drawing another story for Harvey Pekar’s AMERICAN SPLENDOR, currently published by Vertigo.

This has a ?You?re Censoring Comic Nudity Now?? Factor of Ten out of Ten

Characters of Characters

Neil Vokes, Adrian Salmon, and Robert Tinnell are working on a book that features films supposedly directed by Terry Sharp (star of THE FACELESS: A TERRY SHARP STORY – the graphic novel Adrian and Robert released last year through Image). The book will feature “adaptations” of Sharp’s COUNT DRACULA and BARON FRANKENSTEIN. Below is some artwork from the book:

This has a ?Looks Great, But It?s Coming out When??? Factor of Ten out of Ten

David?s Angels

ATR is pleased to present exclusive images from IDW Publishing and Peter David?s Fallen Angel #10, with art by J.K. Woodward (to be released this month):

This has a ?I Still Think She?s Supergirl? Factor of Ten out of Ten

Archie?s got a Brand New Bag

From Bob Montana to Dan DeCarlo, Archie has historically been drawn in a humorous style. What would Archie look like if drawn by a Super Hero Artist? Rumor is that Steven Butler (Spider-Man, Silver Sable, Sonic) is drawing the Riverdale gang in a more serious style. This different look for Archie will be seen next year in some of the digests and in a TPB.

In other Archie news, word is that the Saturday morning sensation, the Slumber Party Girls, will be stopping by Riverdale to be seen in the pages of a Betty & Veronica Double Digest. Release date unknown.

This has an ?I Want To See Archie Meets Punisher Part Two!? Factor of Ten out of Ten

Forget the 7-11, Check out Your Local Library

Another distribution system for comics? For years you could either get your comics on the newsstand or for you local comic shop. Now you can get them in the Library.

After initial success with library promotions between Mimi Cruz’ Night Flight Comics and the Salt Lake City Public Library, Archie is eyeing different kinds of library promotions. Archie is trying to find ways to get libraries to cross promote with local comic shops, and Archie is in the process of producing hard covers trades especially for libraries. This is in addition to their promotion deal with PTOs across the county.

This has an ?It?s About Freaking Time? Factor of Ten out of Ten

Eastern Influences

ATR is pleased to present two covers for upcoming Ron Marz series. The first is the cover to Dark Horse?s Samurai: Heaven and Earth Vol. 2, #3, written by Ron Marz, with cover art by Luke Ross and color by Rob Schwager. This is set to be released in January of 2007.

The second is a new color version (so to speak) of the cover to Desperado/Image?s Russian Sunset #2, a new creator-owned series written by Ron Marz, with cover art by Luke Ross and color by Rob Schwager, and interior art by Mirko Colak. This is also set to be released in January of 2007.

This has a ?Ron Controls the Vertical, Ron Controls the Horizontal? Factor of Ten out of Ten

Well kiddies, I hope you?ve enjoyed my inaugural venture into All The Rage! Feel free to toss an email my way and let me know what you thought! I just got back from the fair after being the only one there wearing a Florida Gators jersey in the midst of the OU and Texas fans, and it was a blast! Check out the fried Coke!

Go Gators, and Go SBC!!

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